Blizzard Shuts Down World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Fan-Server

Following the tumultuous legal ride that was the vanilla World of Warcraft “Nostalrius” servers and their subsequent renaming and relaunching, we’ve learned another fan-server focusing on the MMORPG’s first expansion, The Burning Crusade, is coming under fire.

Server operator Gummy and his team at Felmyst have received a cease & desist letter from Blizzard Entertainment, who naturally don’t want fans using code to emulate portions of an online game that is still being updated and supported (TBC is currently the only region to be untouched since its launch).

The C&D came mere weeks after the emulated server opened up to the public, with an open beta. Fan-servers like this pop up to capture the feeling of progression, gear, and end-game content players experienced at the time said content was live on the real servers.

“It makes me happy, and programming makes me happy,” Gummy said. “Of course, I am sad that things didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped but I don’t think I’d change any of the decisions I made […] This project gave the last four years of my life a sense of purpose that I thoroughly enjoyed.”

The original World of Warcraft team lead Mark Kern has been vocal on why legacy servers just make sense, and sounded off regarding this as well. “Blizzard spends more on legal fees shutting down severs than it would cost to put up their own vanilla WoW server,” Kern said on Twitter.

Previously, Blizzard said they were “closely following” the situation with Nostalrius, and haven’t turned down the idea – yet. This came after Kern actually met with current staff on the MMORPG and discussed the possibility of legacy servers, following a wildly popular fan-petition.

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Legion, released worldwide in August of last year. The Burning Crusade remains one of my favorite expansions to the MMORPG to date – if you still play or have played the game what is your favorite expansion? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Madbrainbox

    “Blizzard Entertainment, who naturally don’t want fans using code to
    emulate portions of an online game that is still being updated and
    It’s no longer the same game.This is a shit move on their part.

  • Feniks

    Turns out billion dollar corporations protect their IP. Who knew?

  • vonSanneck

    At this point Blizzard should be getting a clue that people want to play earlier content due to nostalgia and preference.

  • Damn it, you got me excited with “Blizzard Shuts Down World of Warcraft”.

  • Touma

    Blizzard should just host legacy servers for WoW, it’s clear that people want to play this versions.

  • Karl Joyal

    Wrath of the Lich King is my all time favorite xpac. Legion is my second :)

  • Baron Krause

    This was probably a giant surprise to idiots everywhere.

  • malbhet

    This is why I will NEVER in my life touch an online only MMO! If it doesn’t support offline then [email protected]#’em!

  • RichardGristle

    Every single nu-Blizzard (post-WotLK) is complete trash but pretty much everything before that is gold.

    But I’m sure people are just playing this old content because “they think they want it but really don’t”, right Blizzard?

  • RichardGristle

    Funny thing is, it loses them money. Instead of just opening an OG server and charging people $5 a month, they piss off all the players on these private servers and none of them will ever go play retail WoW now.

  • Madbrainbox

    Just like with the WoW movie they’ll probably release them once the interest in those versions has died down.

  • AnarKreig

    I just wish someone would take Blizzard to court on this subject matter, I believe they would take a massive hit and lose big time, as the players would be in the right for purchasing a game and expansions that no longer are playable unless it’s done on a private server. By Blizzards own admittance the live version is no longer the game they made.

  • Pilebunker

    They spend more time and money tracking down and removing fan content than just giving the audience what they want. It’s like they hate money or something.