New Trailer and Details for Dusk Form Lycanroc in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The Pokemon Company has shared a new trailer and some new details for the recently announced “Dusk Form Lycanroc” coming in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.

Featured above, you can view a new trailer showcasing the Pokemon’s new form, which is coming exclusively in the mid-sequel titles.

Here are some new details:

Dusk Form Lycanroc

Type: Rock

Ability: Tough Claws

Dusk Form Lycanroc features characteristics of both Lycanroc Midday Form and Lycanroc Midnight Form. It stands on all fours and has behavioral traits similar to Midday Form, but when it attacks, its eyes glow red, much like Midnight Form. Dusk Form Lycanroc has a tranquil demeanor and always remains calm. This Pokémon is obedient towards a Trainer that it trusts. It has an intense fighting spirit, and as a result, prefers to do combat at close quarters.

Rockruff caught through normal gameplay cannot evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc. A unique Rockruff that can evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc will be wirelessly distributed via Nintendo Network as a special early purchase bonus for owners of Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon. Players will be able to receive their Rockruff from the games’ launch on  November 17 until   January 10 2018. More details are planned to be announced later this year.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon are launching worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS on November 17th. A completely new Pokemon game is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch – you can read more about that here.

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  • Just Some Guy

    Holy fuck, treating this form like some super special entity is beyond retarded. Sad because I actually liked this Pokémon.

  • Maria Maasaa

    So it says that Rockruffs ‘caught’ can’t become this form. Does this mean people can breed the one they get to give them out?

  • Zombie_Barioth

    If its an ability I would think so, but then it could just as well be a hold item.

    If it has a new ability though I would imagine that Rockruff will too, that would be the simplest way for the game to know which form it should become. How they’d sort it out with it’s existing ones I have no clue.

  • Maria Maasaa

    It’s possible it’s just needs the HA. Unless they will be coming up with some no evo idea for it.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    I know, it already has 3 though. One of them would have to change is what I mean.

    True, they could have it evolve another way, but it would have to be a way normal Rockruff can’t do.

    That pretty much leaves ability or item, plus a possible 2nd condition like only evolving at dusk to fit with the other forms.

  • Maria Maasaa

    Not at all. Rockruff’s HA changes between the two forms of Lycanroc. Midday can have Keen Eye or Sand Rush while it’s HA stays Steadfast. And Midnight can have Keen Eye or Vital Spirit with it’s HA changing to No Guard. And seeing as it’s Dusk form is getting the new ability Tough Claws the HA might play a part in that.

    Just wish they would have added a new typing to it.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    I know that, but there’s nothing about it which prevents any normal Rockruff from becoming Dusk form.

    So unless it gets a new HA there’s gotta be something else to it.

    I don’t think any Pokemon has had more than 3 abilities.

    Maybe event HA’s will be an exception or something.

  • Maria Maasaa

    Other then the game it will be in

  • Zombie_Barioth

    The game version by itself wouldn’t change that, something has to be telling the game not to let it become one of the other forms, and normal ones not to become dusk form.

    If they replaced steadfast with tough claws or some other ability that would do it.

    The time restriction would just fit and keep it from conflicting with the other forms, so it’d only evolve into dusk form in the evening. If there’s a dawn form then it would cover early morning.

  • Maria Maasaa

    It does though. Why do you think Rotom can’t be the other forms in the game(s) it’s introduced. Or breed until 5th gen?

  • Zombie_Barioth

    That’s a bit different, D/P didn’t have the code to deal with Rotom’s different forms, it wouldn’t even recognize them.

    The games need something to check for to tell the special Rockruff from normal ones.

    If its an ability or item then the games just have to check for that.

  • Maria Maasaa

    Do you think about what you are saying before you type? Because you just agreed with what I said.

    Why is this form not in the other games? Because there is no code for it to be there. Just like there is no code for the hoenn megas to be in X/Y. It’s the game that is the difference.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    Yeah, but apparently you don’t.:P

    I’m saying that if it were just the game version then any normal Rockruff would be able to become dusk form.

    In other words, its like how the original games know not to let it become the other version’s form.