PSA: The Dangers of Weaponizing Women to Kill Criticism

This is an editorial piece. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of, and should not be attributed to, Niche Gamer as an organization.

Today’s PSA involves one of the unhealthiest trends in the last couple years: weaponizing women to kill criticism in the entertainment world.

This trend has been growing at an alarming rate, and it affects not only the gaming industry and movie-going community, but also the very same outrage artists that seek to put this loaded gun in their mouth gleefully while shouting: “It’s the current year!”

Please make sure to leave your thoughts on the whole situation below!

Michael Jordan


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  • SuuLoliBoob

    Jesus, i thought i browsed Niche because it’s a site i wouldn’t have to see any politics in, even if it’s politics i agree with or not. This is just fucking sad seeing the site i loved browsing because i can freely see some nice fanservice games and other small games that would never be covered by other media be turned into… THIS! If i wanted to hear politics, i would go to youtube, reddit, or 4chan, not on a website that’s called “Niche Gamer”.

  • Shattno


  • vonSanneck

    While I agree with the setiment, I would like to ask for less content such as this and more about games.
    Criticism of bad behavior has its place, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think it’s for here.

  • Don’t be so melodramatic there are 10-20 posts a day, an editorial here and there is not going to kill you, just don’t click on it. Been weeks since we posted one.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Do you realise how abrasive your attitude is with the viewer base or are you just that self unaware?

  • Well ya the PSAs are supposed to be abrasive, its stated as such in the video. But it is so odd that the youtube commenters and the ones here are so different.

  • SuuLoliBoob

    >Don’t be so melodramatic

    How is not wanting to see shitty political talk on a place where i want to read up on the newest niche titles with cute lolis being “Melodramatic”? Why don’t you stop trying to make these shitty PSA’s every week that seem to be here for nothing but to make some form of shitty controversy, and actually start making good content here, or, you know, make your own fucking blog?

  • “Every week” Lol
    Going from praising my Switch Early Review to hating basic editorials. Life comes at you fast.

  • Hodoo

    How dare you talk about something marginally political that affects the gaming industry, don’t you know this website is supposed to be about gaming!?

  • Sorry Hodoo-Sama wont happen again.

  • Madbrainbox

    People click on these PSA’s just to be mad apparently.Maybe you could not click it next time if the content isn’t to your liking?Just a thought.

  • buddyluv324

    Right? Something I think the other side is just as easily triggered….or at time more than the crazy left. No matter what hard side someone is on, they get extremely sensitive on even the most smallest thing.

    As for the article itself…..though its something that hasn’t been already said before on occasions, Jordan has something of a point. People say they want to be treated as equals, but at the same time they dont. We’ve seen this especially more in gaming in regards to gender, race, etc. I’d like to hear something about this coming from a woman’s perspective. It’ll be nice to hear a different viewpoint on this.

  • VirtualBro

    You’re coming off as a dumb jackass, Michael Jordan, and you’re going to chase off a lot of users if you keep up with this stupid bullshit. I doubt that you’re going to pick up enough gamergate or The_Donald types to make up for it.

  • Not really looking to pick up any group, just laying it out there so it can be discussed.

  • TylorW

    That’s the thing that’s sorta bothering me with some of the comments: While ignorance is bliss, it’s still concerning something that affects gaming as a whole (as much as we hate the fact that it is). As much as we want to avert our eyes from it and say that it doesn’t belong in places such as Niche Gamer, it’s become too much of a problem that by not addressing it, we only stand to allow those facilitating it to have the opportunity to make it worse for everyone else in the future.

  • Madbrainbox

    Yeah both extremes are quite cancerous.
    I think the most important argument in the video was the criticism bit and how that is a very valuable tool that is essential if you want to make anything that’s remotely good.By taking that tool away these so called advocates are handicapping the women they claim to represent.

  • Post Konami Kojima

    michael jordan is the worst thing to ever happen to this site.

  • VirtualBro

    Who do you think reads this site? You’re going to appeal to a bunch of edgy outspoken dickheads with this kind of crap, but you’re going to drive off a lot of quiet dorks who just come here to hear about niche games.

    Most of your pals on Stormfront and /r/MensRights would just call you a pedo/faggot and tell you to fuck off after one glance at the banner here. You aren’t tapping into a massive groundswell of support with this shit; you’re just pandering to some of the loudest and most obnoxious assholes who spend all day trolling your comments section.

  • buddyluv324

    I dont think nothing wrong with these types of discussions in the site as long as people are being logical about said topics. I mean, that’s partially why these alternative gaming sites have been created.

    I think the biggest issue when bringing up these topics in game, which I’m seeing in the comment section is that people just dont know how to handle these topics well yet. A lot of the times they’re not as black and white as we may want them to be and its easier just to plug our ears and should “Get politics out of gaming!”

    I found a clip that touches on the topic of politics and gaming I think more people need to look into:

  • Post Konami Kojima

    and before you try to get snarky and say “well you clicked on this didn’t you”, i only clicked so i could tell you how much of a piece of shit you are and how the gaming industry would be better off if you quit.
    do it.

  • Kiryu

    Post above you is the living proof of it.Funny how it’s always people you never heard of with barely any comments on their disqus.It’s so obvious they come from other sites and would love to see this site die.

  • RichardGristle

    >being this much of a sensitive faggot

    Your poor parents.

  • If you are coming at me with this type of comment you are clearly on the wrong site.

  • Post Konami Kojima

    how am I being sensitive.
    i just genuinely think he has contributed nothing of value to this site and has ruined NG for me because of his edgy 15 year old “PSAs” that aren’t even public service announcements.

  • Post Konami Kojima

    if anything he’s the sensitive faggot because he needed to defend himself because of his clickbait zelda review and couldnt take the heat.

    like a gigantic faggot.


  • Alistair

    Well maybe if there wasn’t retarded regression lefts cucks out there, in the first place then this article will be irrelevant.

    But since censorships comes from fear to offend some one, or whatever the agenda is.

