SNK Dev Ponders Arc System Works vs. SNK Crossover Fighter

With the announcement that Arc System Works is developing a ridiculous crossover fighter named BlazBlue Cross Tag Battlemany fans began wondering just where the crossover fighting games could go from here.

A new tease from The King of Fighters XIV director and SNK boss Yasuyuki Oda shows staff from both Arc System Works and SNK Corporation enjoying a dinner together during this year’s EVO. “ARC x SNK ???” was the accompanying caption. I’m kind of reaching here, but hear me out.

Considering the infamous Geese Howard is now coming to Tekken 7, it seems like SNK is definitely looking to branch out their franchises as much as possible.

Now that Arc System Works is literally branching out to developing crossover fighters, perhaps we’ll see a crossover fighter between the two legendary devs?

Make sure to let Arc System Works and SNK Corporation know you want a game like this to happen! What would you like to see in a crossover fighter between Arc System Works and SNK Corporation? Sound off in the comments below!

Brandon Orselli


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  • It certainly is a possibility and I would love to see Arc System Works handle offense to SNK…cause I love SNK. SNK seems to have an amazing licensing program for their characters so I am very enthusiastic about something happening maybe in the next two years or sooner!

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Took them long enough to sense Capcoms weakness.

  • This is something I would buy in a heartbeat.

  • Rough

    Isn’t the playstyle/gameplay of SNK a bit too different from that of ASW? I mean, when you see ASW games their characters tend to go all over the place, whereas SNK is more grounded. If, for example, they want FOFxGG, won’t they have to make adjustment in order for them to not outpace the other?

    Just my thoughts. I mean, BamCo and Capcom did manage to turn SF character into Tekken and vice versa so what do I know :/

  • gwadahunter2222

    Stop it guys Capcom is already dead!

  • NukeA6

    Disney isn’t and they’re part of the reason why the latest MvC sucks.

  • NukeA6

    Well, how about DC vs. DBZ just rub some salt in somebody’s wounds?

  • Lea Pastillaroja

    >DC vs DBZ
    >Looney Tunes as secret characters
    >Mickey on suicide watch

  • David Curry

    Just make a new KoF and SamSho with Arc’s Xrd engine.

  • Ace

    Color me intrigued.

  • RichardGristle

    We’re on a timeline where Arc x SNK would be more hype than CvS3.

  • RichardGristle

    They’d have to meet somewhere in the middle, like SF x Tekken did (which was a fun game to play but absolutely atrocious to sit and watch).

  • Mr0303

    I can ship it.

  • luggage lad

    Samsho yes, KOF I don’t really think it needs a flashy anime style, much less having the whole game being reworked so that we get a KOF with a weak roster just for the sake of pretty visuals

  • They could do what Capcom VS. SNK did, you could switch grooves/mechanics and it somehow felt right/met in the middle.

  • luggage lad

    I agree, SNK goes better with more grounded series like Tekken, Virtua Fighter and DOA. Stuff that’s still abit more related to real martial arts lore, rather than anime guys with giant swords airdashing around. I like both styles but I’d prefer them to be different universes.

    If they want to add something else to ASW crossbattle why not a WakuWaku 7 character I guess? Not sure if that counts as SNK

  • luggage lad

    I’d rather see SNK strengthen their bond with Namco for a Samurai Shodown x Soul Calibur

  • David Curry

    You really want updates to the KoF14 engine?
    All they have to do is make new models and assets, they can keep the 14 animation data and build on top of that. No matter what they do, 15 had better be a graphic overhaul.

  • TBH I think Bamco has put Soul Calibur to rest ;(

  • DJ Rev

    Guilty Gear and Blazblue vs Samurai Shodown and Last Blade alone would be just fine.

  • CatCouch

    I want Mai and squirrel girl Makoto in the same game, that’s a dream come true. Think of them with Guilty Gear level graphics! *Drools*

    King of Fighters, Guilty Gear and Blazblue characters all in one game would just obliterate anything Capcom has been doing these last few years. Just as long as they stay true to the art from these franchises and don’t throw out every sexy character to make it ESPN friendly.

  • CatCouch

    I want to cry. There goes one of the greatest experiences from my youth. I even bought the collectors edition of SCV twice!

  • CrimReps

    Arc is the new 90s Capcom

  • Deneteus

    ARC we need Guilty Gear x Blazeblue x JOJO! x DBZ x Samurai Showdown x Fairy Tail x Ninja Gaiden x Soul Calibur x DOA x Berzerk!

