New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Introduces Trunks – Closed Beta Signups Coming July 26

Bandai Namco has shared a new trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ at this year’s EVO.

Featured above, the new trailer introduces Trunks, who we first reported on being announced back in June.

The developer also confirmed the game’s closed beta will have sign-ups open on July 26th. The beta will include nine characters, of which seven are currently confirmed: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Cell, Frieza, and Majin Buu.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is set for a release across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime early next year. In case you missed it – we recorded exclusive, hands-on gameplay for the game, complete with our commentary on how it plays and feels. You can find that here.

Brandon Orselli


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  • gwadahunter2222

    I guess they will add the DBS Future Trunks as another character

  • Matz

    My favorite Saiyan, gotta love how he defeats Frieza and Cell in the trailer using the same techniques he used to finish them in the series

  • Matz

    Oh god I hope that’s not the case, that’s one of the things I hate about many DBZ games, I’d preffer DBS Trunks as an alternate costume

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    That Smash Bros reference should’ve been “Trunks sticks it to them”.

  • Mr0303

    Trunks looks amazing and quite faithful to the anime. I’m pretty sure he’ll be one of my main team members. I do hope to get into the beta – can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

  • Mr0303

    Or they can keep the Super canc… I mean characters as DLC/alternate costumes.

  • gwadahunter2222

    DBS Mirai Trunks has pretty good design and good move. Arcsys has the potential to turn the garbage from Super more enjoyable than they really are

  • Ace

    Aw yea

  • Mr0303

    Eh, there are more than enough good DBZ characters to resort to Super.

  • Envy Noson