    Then this site is relevant.

  • Kiryu

    People have a hard time to accept different views today.We agree to disagree is dead nowadays.

  • buddyluv324

    That, and some people on this site are just really that inept on handling politics. Ignorance really is bliss to some people.

  • Post Konami Kojima

    i hope you’re happy with the echo chamber you created, you’re no better than the people you make fun of.

  • Kiryu

    It’s the sign of times,only progressives are humans and the rest are subhumans/evil,that’s what society and the media seems to tell us.Remember when you could talk to your friends/family about politics and the disagreement not ending you being ostracized,seems like a long time ago now.
    I learned the hard way not to talk with my friends about politics,i lost their respect and it broke our 20+ years friendship.

  • Mr0303

    Interesting point. We do live in a gynocentric culture and there is an obvious double standard when it comes to women. Having a female protagonist doesn’t only earn you diversity points with the perpetually offended crowd, but it’s a nice shield from criticism. For example Horizon is a great game, but Ashly Burch’s performance was pretty bad – if you said this you’d be accused of hating women or female protagonists.

    Great editorial. I wouldn’t mind seeing similar opinion pieces in the future.

  • You are not presenting an argument or a discussion, if you want you could open with an argument as to why you think its wrong, I mean thats kinda the point.

  • Thank you. I thought it was a good discussion to have and we’re really trying to just focus on “good” discussions moving forward. Stuff to get more people to think about outside the news, you know?

  • Ace

    I love hot dogs.

  • buddyluv324

    That’s sad. Shit like that really hits hard that this new “Dark Age” we’re living in is becoming more a reality. And its all because of this enabling attitude people have using social media.

  • Kiryu

    That’s what i like about this site.Where you can talk about what’s going on with this identity politics garbage that’s doing so much harm to gaming,something i couldn’t do on some other site and their “open forum”.

  • Kiryu

    Social media is cancer.My former friends always wanted me on Facebook and i always refused.

  • buddyluv324

    Hah! Good call.

  • Lavenza

    post source faggot pls.

  • Zaelle

    “…loudest and most obnoxious assholes who spend all day trolling your comments section.”

  • hero
  • David Curry

    I mostly agree with the PSA, but the biggest problem in the Western world right now is POLITICS in EVERYTHING, instead of leaving politics to political websites and broadcasts. You can count on one hand the number of things you can do in public, and/or while using the TV, radio, Internet, where you won’t get left, right or moderate political messages thrown at you. This political obsession in everyday life, including gaming news, is seriously making life a chore. Thank god there’s a couple of sites like AllGamesDelta that don’t do anything but post gaming news, like the old days. Of course this is not my site, but I’m tired of this shit.

  • vonSanneck

    Will agree with you. What I really don’t want to see is “beating a dead horse” topics. “Women used as shields” examples are plentiful, to the point where bundling them and showing them off as counter arguements become viable once they surface again. It’s the worst kind of objectification these hypocrits have to offer.
    After so long, I guess we all just wanted to escape the politics surrounding playing videogames and its quagmire.


    Politics today brings out the worst of people.

    I mean, look at few posters here. Some don’t even say anything about politics and just come here to shit on everything. It is saddening how keyboard warriors acts.

    I know some people just want to enjoy games and no politics discussion but that is just impossible at this day and age. They just want to close their eyes and cover their ears and shout at everything.

    Tolerance. What happened to that? “Differing opinions are evil villains that needs to die.” Man, I’m not sure if we are better or worse than people of the past :/

  • EroBotan

    Your “don’t care about politic” stance is the reason that gaming community is a huge mess right now lol. Tons of games get censored & butchered, tons of games not coming to the west because SJW

  • EroBotan

    you re narrow minded lol. People have been ignoring SJWs in the past and look at the gaming industry now. SJWs become gamedev and localizer resulting in preachy games, censored games, butchered games, and tons of japanese games not coming to the west.

  • Madbrainbox

    There’s nothing “social” about social media.

  • Madbrainbox

    What part of what I said is narrow minded?

  • EroBotan

    everything lol

  • Zanard Bell

    Before this turns to a bloodbath, I just want to put my two cents worth:

    Criticizing feminism is fine, but a dev putting a woman on the forefront of their product doesn’t *ALWAYS* necessarily mean they’re trying to subvert gaming. Like one of the comments I’ve encountered in Dawn of War II’s voice actor video. Lady Solara (the Imperial Knight pilot, or for those uninitiated to 40k, the pilot of the robot with large arm cannons) was put on the Blood Angels team as a hero unit. Commenter talks about putting her there because feminism yadah yadah.

    Loyalist Imperial Knight riders tend to be written as female in the 40k canon, while male ones are either rogue or traitors. (Read “The Master of Mankind”, “Vengeful Spirit”) Remember that this is Warhammer 40k, the one franchise SJWs have not put their claws in, so any assertions that this is a propaganda move is tenuous at best.

    That’s it, really. On to the shitposting.

  • Madbrainbox

    You know,if this came out in the weekend when there are almost no articles being posted I would understand but yesterday Ng had 19 non political gaming related articles and this PSA.

  • Madbrainbox

    It is important to talk about it.This whole subject has been warped in recent years.

  • Madbrainbox

    You consider the “if you don’t like it you have the option to not engage with it” to be narrow minded?Please do expand on this point.

  • Heresy Hammer

    “How am I being sensitive”
    “i only clicked so i could tell you how much of a piece of shit you are
    and how the gaming industry would be better off if you quit.”

    top kek

  • Envy Noson

    Did someone say Bayonetta 2?
    ∞ Climax
    Love is Blue
    Fox only
    Rodin is last bet

  • buddyluv324

    I can understand if people were to gradually get fed up with the repetition on the same topic. If there’s nothing new that can be added, there’s no point in trying to bring it up again. Hopefully this site and others like it will be mindful of that.

  • Precisely. Politics has pretty much infiltrated everything now, and pretending like it isn’t a big thing in the gaming industry in CURRENT YEAR is nothing short of foolish.

