Abigail Joins Street Fighter V on July 25

Capcom has announced a new playable fighter coming to Street Fighter V at this year’s EVO.

Abigail from Final Fight will join the game on July 25th, alongside a new “Metro City Bay Area” stage. Featured above, you can view the reveal trailer for the combatant.

You’ll be able to get Abigail via in-game Fight Money, or via the Street Fighter V Season 2 Character Pass. You can also purchase the new stage with Fight Money.

Street Fighter V is currently available for PC and PlayStation 4.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Travis Touchdown

    The fuck is that thing?

  • Agino Terra

    i have the same question its not even look human for me

  • gwadahunter2222

    someone from Final Fight

  • Llama Adventure

    He’s the stage 6 boss of Final Fight 1.

  • GuyGuysonEsquire

    “This is how a real feminist looks like”

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    capcom continues to be a nightmare we can’t wake up from

  • mewnani

    Can someone explain to me why this guy’s head is half as big as his biceps? The Incredible Hulk had less musculature and he had an excuse for being inhumanly buff.

  • mewnani

    A giant walking steroid apparently.

  • NukeA6

    Damn even Broli is jealous of this guy’s steroid proportions.

  • RichardGristle

    We got Geese, Trunks (plus more), Jubei, an anime crossover, EX4, aaaaand… Abigail.

    Capcom pls.

  • Eugenio Gil de la Madrid

    WTF CRAPCOM? Ordinarily I don’t really care but the double standards are too much… WTF why does this asshat have his nipples showing yet Cammy got hers removed in a patch?! Fuck you Crapcom

  • Eugenio Gil de la Madrid

    Why the fuck he got nipples yet Cammy got hers patched out shm

  • mewnani

    I think the bigger question is how this guy can even wear a shirt at all.

  • randr01d

    Go home Capcom. You’re drunk.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Guarantee you the nipples got removed because of ESPN, they are even trying to popularize SFV on DISNEY channel.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Sweet Jesus…

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)
  • CatCouch

    I am genuinely concerned this is the case. With Felicia not returning (so far) I’m really starting to think MVCI and SFV are cutting out the art I loved these games for to get a new audience with e-sports. I hope the next SFV character isn’t’ another muscle man.

    It just kills me to see the characters I love edited down or removed all together so ESPN can air it. I guess these games are a sport and not a art now. You know, functions and all that.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    I believe the next character is the fortune teller Menat, and then Zeku.

  • Loli de 42 Dias de Vida

    … don’t do ‘Roids kids.

  • David Curry

    Trying to explain top players like Riki Ortiz and Gllty to children is okay, but GASP woman pokies in a videogame! Kill it kill it kill it

  • Mr0303

    Out of all the possible Final Fight characters why choose him? Haggar could’ve been a really hype announcement that could’ve helped SFV a bit,but I guess Crapcom lack the common sense for that. People don’t care about characters – they are just functions after all.

  • Imagine the b*llshit that will be kicked up by the SJWs if Felicia does make a return with her original design.

    They can always give her the nun’s outfit though. You know the one which appears in her Vampire Savior ending.

  • Capcom seem to be using an inconsistent cartoony style for SF5, like everyone is really different and not using comparable proportions. Look at Fang for example.

    Juri Han has like size 15 feet. I was very disappointed with that considering it’s my fetish.

  • OSad
  • Rough

    Wow, he’s like a walking talking proof of male power fantasy :^)

  • Jack
  • Lea Pastillaroja

    Abigail is a chick name

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Capcom makes all the proportions dumb on purpose, to make hitboxes and spacing more obvious. This has been a thing since SF4, everyone has giant hands and feet because those are their ‘weapons’.

  • Kiryu

    WTF?Who the fuck finds this artstyle good looking,it’s hideous.

  • Kiryu

    Just Capcom designing their characters while drinking too much sake.

  • David Curry

    Eh, it’s okay, reminds me of oldschool roided beat em ups like The Combatribes.

  • David Curry

    Capcom’s focus on e-sports and ESPN partnering with the already massive Evolution tournament is going to be the end of the artform side of fighting games. It doesn’t help that the Evo name is going to Japan– that country doesn’t have the same prudish expectations of video games, but the name association will pressure FGs to censor their content. FG developers would be wise to distance themselves from Capcom and Evo, it’s another avenue for Western leftism to infiltrate the Far East.

  • CatCouch

    I hope Menat is there, she looks cool to me.

    I’d be cool with alternate costumes for sexy characters that are used as the default for competitions. That way we don’t lose the original sexy art but that would actually make sense and please fans and Capcom doesn’t do that very well.

  • CatCouch

    I really like the idea of Felicia having her nun alt that can be used in competitions. I love these games so much, it just pains me to see so much art in these games vanish. Plus, that nun outfit hits on a lot of fetishes I like~

    I have a bunch of Udon art books on my shelf. I was hoping Udon would publish another DarkStalkers tribute book, I wanted to submit my own art! We’ll probably never see that care for the community again as it’s all about sports now.

  • CatCouch

    My biggest fear, right there.

    I’m guessing from their perspective, it’s wise to distance themselves from the art that these games are known for. The west with ESPN is too big of an influence to shun, sadly.

    I hope that doesn’t happen because it’s the point I stop buying these games.

  • David Curry

    > Evo JP footage posted all over the Internet
    > “concerned” bloggers make a huge stink about a parade of so-called sexism and racism and etc-ism at an event televised by ESPN
    > Evo pressured by ESPN to clean up their image
    > 3d fighters propose tournament-friendly costumes, not so easy for sprite games. “Objectionable” sprite games are blocked from Evo US and JP. Check and mate.

  • JohnnyCageFan2

    > A giant walking hemorrhoid apparently.

    A touch late, but FTFY.