  • Loghorn

    Indeed. The Capcom of today is nothing like the Capcom of the 80’s though the mid-2000’s. Most of the talent that they used to have, have all left them out to dry, including their own internal fighting game studio that they used to have in the 90’s.

    Right now, they are currently fucking up both Marvel & Street Fighter’s reputation & dragging them down through the mud with their constant dumb decision making with both SF V & MvC: Infinite.

  • Matz

    The only way to make hype for a Capcom and SNK Cross-Over is by letting SNK do everything and not letting Capcom do anything

  • Loghorn

    Fuck ESPN. Arc doesn’t have to pander to these American sponsors to make them happy like Crapcom does. Focusing worldwide instead of just America is what’s going to give them more popularity above all else, not on fighting game tournaments in which panders to a very small vocal hardcore base.

  • Loghorn

    I don’t even think that SNK wants to work with Crapcom in general. Hell, Capcom had botched up their relationship with SNK by downgrading/nerfing most of the SNK’s cast just to try to make the Capcom’s side seem stronger with the Capcom Vs. SNK games.

  • Raiden365

    i remember that REALLY old rumor about Sammy vs Capcom way back in the early 2000s. im down for this though. Capcom characters can join too so long as Capcom has nothing to do with programming/mechanic design/battle direction/artstyle. let Arc handle that since many of their fighting staff formerly worked at Capcom during the Darkstalkers/SFAlpha days.

  • Raiden365

    well the brazil stage in KOF14 still makes a joke about “hashtag CVS3 Capcom plz lets collab” in the background. because Capcom and SNK have so many employees that worked at both corporations, some employees pretty much say Capcom and SNK are sister companies.

  • Raiden365

    all this plz. all KOF14 needs is graphics to get noticed in america. everything else(outside that small roll glitch) is fine gameplay wise.

  • CatCouch

    My guess is there’s an ultimatum here. All these companies want their games in these competitions. The competitions are getting bigger and more lucrative. Fighting games are not the best sellers so they naturally want all the success they can get. ESPN/Disney have a large stake in this so it’s their rules you have to play by.

    Capcom has shown us how bad this can get and they don’t seem to care. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if sexy character like Mai and Makoto make the roster of these games. If they don’t, we have our answer and they have lost my support.

  • Fortuna Chan

    My hopes and dreams in old snk games characters in this crossover (street smart, burning fight, athena and others)

  • Kalafax

    Great, samurai spirits and guilty gear are weapon based fighting games, this could be a very interesting game, if asw is the developer of course.

  • That’s mainly CvS2. CvS Pro was very close to being evenly balanced between the characters.

  • Pooe pooE

    Need IT!!!!

  • Ronald Booher

    This is just wrong

  • Ronald Booher

    I bet not

  • onReload

    which is funny because, around the 2000s, the opposite feeling was there; SvC sucked

  • onReload

    picturing KoF characters with airdashes and air combos is super fun

  • Aaron Mason

    You mean Shun-Ei

  • Cat Gravity Garode
  • onReload

    i mean yeah but (and I haven’t played much XIV), isn’t that like saying “Oni had an airdash in SF4,” when it wasn’t quite as utilitarian as a VS. series airdash or a GG airdash?

  • Raiden365

    welp…mine had CVS3 in it by default lol.

  • Offendatron_5000

    Been wanting this to happen for 14 years DONT FUCKING TEASE ME AGAIN INTERNET!!!

  • Matz

    I kinda like SvC and I preffer to play it before CvS2, something about using the graphic style of KOF and actually having endings for every character and those funny pre-fight dialogues makes me love that game, a sad thing that SNK made some strange decisions concerning many gameplay mechanics

  • onReload

    i do like playing SvC but i think it’s pretty bad and not nearly as deep as CvS was, which paid tribute to all these different Capcom and SNK fighting styles. CvS took some cool characters (Old-school Athena, Zero, Mars People, Red Arremer) but MAN a lot of those character sprites were ugly as hell. The dialogues were a nice touch, for sure, KoF is good about that stuff.

  • Richieeeee

    don’t want it. These 2 don’t belong together. Most Arsys characters are really lame, over designed and cringy anime.

  • neil

    ARC VS SNK made with Arc’s usual graphical style could be absolutely unbelievably epic. Maybe SNK could use it as an opportunity to learn to do graphics that way for the next KOF too.

  • UnpluggedBeta

    Opinion noted. There appear to be a prodigious number of opposite opinions, including at SNK hq.