  • I absolutely agree with Michael here. It doesn’t matter whether your a man, woman, or whatever you tell yourself you are, NO ONE form or piece of media (game, movie, etc) should be given special treatment or spared criticism just because of whatever is between the creator’s legs.

  • Why are people complaining about a PSA on a political topic related to gaming? Niche Gamer has been publishing these articles pretty much since its inception, but only NOW it’s a problem?

  • EroBotan

    1. Our hobby is attacked by SJW
    2. Games are censored, banned, butchered
    3. Several people decided to fight back to defend their hobby
    4. Madbrainbox: People just want to be mad apparently. Maybe you could not click it next time if the content isn’t to your liking?Just a thought.

    For you, people who defends gaming community & fight back against SJWs are mad extremist. Aka let the SJWs runs rampage and run game industry into the ground!!

  • OSad

    At least you didn’t shop your face into this one :^)

    Preaching to the choir more than anything, though.

  • EroBotan

    how many of those lovely fanservices games manage to come to the west? And how many that able to come uncensored?

    It’s only thanks to people who continue fighting the SJWs that we get finally manage to get games like Senran Kagura and Neptune comes uncensored.

  • Nalferd

    You know, you could just not *click the article*.

    Once Niche Gamer turns into another Gematsu then I’m out.

  • Nalferd

    Triggered perhaps.

  • Madbrainbox

    Many in the anti-SJW crowd are just as worse than the people they oppose.If I don’t agree with feminists I’m,apparently a racist,sexist,bigot,etc.If I don’t agree with some anti-SJW talking points or if I like a product or a character that seems to be progressive then I must be an SJW cuck that wants to see the Western World be destroyed.It’s fucking jarring.
    Now,on what I actually said.There are people in this comment section that are complaining this video exists.That NG should stay away from politics and focus on games.So I said,in response to that attitude,that people can avoid clicking a link that contains opinions they don’t want to see.Considering the subject was in the fucking title.

  • EroBotan

    eehhh??? so i guess i misunderstand your comment, sorry about that lol. I thought you’re among the crowd who complaints about the video

  • Madbrainbox

    It’s all good.

  • におに

    Is there a reason this doesn’t have a transcription? I would much prefer to read opinion piece articles without the awkward camera stuff.

  • Lucy Taylor

    The article and the video is very disappointing for what is.

    For decades, girls and women have been nothing but sex objects and placed in degrading roles in virtually all forms of entertainment media solely for the pleasure of men. And back then, women did not have a voice to speak up about it. We were basically silenced.

    Now that Western society and attitudes are finally changing for the better to respect girls and women and treat them as equals, it should be something we should all be celebrating instead of criticizing.

    This article should be denouncing the criticism of the argument, not siding with it.

    The Western video games industry has made positive strides over the last 5 years, as the industry has FINALLY got the message that women want to be involved and treated with respect. They have also FINALLY realized that girls and women are getting sick of being depicted as sex objects in video games.

    Unfortunately, the Japanese video games industry are still stuck in the dinosaur era of how they portray female characters, but that will change in time.

    The fact that there are still people still think there’s such a thing as “weaponizing women to kill criticism” just goes to show that sexism against women is still a substantial problem. There’s a lot of work to do.

  • Lucy Taylor

    This is laughable, just like any other idiot who cries about “censorship”.

    How on earth does depicting female characters in more positive roles and images equate to “censorship”?

  • Lucy Taylor

    Actually if anything, it shows that the Western video games industry has adopted a sense of moral standards.

    One example (which caused controversy on social media) is the Dead Or Alive Extreme 3 game. I am glad it wasn’t released into the West. When I go into my local games store, I do not and never want to see stuff like that on the shelves.

    If you want those perverted games, import it.

  • Lucy Taylor

    >”identity politics garbage”

    So wanting women to have a chance of getting jobs in the industry and depicting them in positive roles in video games is “garbage”.

    I pity you.

  • EroBotan

    LOLOL, it simply shows that you SJWs can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction.

  • EroBotan

    Yes, it’s garbage because these “women” doing it at the expense of men

  • Jumanji Joe

    Looks like you caused another shit storm Michael Jordan. Why do people get so bent outta shape over these discussion pieces.

  • Can’t the sensitive bellends who are whining about this article learn to just ignore and not click on it? Try doing that instead of trying to police and control what is allowed and what isn’t allowed on Niche Gamer.

    Anyway, this is an important issue that definitely needs to be discussed and made aware of, because it’s infesting every single facet of Western society. It’s not just a problem in entertainment media, but this cancer has taken over mainstream media, academia, education, politics and government.

    Sticking your head in the sand and ignoring SJWs will only make it worse. In fact, ignoring these parasites is precisely the reason on why they have been able to infiltrate and take over video games and entertainment media in the first place.

    By all means continue sticking your heads in the sand if you want, you have the right and are free to do so. But don’t come running to us when your precious video games become nothing more than a complete pile of feminist dog faeces.

  • Why are people complaining about a PSA on a political topic related to gaming?

    Because some people prefer to bury their heads into the sand and hoping the problem will go away on it’s own.

    Unfortunately, as the last 4+ years have shown, the problem hasn’t gone away. In fact, it’s gotten even worse because the whole Western industry and virtually all Western developers have cucked themselves out for Social Justice and feminism.

    Niche Gamer has been publishing these articles pretty much since its inception, but only NOW it’s a problem?

    Moralfag moderates, neutrals and fence-sitters. They serve absolutely no purpose apart from indirectly aiding and perpetuating the SJW ideology.

    I know because many years ago, I was a moderate myself.

  • Amyssanchez

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  • SevTheBear

    1. Some of that “positive strides” has made good as well as bad things happen over the last 5 years. So 50% good 50% bad.

    2. No one has hold women out of the gaming industry or disrespected them for the last 30 years. A good part of the art designers and writers are done by women. But for some reason that doesn’t count I guess.

