Wisdom Tree Hopes to Revive Unlicensed Biblical Games on Kickstarter

With the news that Nintendo is launching a SNES Classic hardware release to follow their NES Classic, it only makes sense that other company’s might try doing the same. Wisdom Tree, the folks behind unlicensed NES and SNES Biblical-themed games, launched their own hardware, the “Arkade” console.

Now, the developer is hoping to crowdfund cartridge-based releases for three games: the Wisdom Tree Game Collection for the Game Boy Advance, Noah’s Ark for the NES, and Super 3D Noah’s Ark for the Sega Genesis.

Here’s a breakdown of each game:

Super 3D Noah’s Ark for Sega Genesis

After we came short to the stretch goal of the Arkade Kickstarter Campaign to fund the Port of S3DNA for Genesis; we slowly started working on finishing the proof of concept that we had prepared for the campaign.
Well, that proof of concept is a 95% done Noah’s Ark 3D for Sega Genesis! We are just need to polish the game and start a production run!
This game will be also have a Special Numbered Edition made in limited quantities (up to 175).

Noah’s Ark for NES

Noah’s Ark is a NES game Run and Gun game developed by Source and published by Konami in European regions only. The game never saw the light in America or Japan, and let me tell you, this game is GREAT!

Noah has been commanded by God to put two of each animal aboard his ark to save them from the flood. However unhappy people from around the world have captured different animal species, preventing Noah from doing his job. Noah will need to visit these different locations and free the animals from the people holding them captive.

Noah’s Ark is a side scrolling action game. The player, as Noah, must choose which level from several world locations to play. Once in a level, Noah can move left right, duck, jump and fire pellets directly in front of him. These pellets can be used to defeat enemy creatures and uncover hidden items. At the end of each level, Noah will encounter a stronger enemy creature who must be defeated. Noah’s ultimate goal is to rescue the designated captive animals listed for each level.

We acquired the rights of this game from Source (among other things ;)) and are prepared to publish this game for the regions that did not get to enjoy this game back in the day. Like the GBA collection, we are producing a set of  up to 175 Special Numbered Edition version of this game.

Wisdom Tree Collection for GBA

This game was actually made because a Wisdom Tree Fan asked us if we’d ever consider doing a Gameboy collection cart. Doing a GBC collection cart would have been extremely difficult as we do not have the technology to bundle GBC games in one cart. However, after several experiments we realized that we can bundle our game collection in a GBA cart! That is how the Wisdom Tree Games Collection for GBA was born!

We will produce this game in limited quantities, in both Special Numbered Edition and Regular Edition. Limited Edition will only have up to 175 carts made. 25 For Canonized backers, 50 for Early Bird Backers (26-75) and 100 for backers after the Early Bird Rewards have been taken!

The game titles included for the GBA version are:

  • Sunday Funday
  • Bible Adventures
  • Exodus
  • Joshua
  • Bible Buffet
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • King of Kings

There’s also a few stretch goals, including: NES Rescue at $37,500 and Super 3D Noah’s Ark for the Sega Dreamcast at $65,000. It’s worth mentioning all games will be region free, meaning they can be played in NTSC or PAL consoles, and come in plastic box packaging, with a full-color instruction manual.

If you want to back these games, head on over to their Kickstarter campaign.

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