    More importantly, anime fighters, which were seen as extremely niche as little as three years ago, have seen a renaissance and their stock is on the rise at exponential levels.

  • UnpluggedBeta

    No one watches ESPN anymore; check their ratings since they decided to go SJW. It isn’t worth pandering to their shitty network.

  • Los Illuminados – ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    please make it happen. Arc x SNK ! i also would like to see Namco x SNK ! no more crossover with trash Crapcom.

  • Los Illuminados – ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    indeed and well said. good to see some people are well informed. also most of SNK Fans do not want another crossover with crapcom. it’s only the crapcom fans that want it the most.

  • Robert Michael Kemp

    Yes please a kof game with xrd graphics would be very nice.

  • David Curry

    I’d rather have KoF13 graphics in 3d than full-blown anime style

  • Shulk

    Capcom was way better in the past. They are a former shell of themselves, i prefer fighting games from companies other than Capcom. SFV was a fucking joke, and released with such limited bare bones with literally almost no content. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator which released last year had more content, and even KOFXIV which released last August had 50 characters in game, FIFTY, not sixteen. The game has a fucking story mode, and the netcode worked right out of the box day 1. Crapcom that pathetic excuse of a game Street Fighter V was by far the biggest dissapointment i’d seen in years. Your company should have delayed the game at least 6 months to a year to further add in a story mode, and loads of extra characters. I’m dissapointed and downright angry with how you butchered the release of SFV. Even when SFIV released back in ’09 it had more content Day 1 than your lazy ass excuse for a game called SFV.

    Gundam Versus is gonna release later this month, and will easily have way more content than bare bones SFV, and even Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will release with a story mode, and over 30 characters at release.I’m pissed Crapcom because i expected better out of you.

  • Shulk

    how about SNK Vs. Bandai Namco, that’d make for an interesting Crossover.

  • Saki “Saki-chan” Tsuzura

    And also very flashy cinematic finisher animations. No “Anime” fighter is complete without cinematic finishers. Plus add guest characters from various Arc System Works titles such as Guilty Gear and Blazblue.

  • David Curry

    Samurai Shodown is as far removed as you can get from what’s colloquially termed “anime fighters” (which is different from FGs that look like anime, which is most of them since they’re almost all made in Japan).
    Other than that, whatever, I agree. Baiken, Chipp and other weapon-wielding characters would fit in a SamSho game, sort of.

  • Saki “Saki-chan” Tsuzura

    Yeah. I could imagine Haohmaru cross swords with Sol Badguy, Kaede cross swords with Ragna the Bloodedge, Ukyo Tachibana cross swords with Ky Kiske and Moriya Minakata cross swords with Jin Kisaragi.

  • Saki “Saki-chan” Tsuzura

    Yeah. I could imagine the upcoming game SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy play like Arcana Heart.

  • Saki “Saki-chan” Tsuzura

    Of course. I could imagine that the Arc x SNK roster looks like this:
    SNK – Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, K’ Dash, Kula Diamond, Athena Asamiya, Benimaru Nikaido, Terry Bogard, Rock Howard, Mai Shiranui, Blue Mary, Billy Kane, Kim Kaphwan, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Yuri Sakazaki, King, Kasumi Todoh, Haohmaru, Ukyo Tachibana, Nakoruru, Charlotte Christine De Colde, Kaede, Moriya Minakata, Yuki and Hibiki Takane

    Arc – Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Axl Low, Chipp Zanuff, Millia Rage, Jam Kuradoberi, Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Noel Vermillion, Rachel Alucard, Carl Clover, Tsubaki Yayoi, Yu Narukami, Chie Satonaka, Yukiko Amagi, Naoto Shirogane, Labrys, Heart Aino, Saki Tsuzura, Kamui Tokinomiya, Petra Johanna Lagerkvist, Hyde Kido, Linne, Orie Harada and Yuzuriha

    DLC – Adelheid Bernstein, Hotaru Futaba, Eiji Kisaragi, Genjuro Kibagami, Setsuna, Elphelt Valentine, Kagura Mutsuki, Mitsuru Kirijo, Zenia Valov and Erika Wagner

    SNK Bosses – Rugal Bernstein, Geese Howard and Wolfgang Krauser

    Arc Bosses – Yuki Terumi/Hazama, Tohru Adachi and Hilda

    PS4 Guests – Kratos (God of War 3) and Cole Macgrath (Infamous 2)

    XB1 Guests – Arbiter (Halo) and Hisako (Killer Instinct)

    Switch Guests – Chrom (Fire Emblem Awakening) and Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)