    3. Sorry to break it to ya, but the the industries has a VERY BAD habit of using women or skin color to ignore or bounce of criticism of any kind.

    4. Did you know that Bayonetta was designed by Mari Shimazaki? A Japaness women? Yet feminists and the Western gaming press was busy shaming it for have a sexy female lead. To much joy for evil straight men and lesbians I guess.

    5. Did you know that gay porn and erotica books + Manga sells well in Japan and the West and the biggest reader group is… wait for it… WOMEN

    6. Did you know that PlayBoy once tried to sell a Play Magasin for women? The only problem was, it didn’t sell well. Buyer was mostly…. gay men.

    Here is the true. What men like some women wouldn’t like and vise versa. We men love our boobs, booty and hot sexy female bodies and no freaking power on earth is ever gonna change that. You might not agree with the video. It might not be 100% correct. But the only thing you have is feminist talking points and shaming Japan. Here is a little something I thing you should read

  • SevTheBear

    No one is holding them out

  • Zanard Bell

    When you have political groups discounting the opinions of “cishet white males” as irrelevant in a discussion for a perceived notion of ‘privilege’, any notion of equality was already thrown out the window. It’s been years since gender equality has been achieved. What is happening now is an inquisition thrown by the other side.

    And puritanical ideas of how a women should dress and portray herself is the complete antithesis of women’s liberty. If a female game designer believes that a woman flaunting her sexuality as a weapon is OK, then no other women has the right to take that away from her. Sex sells is a reality of life. Get over it.

  • SevTheBear

    Just like any other person with a BIG EGO you insult people on the internet. Good job -_-‘

    It depends on how your depicting. If you are just making everone around her morons you are nothing proving anything but lazy writing.

  • SevTheBear

    – Moral standards… the game industry… HAHAHAHA xD They sell whatever sells. They don’t give a flying fuck about whats right or wrong. As soon the political correct ideas don’t sell they will go back to what worked before ;)

    – So because you don’t like some games they shouldn’t be sold to others? Good to know you think so highly of yourself -__-‘ I guess we better ileligalise naughty scenes in games, movies and TV show as well. We can have you pure innocent fees fees getting hurt!

  • Nalferd

    Always vote with your wallet! Let them know we don’t want this kind of BS in gaming.

    Thankfully Nier Automata and Persona 5 managed to get translated unscathed (although I still didn’t finish P5 but so far most people said no censorship.)

    So just support developers and publishers that don’t bow down to these BS.

  • Because some people prefer to bury their heads into the sand and hoping the problem will go away on it’s own.

    Unfortunately, as the last 4+ years have shown, the problem hasn’t gone away. In fact, it’s gotten even worse because the whole Western industry and virtually all Western developers have cucked themselves out for Social Justice and feminism.

    I agree to an extent. If a company goes around using SJW dog whistles, like “diversity”, “representation”, etc.? Yeah, there’s a good chance we know who they’re pandering to.

    Moralfag moderates, neutrals and fence-sitters. They serve absolutely no purpose apart from indirectly aiding and perpetuating the SJW ideology.

    I know because many years ago, I was a moderate myself.

    My problem with moderates nowadays is the idea itself became a glorified excuse for grandstanding about how Neutral™ one is. There’s a key difference between being a moderate and a Moderate™. For example, wanting to not take a firm stance until all the facts are gathered is pretty standard for trying to keep a cool head, which is fine – hell, I’ve done it myself when there were arguments being made about BioWare using diversity hiring practices for ME: Andromeda, and I’m still not entirely sure if they did, minus a photo or two, maybe.

    But then there’s stuff like this: “Look at these idiots taking stance X or Y, they’re all as bad as each other anyway!”. Every person I’ve seen who says something like that always comes off as a smug prick, and can be pretty stubborn and frustrating, because nothing you say and try to prove gets through to them. I can speculate as to why, but it’s probably more conjecture than solid evidence.

    Part of it is denial, like you say. It’s primarily to maintain one’s comfort zone, and when that zone is violated, they understandably don’t like that. However, it’s called denial for a reason, and what they’re denying is a very real problem that has sterilized the Western gaming industry, with companies making games more politically correct so as to either not risk harming their brand nor their sales (or so they think), or because they actually believe in the progressive cause and think forcing people to buy into it will be beneficial to all of us (spoilers: it isn’t).

    I think another element is complacency. People don’t really care about things outside of what affects them personally. And to be fair, pretty much all of us do this to some extent – for example, someone else’s financial situation doesn’t bother me as much as my own or my family’s. But what that ends up doing, especially when consumers are involved, is allowing a problem to get worse. You wouldn’t let mould grow in your house unless you were complacent or even apathetic: “as long as my water and electricity works, who cares?”. Look at the business practices we’ve seen over the past several years – microtransactions, etc. – and ask yourself if we could’ve stopped that had more people made a fuss about it and stopped spending money where they shouldn’t.

    It’s a similar thing for those who know who SJWs are, but just shrug and don’t think they’re a big deal. Pat from the Super Best Friends, as much as I like him, took this stance during the DoAX3 shit, and only recently did I see him briefly talk about Manveer Hair and how that affected ME:A’s character creation. And that was on a livestream with his (hot) girlfriend, who is most certainly red-pilled. He doesn’t talk about this stuff anywhere else, but it sure took him a while to at least SOMEWHAT acknowledge what we’re seeing here.

    …Fuuuuuuck, I typed for too long.

  • Kiwi Hoy

    See what you have to understand is that this site is full of lonely autistic people who feel as though any female character NOT designed to feed their boner has been unjustly taken from them by “Hte feminazis1!!11!!!!11!!!” despite the fact that in most cases the people designing actually good female protagonists are doing so because they want to and not because they’ve been forced to by political zealots

    Not that the problem is that black and white since these political zealots do exist and are obnoxious as fuck, they just don’t actually have any power despite how much Nichegamer believes they’re being oppressed by the left

  • Obbliglol

    This is the reason I joined #notyourshield what feels like millions of years ago.

