Make Anime Girls Go Wild in Gal Gun VR, Now Available for PC

Inti Creates have released Gal Gun VR for PC.

The new virtual-reality focused spinoff is now available for PC via Steam, and will set you back $29.99/€27.99/£22.99. Featured above, you can view a new trailer for the voyeurism simulator.

It’s worth reiterating that you’ll need either an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive to play this game, as it’s only designed for virtual reality.

Here’s a rundown on the game, via Inti Creates:

Live the dream of being surrounded by hordes of cute girls who are madly in love you in virtual reality! In Gal*Gun VR, you play as a young man who suddenly became the most popular guy around, and you must fend off a rush of girls with your trusty Pheromone Shot by giving them euphoria!

Key Features:

  • The Gal*Gun series comes to VR!
    This is exactly the kind of game that VR was designed for! In Gal*Gun, virtual reality truly *is* better than reality! Experience the joy of being surrounded by beautiful girls, only this time, you can enjoy this world from every angle!
  • Aim for girls’ weak spots to give them euphoria!
    You have goals to achieve, so you can’t just end up with the first girl who leaps into your arms, right? This is where your trusty Pheromone Shot comes into play! Use this shot to give incoming girls euphoria, and protect yourself from their confessions of love as you make your way through the stages.Different girls have different weak spots– shoot these spots and you’ll get an “Ecstasy Shot,” instantly giving the girl euphoria and increasing your score.
  • Use the new “Demon Sweeper” to bust some demons!
    The demons from Gal*Gun Double Peace are back in full force, and causing trouble wherever they go! Fortunately, you now have a new tool to help you defeat them: the Demon Sweeper! Shoot demons that are possessing girls to knock them off, then suck ’em up with your Demon Sweeper!
  • Look deep into girls’ eyes to make them “Lovestruck”!
    If you get up close and personal with the girls and look deep into their eyes, a special gauge on your sight will start to fill up.As the gauge fills up, the girls become “Lovestruck.”
    While they are “Lovestruck”, shooting them anywhere will count as an “Ecstacy Shot”, and any other girls standing near the Lovestruck girl will get caught up in the effect and receive euphoria.
  • Invite girls over to your house!
    After a long day of fending off totally lovestruck girls and demon busting at the academy, it’s time for some one-on-one time with a girl you like! Invite them over to your pad to interact with them and learn more about them, such as what kind of panties they wear!
  • Capture your finest moments on film!
    Press and hold the grip button to equip your camera, then press the trigger button while your camera is equipped to take a picture. If you manage to snap a photo of a girl’s panties, you’ll unlock a special achievement! Every single girl’s panties has its own achievement, so get those cameras ready and see if you can collect them all!
Brandon Orselli


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    I was disappointed by the original Gal Gun. I wasn’t expecting any deep gameplay, but it was just too shallow with very little challenge. More about “plot” than gameplay.

  • Mr0303

    The stealth release is a strange decision. VR could make the game more interesting and I’m glad they added a couple of new features. Maybe they have reworked the mini games as well. It would be funny to see how the window scene would work.

  • CRES

    From what I’ve read in the comments and reviews, this isn’t a remake of the first Gal*Gun. Rather it just the on-rails shooter sections with a VR room mode.

    Which sucks, I was more interested in a port of Gal*Gun 1 with an optional VR mode.

  • GrimFate

    I think I will wait to see if this will be banned in my too before buying lol

  • mew

    You know you can still play the game after buying it even if it get banned? If anything it’ll be harder for you to buy it after they ban it.

  • Not into VR.

  • GrimFate

    But if I delete it, will Steam allow me to re-download it? I feel they will be setting themselves up for legal troubles if they allowed that.

  • mew

    It’s in your steam library so it doesn’t matter. They just region locked the other game. Not their fault if people bought the game after it got banned.

  • patyos

    VR Gal gun oooh I dont have VR though

  • DizzyGear

    A German friend of mine bought Team Fortress 2 before it got censored in Germany but the copy in his library is still uncensored even after Valve was forced to censor it for Germany. So i think you’re good.

  • RetroGamer

    The top user review on STEAM has this to say:

    “For the more discerning consumer, though, this is *barebones* compared to GGDP. No story, no sisters,
    no Doki-Doki Mode, no angels, no devils (aside from the mini-demons that afflict girls), no Doki-Doki
    Mode, no collectible profiles, no Angel Eye Drops, no store, no sidequests, no Doki-Doki Mode…”

    If this is accurate, I’ll have to pass. I very much enjoy the Gal*Gun series and want it to continue, but I’ll wait for the next installment of the main series.

  • RetroGamer

    It’s a rail-shooter, how deep could you expect it to go?


    Sin & Punishment is deep for a rail-shooter. I didn’t expect THAT, but I did expect a little bit more. Like being presented with a challenge for starters.

  • RetroGamer

    I was quite pleased with the amount of different paths, endings, and collectibles the game offered. I can agree on the difficulty, though. Even on “expert,” it was a complete cakewalk. It would be good to see a true hard mode added to future games.