Real-Life Splatoon Guns Coming to GameStop

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Nintendo is launching real-life versions of Splatoon’s weapons, just in time for the summer.

The company is releasing a Splattershot Blaster and a Mini Splattershot weapon from the game, which you can buy via GameStop.

While the Mini Splattershot is $14.99, the Blaster is $29.99. According to the product’s description, they both shoot colored “ink” and are limited to a 50 or so shots in each ink tank.

Splatoon 2 is launching for the Nintendo Switch on July 21st.

Brandon Orselli


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  • CRES

    Otherwise known as a Super Soaker.

  • Wouldn’t toysrus be a better place for this?

  • Guest

    I very rarely go into EB Games anymore (what Gamestop calls itself in Canada), but the last time I did I was blown away by how much crappy merchandise they had shoved into the store. There was an entire wall that used to be video games, which had been turned into a junk display. Same thing happened with HMV some years back, couldn’t sell CDs anymore so it turned into a merchandise store.

    Toysrus would probably be more appropriate, but it’s likely they’ve got some sort of promotional deal going on with Gamestop, and I’m sure they’re desperate for anything. In Toysrus Nintendo is just another brand competing with all the big toy companies, in Gamestop it’s a totally different environment.

  • I need one!

  • Louis

    A super soaker that shoots blobs of paint that stick to whatever they hit. This sounds like a foolproof plan to get parents unbelievably mad.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Next Week’s Story: Guy holds up convenience store with Squid Gun.

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)
  • Travis Touchdown

    Gamestop knows that game companies want to destroy used game sales any way they can, so they’re trying to branch out into other things.

  • sanic

    kinda want it.

  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    This is perfect gift for a garbage human like me!

  • Kaijukodan

    Nope. Not the same.

  • Kaijukodan

    First off, the ink is water based. It washed right up. Also, any parent that allows their child to use these indoors deserves what they get.

  • Kaijukodan

    TRU already carries them. I was at my local store the other day and saw them.

  • Kaijukodan

    No promo deal. TRU carries them as well as a plethora of other Nintendo merch. At least my local store does

  • Colonel Vine

    yeah can definitely thank the rise of digital for that. can’t fault ’em for doing what they gotta to keep the profits up.