    All this shit does is drive a bigger wedge between the genders so some elitists can feel smug and superior (while lining their pockets with their Patreons, of course) whilst damaging game critique as a whole.

  • CoarseHock

    Self-proclaimed ‘kinda feminist’ unable to see that some men only agree with women to prove how much of a nice guy they really are and thinks the big, evil man is physically stopping women from making games they want? What a shocker.

  • Kiryu

    I don’t give a shit what you don’t want to see on the shelves you authoritarian fuck,you don’t get to decide what people enjoy.
    As for morals you and your buddies have none.

  • MusouTensei

    SJWs need to be purged from this industry.

  • Jack Thompson

    Hello Poe’s Law.

  • Jack Thompson

    >Says it’s an echo chamber.
    >While presenting an opposing view to the majority here and not being banned or censored in any way.
    Nice try. If you want to see an echo chamber, try asserting an opposing view to the majority some where like NeoGAF. You’ll have at best a 50/50 chance of being banned and/or deleted if anyone notices you.

  • Fenrir007

    “So wanting women to have a chance of getting jobs in the industry and depicting them in positive roles in video games is “garbage”.”

    It is since nothing is stopping them from doing just that in the first place. Unity sees no gender.

  • Fenrir007

    That is some nice levels of projection. Cinemark might want to hire you.

  • Shattno

    That’s bullshit. I have a lot of friends who are women and work in the industry or related industries, and it can be really hard to get jobs and if you do find one chances are you get treated like garbage.

  • Fenrir007

    Thank god it sold like hotcakes, proving you moral authoritarians and would-be censors are all talk and no purchasing power.

  • Shattno

    I call bullshit, the gaming industry is incredibly hard to get into if you’re a woman.

  • EuphoricShadow

    I know right? I’ve been following this site for a few months now and this totally came out of nowhere. It seems rather impossible to avoid anything political these days. Makes it somewhat uneasy for a guy like myself who is of colour and from a religious background which most would consider polarising in this day and age to simply zone out and converse with other like minded individuals that love gaming too. If anything it’s articles like this one here that end up dividing their own communities more and more. Really sad.

  • SevTheBear

    Question: Where they are qualified for the job? I have meet and heard of men and women who wanted a specific job, but couldn’t get it because they weren’t cut out for it. I have tried it myself. Thought I was pretty, I could do the job. But I was told *sorry buddy you ain’t good enough*. It’s sucks but that life for many.

    If some the women you know is getting treated like garbage they should find a job elsewhere. Why would you work with company, boss or co-workers who are assholes? If it’s really that bad make sure other people hear about it. Always step up and call them out. It can be really unpleasant. But it’s better than just taking a beating from a bully. I have family a member who has been through that and trust me when I say, it ain’t worth the pain staying in that kind of a hell hole just for the money. It will kill you faster then cancer and defect kidney.

  • Sam XXX

    Takes a lot of balls to put yourself out there.

  • Feniks

    Don’t worry we will soon counter them wih weaponised sex bots. All is going according to keikaku

  • Arenegeth

    I’m about to reveal to you some of the terrible secrets of the patriarchy! (I’m an insider, CIS white male representin’)

    Men wanna cum, every single day! Yes for real!

    If you are remotely decent looking young woman, nah don’t even have to be a model or anything, just not particularly unattractive, every man you’ve ever met that wasn’t related to you (and probably some that are, depending) wanted to fuck you! Shocking, I know!

    Don’t believe me? Well you can test it out yourself (given that you fulfill the above criteria) just go in a social setting, bar, cafe, library, heck it can even be in the middle of the street, start a conversation with a guy, be nice, touch his hand and if he doesn’t have another lady waiting back at home (and even if he does in many cases) or is gay you got that dick slinging your way faster than it takes to make an Espresso!

    Men are such horrible pigs right? I mean how dare we like women so much, how dare to find the sound of a woman having an orgasm, so fucking hot and want to cause it to happen so often, we’re absolutely horrible I tell ya!

    Well, the issue was brought up in an annual meeting at the Patriarchy HQ, so we put our best CIS, mostly white, some Asian and one black guy, male scientists on the job and here’s what they came up with.

    Apparently, there’s this thing called biology, males of the species have a higher sex drive than females, and as such males can theoretically reproduce at least once a day, while females are stuck with a bun in the oven for 9 months! Amazing right?

    Here’s the interesting part, because of that biology thing men really, really like women, they also really, really like having sex with them. Can you imagine?

    The scientists further concluded that we liked young healthy hot women, because they are apparently more viable for our filthy sperm or some such, because of that, we really enjoy looking, interacting and hopefully fucking them!

    Also because of that, games with hot women tend to sell a lot to men, because we like women so much we’re willing to put up with shitty gameplay so we can look at a nice big pair of titts!

    And here’s the biggest secret, men like to please women, and usually listen to them, with the ultimate goal being…? Yep you guessed it, fucking them (or at least sniffing their panties)!

    Sexism revealed!

    Feel free to spread this information among your feminist friends, but don’t tell any men about it or there’ll be a bounty on me head, THE PATRIARCHY (ta-dum) gives no quarter to whistleblowers.

  • EuphoricShadow

    Whilst I agree there has been some political influences in mainstream products these days and have made an impact on some things for better or worse (diverse characters is something that needs to be embraced rather than scorned at), I don’t see the reason as to why people should have to put in the extra effort to argue about all of this. Did people like yourself care a lot about politics in gaming back in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s? Especially during a time when well over 95% (not a fact but an exaggerated figure) of main leads were usually white males.

    Like it or not people watch movies and play games to get away from the current political affairs that you see all around. Although with some exceptions, like documentaries and movies based on true events and whatnot.

    If anything it’s best just putting in the effort to defend established characters or universes from being changed to fit the modern social construct of society, with some exceptions again. That being said, universes like Star Wars has plenty of room to grow to allow all kinds of characters to tell their own stories. As much as I dislike the idea of feminism, if it doesn’t touch every aspect of Star Wars then I can’t really complain there. It is a huge franchise after all and Disney sure wants to attract all kinds of audiences.

