Sony Teasing “Big Announcements” from Japanese Devs at E3 2017

Sony is teasing some “big announcements” from Japanese game developers at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The news comes via Sony Interactive Entertainment America president and CEO Shawn Layden, who let out a slight tease for next week’s trade show.

Layden pointed to various Japanese developers returning to consoles, noting big releases like NieR: Automata, Nioh, Persona 5, and more.

“That’s super important for us,” Layden said to Time. “I think a lot of Japanese developers lost their way chasing the mobile games yen, if you will, but they’re coming back to console in a major way. And speaking of, we’ll have some big announcements at E3 in that precise vein.”

Layden also confirmed that Sony’s press conference this year will follow the same format, meaning it will be more for showcasing games and less of a traditional press conference.

Brandon Orselli


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  • DrearierSpider

    Fantastic, the only good PlayStation exclusives to release lately have been Japanese games. God of War and Days Gone look fucking awful, and Uncharted 4 was so far up its own ass that it got bile on its face.

  • Mr0303

    The devs they are likely taking about are Capcom and Square and they don’t really have anything that is of interest to me.

    Just give Vanillaware 2 minutes of exposure – it’s all I’m asking.

  • Michael Richardson

    While I actually liked UC4 (a surprise for me, as I generally detest modern ND), I’m broadly inclined to agree with this assessment. All the big Western exclusives coming to the PS4 look terrible (I haven’t seen enough of Spiderman to say anything about that one way or another, though), but the Japanese support this year has been fantastic.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    You mean God of the Last of Us and The Last of Us: 28 Days Later?

  • Dom Fass

    All these titles jumping on the switch hype train to sell more units

  • Audie Bakerson

    That’s good considering the only Japanese stuff at the last several Sony E3s was quick flashes in a trailer compelation. SCEA really liked to pretended Japanese stuff didn’t exist in favor of terrible movies.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    A new FromSoftware game i hope

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    I thought it was the money forcing devs to jump to mobile.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Does Square have anything left that’s not near the start of their decade long dev time that hasn’t been released already? Only thing I can think of is Dragon Quest and maybe Bravely Default since I remember something being talked about it like a month or two ago. Since this is Sony they’re probably lumping Eidos games into it too.

    Capcom only has Mon Hun, REmake 2, and MvC Infinite.

  • Jack Thompson

    Yeah. The way I’ve heard it, the money held them at gunpoint telling them to make shitty mobile games or it would never show it’s face in Nippon again.

  • Jack Thompson

    I’ve never seen someone use that acronym and when I thought about it for half a second and then knew what it was, I had a flash back to Ape Escape 3 where the two kids say out the full name in unison. I wish AE3 would emulate better for me.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Or a new AE4 with everything that made the best entry right and more?

  • Personaknight

    “Lost their way chasing the mobile games yen.” You mean you noticed?

  • LaserCatsAreAwesome
  • Mr0303

    The quote explicitly says devs and it’s pretty unambiguous, so it wouldn’t make sense to count Eidos games towards that.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    I just don’t see current day Sony thinking of Eidos games as anything but Square games the company outsourced.

  • Mr0303

    The exact quote is “I think a lot of Japanese developers lost their way chasing the mobile games yen, if you will, but they’re coming back to console in a major
    way. And speaking of, we’ll have some big announcements at E3 in that
    precise vein.”. There is no way in hell you can interpret that as Eidos. Context dictates that Layden specifically refers to devs located in Japan.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Guess I did read it wrong but I can’t see them talking about either Capcom or Square since they never truly left consoles and only know how to double down.

  • Joe

    Your point broadly stands but I think you’re forgetting Horizon Zero Dawn.

  • luggage lad

    I predict Bloodborne 2 with new Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF7 Remake footage and maybe release dates.

    I am kind of surprised how much every news outlet has milked this short comment he made during the interview as big news. It’s just as standard an E3 hype answer you’d get. I think most people are getting abit hard over how he takes a shot at ‘mobile games yen’.

  • Ser Finbarr

    As always when big announcements come from Japan, I’m gonna go ahead and get my hopes sky high for a Legend of Dragoon sequel or prequel.

  • Kiryu

    That’s good to hear,this E3 will be interesting for once.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Ha ha ha ha.

    Yeah right. The majority of the good Japanese devs are all developing for Switch.

  • RichardGristle

    Yeah man, the Playstation brand sure is lacking in Japanese support.

  • Lionhart16

    Maybe they’ll show a gameplay trailer of 13 Sentinels during Sony’s Show. It’s too beautiful looking of a game to pass up showing to a huge crowd like that.

    And it also has mechs. How can you go wrong when you’re showing mechs on the show floor?

  • OldPalpy

    Never go full narrative.

  • Mr0303

    I hope so. Vanillaware deserve the showtime – they make some of my favourite games.

  • As a longtime playstation fan, I’ve come to expect a large amount of Japanese games on the Playstation consoles I buy and play. I’m not really surprised at this point of the flood of them from the PS1 until now but in a good way. So many hidden gems come out left and right from japan that I can’t possibly play and discover them all in one gen so I’m just enjoying each console and taking my time. For instance, last gen the PS3 had lots of Japanese hidden gems left and right that I quite enjoyed and didn’t think I would.

    This gen there are also plenty as well and one of them was Nights of Azure. Caught my by surprise how much I enjoyed it.

  • Matz

    I hope that they’re talking about many good and small Japanese devs and not the Big ones (that also like to act like they’re western) like Capcom, Square-Enix, Bandai-Namco and Sega, that would be good change of pace with many cinematic and “progressive” western games

  • Lolo

    So did everybody else.

  • MusouTensei

    Can’t wait to see what japan has in store.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Reminder that Uncharted won a BAFTA for Best Writing.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Most people did because it came out around the same time as Zelda and the Switch. Which had more staying power and has likely pushed most of Horizon out of people’s minds.

  • Funtime Happysnacks
  • Funtime Happysnacks

    No Death Stranding news planned either, so it’s not a Kojima thing. Wonder what it could be. Nintendo’s E3 news is only half an hour of info.

  • SiliconNooB

    Uncharted 4 was just blatantly unfun.

  • SiliconNooB

    It’s funny because Horizon sold better, but Zelda seems to have taken a much larger mindshare.

    Personally, Horizon looks beautiful, but I didn’t buy it because it didn’t look that fun to me.

  • SiliconNooB

    Japanese PS4 support this year kind of reminds me of how things used to be on PS1 and PS2. I still haven’t got around to buying Nier and Tales of Bersaria because I have so much on my plate playing through P5, KH 1.5-2.5, and Yakuza 0.

  • SiliconNooB

    Some utterly terrible games have won BAFTAs.

  • SiliconNooB
  • Funtime Happysnacks

    :( That makes me sad. It’s like writing is the lowest priority in games nowadays…