Action-RTS Hybrid Gotta Protectors Developer Considering Nintendo Switch Port

Indie Japanese studio Ancient Games are considering a Nintendo Switch port for their action / real-time-strategy hybrid game, Gotta Protectors.

The news comes via a Tweet by the studio, where the developer ponders how the game will be adapted to the Switch’s display screen. They made a very rough mock-up of what the game running on the Switch could look like, which you can view above.

Ancient notes this is what they think four player, local multiplayer could look like – however they obviously realized that each player’s screen would be very small. They also noted the pixels are currently twice their normal size, but if they set them to 1.3 times their original size (which would make them fit well), the pixels would look weird.

It’s also worth pointing out that Ancient isn’t actually porting the game to the Switch currently – they’re simply trying to see how it could fit on the console’s 16:9 screen.

If you’re curious how the game looks and plays, check out an English trailer below, as its currently available worldwide on the eShop:

Here’s a rundown on the Nintendo 3DS original, via Nintendo:

An awesome 8-bit spin on tower defense straight from Japan! Team up with friends and mow down hordes of foes!

The bad guys are after Princess Lola. You gotta protect her! Choose from a diverse and memorable cast of six classes, each with unique weapons and customizable, upgradeable skills. Strategically place barricades and turrets, hire hirelings, move Lola (the source of your power) around the map, and get ready to hack, slash, and magically mash wave after wave of enemies. LEVEL UP and DESTROY THEM ALL! Fight through 100 story maps, or create your own using the Map Editor and share them with friends via QR Code patterns.

Supports Local Play and Download Play with up to four players. With just one copy of the software, you can gotta-protect with up to three friends—as long as they all have their own Nintendo 3DS family system!

Features a heart-pumping soundtrack by a cadre of legendary 80s game composers including Yuzo Koshiro (ActRaiser), Hiroshi Kawaguchi (Space Harrier), Shinji Hosoe (Dragon Spirit), Hisayoshi Ogura (Ninja Warriors), and Motoaki Furukawa (Vulcan Venture).

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