    And I don’t think most games from Japan, Korea and so on aren’t coming to the west due to the political climate dude. Not everything today revolves around politics.

  • Shattno

    Yeah, the problem isn’t qualification, it’s that if a man and a woman with the same set of skills apply for the same position the man gets the job more often. A lot of these companies see women as problematic, someone i know did not get hired because they didn’t want “some woman on her period causing problems”, i believe she took it to court. Another woman I know got fired because she mentioned she and her husband was thinking of having a baby, and the company didn’t like the idea of her going on maternity leave and felt it was easier to hire someone new. Other women i have spoken to say they are met with a lot of mistrust, men that think that they lie on their resumes because “women can’t possibly be good programmers”.

    As to why they would work with company, boss or co-workers who are assholes, first of all people need to pay the bills, secondly they don’t want to but this is how the industry is, working in gaming/computers/tech as a woman is really hard.

  • Rough

    >You’ll have at best a 50/50 chance of being banned and/or deleted if anyone notices you.
    >50/50 chance
    Are we even visiting the same website? Last time I checked it was almost 100/0. Show one bit of opposition and you can kiss your account goodbye.

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    Sorry bitch. But games shouldn’t be banned because you feel uncomfortable with them.

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    They need to be purged from this galaxy.

  • EroBotan

    Yeah, I want to get away from real life and playing fantasy in games. Except the games that i want to play are censored, butchered, or not getting an english release because of SJWs.

    If you say that most japan, and korean games are not censored, butchered, or canceled because of SJWs then you’re living under a rock … or you’re an SJW lol

  • Jack Thompson

    >Visiting NeoFAG
    I’ve just seen many, many, archives of people’s posts deleted and permabans, often for things that are minor infractions or not even against the rules, just against popular opinion there.

  • SevTheBear

    I cannot deny that there some real jerks in the industry. Just seem weird these days when you better be ready to shoot your dog than offend women or people with a certain skin tone at all. Hell if I am out and I make a naughty joke or it’s no political correct I get the look of death from people around me. If they had pitchforks the would use them.

  • MusouTensei

    Let’s have 1 purge at a time. Industry, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe.

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    And the multi-verse.

  • EinMugenTenshin

    I think most of the other news outlets usually don’t take the SJW point of view seriously, and only post it to get click and “a different view”. The problem is when “other people” who has 0 interest starts to think this is “normal” and join the bandwagon in a political crusade only to discover they are utterly hated with a 100:1 dislike/like ratio.

  • Shattno

    Yeah sure, we live in a time when people go out of their way to be offended, but othe people go out of their way to offend others. Surely there must be a middle way where you won’t get ostracised for telling a joke that’s not PC but are still protected from being discriminated against.

  • Alistair

    We in denial mode I see, so I spell it out, you say depicting female characters in a positive roles is not censorship.

    Because it is, Australia banned GTA5, feminists got it banned not because the game fucking boring.

    Any thing that depicts female characters in a bad light = bad news.

    Nice deflection on your part, keep the agenda spinning.

  • Fenrir007

    it definitely is when you major in Gender Studies and believe studying programming is a patriarchal agenda.

    Otherwise, though, nothing is stopping you from learning how to code, draw or do anything game-related with the plethora of free tools and tutorials available out there. Gaming is more democratic than most professions since you don’t even need a degree for it if you have enough self discipline to learn by yourself (and you certainly need that if you want to be succesful).

  • Kiwi Hoy

    Do you even know what projection means? To accuse someone of projecting you need to actually have a reason to believe that what they’re saying applies to them but SURELY if any of what I just said applied to me I would be with you and the other NG commenters fapping to anime titties?

  • [Unoriginal Name Here]™

    This was an interesting editorial piece. I’m all in for diversity and gender equality but no one should believe that just because there’s a female protagonist with a vagina doesn’t mean they got a shield from getting criticized for either having awful facial animations, a bad voice actress behind the character or whatever. It’s not about being a pig, sexist or misogynist​, it’s about opinions and facts. If you said TLoU is a great game, Ashley Johnson looks pretty (Which she does) but Ellie is an annoying little shit (Can be but still a savage), nope, stop right there, call the cops because you’re being sexual towards Ashley and being a misogynistic pig towards Ellie.

    Also, feminism has ruined women into thinking they are better than man, they’re the angels but no, I have seen how cruel these mistresses can be especially towards men. I watched a lot of MGTOW videos, the latest one I watch was of a social experiment of domestic violence between a pair, it starts out with the man yelling and pulling her woman aside and stuff as for her she tells him to stop and thus other women and a whiteknight break it up and side with her, ok fine. The roles are reversed where the man is getting pushed, hit and yelled at and no man lends a hand while the women watch and laugh. It just shows how gynocentric our society is and feminism has ruined it. I understood why the MGTOWs chose Trump over some old bag. Sorry for bringing this up but I felt that it was a perfect time since we’re talking about weaponizing women. If anyone female gets mad about this piece then go take your feminism else where darling.

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    Maybe when those said characters had to be changed to suit your special snowflake sensibilities for fear of a backlash might count. Also since you’re too myopic and drunk in your feminist kool aid to see there have been many postive portrayals of women in video games.

  • Pallasch

    Why do feminists expect disengenuous half truths to be taken as 100% true at will. Like how ignorant do you have to be about all forms of media to believe that. I guess however stupid you have to be to make posts like this under the assumption that people will buy it outside of turbo hugboxes like tumblr. And the Japan shaming god damn you are aware of how many character designers and ero-manga authors are female? Like god damn do you just not acknowledge that women exist outside of your delusional as hell worldview?

  • Pallasch

    >Everyone on this site is *insert absurd nerd characature here*
    >That’s obviously why they’re butthurt about censorship

    Amirite fellow woke-folk? But nah man you expect people to take you seriously when you’re just going to try to play the shame game?

  • Nalferd

    If they didn’t ruin everything in the first place they wouldn’t be hated this much. And yet they always play the “victim” card.

  • Fenrir007

    Continue building your straw man. I’m sure it will come true if you continue repeating.

    As for the projection, I’m applying Sargon’s Law to you:

    “Whenever an ideologue makes a character judgement about someone they are debating with, that character judgement is usually true about themselves.”

    It has been proven time and time again during gamergate that this has been the case. Just look at how many sex offenders are anti-gamergate.

  • Alistair

    It like we in the twilight zone, the ones that got caught doing proper “unmoral” things like sexual abuse of “real women” are Anti gamergates SJWs.

    The whine brigade are more concern about “fictional characters” shows how retarded they are.

  • SevTheBear

    Not in theses days atm.

    Sorry we went off topic. Of course there will always been people who will never respect to others and they get away with it in the industry. A friend of mine once work in Saudi Arabia as a doctor. Never in her life had she see so much disrespect for Women or low paid people. She was only there for 2 years. While it did do a few good things for her, some of the story told was… it would make your blood boil. At least here in the West women has the option to raise their voice and be heard.

  • Shattno

    You’re right about the free tools and easy access etc. But that doesn’t matter if you can’t get hired in the first place. A lot of companies simply don’t want to hire women, period. That kind of bullshit needs to die.

  • Shattno

    Yeah I’ve heard stories about Saudi as well, it’s probably one of the worst places in the world to live in if you don’t belong to the right group (rich old men). It’s kind of absurd they don’t get called on it more often.

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    The only work that needs to be done is to purge you authoritarian sociopaths out of our hobby. The majority of gamers both male and female don’t want your shit.

  • Kiwi Hoy

    That’s a VERY nice strawman. I mean for starters I never said “everyone” I merely said the site was full of people fitting the description I gave. Which it is

    And second, I never made any reference to censorship. Thing is, people around here don’t know what that word means and think even completely benign instances of people simply choosing NOT to make pointlessly sexed up female characters IS censorship when it isn’t (See: Street Fighter 5 (still a bad game), Tides of Numenera (which ended up being false outrage based on a quote from the table top creator and not the game devs anyway) etc)

  • Kiwi Hoy

    Well I mean i’m not an ideologue by any stretch of the imagination so your argument already holds no weight even if applying laws made up by middle of the road Youtubers was a valid debate tactic (which it isn’t)

    See you’re assuming my comment was made from a point of moral outrage when really I just find this site’s userbase amusing. The tendency towards misinformation (often perpetuated by the site itself) and false outrage (again, sometimes based on articles posted intentionally for that purpose) is straight up comedic

    I care about ACTUAL censorship, it’s just that people like you fail to understand what it is so often that the word is losing all meaning and you’re making being anti-censorship look equivalent to being a /pol/ lurking retard

  • Pallasch

    >That weak ass semantic argument
    Not even going to touch that when you say full of you’re implying most if not all of the community is -insert nerd characature here-. People won’t take you seriously when you’re only defense are weak as hell ad hominims.

    But I’ll humor you, how is the whole R. Mika situation as pointless as it was not censorship, ignoring the dumbass implication that sexed up characters are necessarily harmful or that R. Mika is a pastiche of Japanese female wrestling tropes, how is not altering something previously established due to potential outrage not censorship?

  • Alistair

    So what is the solution then, games continue to be censored, and Devs that open minded to be run to the ground, with SJWs run rampant though all media.

    Like we been doing for years, no I see regression left as economy/political terrorists. They scream harassment at us.

    Ok right back at them, they harass me and gamers alike they talk down anyone Devs included, bullied and shamed if a video games crash does comes these terrorists will be held to account.

  • Sage

    Hello, woman here, been5 reading NG for over a year. I agree with the video. I often feel singled out but only because I feel like the current treatment of women is infantilizing.

    But then again I enjoy looking at attractive female protags.

  • Madbrainbox

    Support the devs you like.Ignore the ones you don’t.Ignore the screeching morons or demolish their points if you’re so inclined.If there’s any kind of feedback you want to send to a dev or a publisher or whatever you need to do so politely.Don’t be like them basically.

  • Snorlaxation

    Thank you for posting this. Just because a female character is the Main character doesn’t mean the game shouldn’t be critiqued if that character sucks (remember Wet?)
    Even with the lack of graphics, I still enjoyed playing Persona 3 Portable because the FeMC was more interesting, and the the level was more difficult.

    What about Rule of Rose and that other game where you also played as a female with a dog helping you out? Those protagonists spent much of the game dealing with dangers and plot devices that were out to get them, neither were tough powerhouses, but rather effeminate, and still, they were decent/good characters.

    Maria Traydor from SO3? She was tough, but buried beneath that was also an anger and a sadness at who and what she was, and how her life felt controlled by a man she’d never even met.

    This issue, like most, isn’t black and white. We do have massive pandering in some places for people that don’t play games, but still butt their noses in simply because they see things peripherally that they don’t like, and judge harshly all across the board. On the other hand, we also have people who grew up on games where women were just sex objects, and now some of them make games where the women serve basically the same function, but look sexier because the graphics are better.

    I get bored of character if their not interesting, regardless of their gender or even if they look cool. That’s what we need to be focusing on.
    Make your game’s protagonist a korean lesbian with battle scars and a chip on her shoulder, but make her INTERESTING! Give her a CHARACTER ARC. Have her realize that she can depend on others or find her place in the world or some shit that makes playing as her an experience that anyone can’t help but be engaged in!!

  • Mr0303

    One small point of disagreement – women in gaming were never just sex objects. Right from the start we had Samus, Lara Croft and even Ms Pacman.

  • Snorlaxation

    I wasn’t trying to generalize that all old video game heroines were sex objects, but yes, you’re very right. (But don’t forget that Lara Croft was designed and angled with boys in mind)

  • Mr0303

    “But don’t forget that Lara Croft was designed and angled with boys in mind” – so? That doesn’t make her a sex object. She has sexual appeal, but her main function is to raid tombs.

  • buddyluv324

    And that’s what damaging about the whole situation. It doesnt help anyone that these big companies talk about other than themselves just gain positive pr and/or profit. They certainly sure as hell don’t come to a logical solution to get people together either. The whole mess just breeds shady, thirsty opportunist who want to line their own pockets in some form.

  • EuphoricShadow

    Believe me, I look into gaming news all the time from many sources and I can say with full confidence that games which never localised for the west has nothing to do with the political climate that’s happening in this day and age. It’s always been a tricky thing to port games from Japan or anywhere else for some reason. But politics I’m sure is the least of their worries. Since the huge Japanese movement on Steam all I’ve been seeing is nothing but borderline hentai stuff along with the decent products.

    That term “SJW” is only a buzzword to make someone feel like they’re fighting for something, it’s really overused. Games from Europe like The Witcher series has some of the most raunchy stuff compared to any other tripple A game out there currently, so SJW isn’t an excuse. Anyway I don’t even see why any sane person would want to support politicially correct stuff and this is coming from a black Muslim.

  • EroBotan

    No thanks lol. I believe my own eyes and my own life experience. You SJWs has been proven as sociopaths & compulsive liars, there is no way i’ll trust your bullshits LOL!

  • EuphoricShadow

    Okay, this is useless. -_- I just said I’m not into political correctness. So it seems apparent that the only way to not be a SJW is by being white. According to some people’s logic.

  • Fenrir007

    “Well I mean i’m not an ideologue by any stretch of the imagination ”

    Oh, so you were just pretending?

    “See you’re assuming my comment was made from a point of moral outrage”

    You sounded pretty outraged for moral reasons – and a tad assmad – here:

    “See what you have to understand is that this site is full of lonely autistic people who feel as though any female character NOT designed to feed their boner has been unjustly taken from them by “Hte feminazis1!!11!!!!11!!!” despite the fact that in most cases the people designing actually good female protagonists are doing so because they want to and not because they’ve been forced to by political zealots”

    And finally:

    “I care about ACTUAL censorship”

    Oh, yeah, I’m sure you do. Like in Steven’s Universe? Basically stuff you agree with being chopped?

  • Mighty No. 56008

    Exactly. There’s a difference between “being sexy” and “being a sex object”.

  • Fenrir007

    “But that doesn’t matter if you can’t get hired in the first place.”

    Actually, it matters a lot, especially in the Golden Age of PC Gaming and Crowdfunding. Even ideas guys (and gals) are on the receiving end of a shower of money by gullible idiots willing to invest in a stupid idea. The gaming industry is very portfolio oriented (unless you are a regular code monkey, since those are easy to get and replace and have low value), and some companies hire even modders to become full fledged employees. Gaming is at the fingertips of anyone, but not everyone is willing to put in the hard work to get there. Hell, we have people making a living by doing shitty RPGMaker games using stock art and 14 year old fanfic level of writing on Steam!

    Also, I’m sorry but I don’t quite believe your second hand anedoctal evidence, especially when people actually in the industry have come out and said the exact opposite to what you said:

    “I get upset when the narrative around women and gaming is that it’s a hostile place because I’ve never experienced that in 26 years. If anything it was an absolute bastion for me, a pioneer medium where I felt welcome. I think the Internet is hostile, I think gamer culture can be hostile but people should not conflate that with our industry,” said Amy Hennig, Creative Director of the new Star Wars project at EA’s Visceral Games.”

    Here’s how Jade Raymond got in the gaming industry:

    “How did you first get into the games industry?

    I knew I wanted to be in the games industry since I was about 14 and so I pretty much focused on that. I was a very determined young person, so I took a lot of computer science classes and I learnt to program. I was doing robotics also in my spare time. I got some internships in the games industry and was actually sending myself to game developers’ conferences from when I was 16 just to see people and get out there and chat. I started as a programmer at Sony and then moved on to EA and a game startup and Ubisoft.”

    You see the pattern? She put in a lot of effort early on and worked her way up.

    Here’s Jade’s interview where she outright says she never had any problems in the industry:

    “It’s weird,” she says. “I guess I’d never experienced any issues — working in the game industry is great. I think all of the people in the game industry are great that you get to work with. I’ve never felt … I guess, yes, there aren’t so many women working, or as many as I would like, working at most game studios, but I’ve always worked with great people. At the end of the first Assassin’s Creed, since I was talking about it so much and then it sort of built to this crazy level, it sort of exploded. That was the first time I was really exposed to the uglier side of things.”

    I really wonder if those people complaining how hard it is to get into gaming as a woman – especially nowadays with the progressive agenda giving a boost to any minorities or the female gender in the job race – actually backed their complaints with actual work behind the scenes.

  • Fenrir007

    Eastern Europe is a bastion of sanity amongst devs, likely because of the personal experience of the people from those countries living under hardcore censorship.

    “And I don’t think most games from Japan, Korea and so on aren’t coming to the west due to the political climate dude. Not everything today revolves around politics.”

    A lot of times a japanese dev or publisher will simply believe that a certain game will not sell on western land because of its “controversial” nature or what have you, and that impression is due to western PC culture politics. You hear all the time devs saying “Holy Shit we had no idea how much this would sell!” like the Gal Gun guys, or the Extreme Tittybounce Volleyball game.

  • Snorlaxation

    Lara had very little character in the early days. She wore impractical clothes and was basically designed as that way to make her more appealing.

    You’re right that just looking sexy doesn’t make something a sex object, but looks were a big feature of lara croft, and that was on purpose

  • Mr0303

    I’m not arguing that she was designed to be sexy, just that there is nothing wrong with that. Also tank top and shorts were pretty practical for the places that she visited.

  • EroBotan

    lol playing victim already? Let me give you a little info, SJW attack on the game industry started 8 years ago. Now please use your logic, there is no way the damage is minimum judging from that time span alone.

    And guess what? i live in a 3rd world country & definitely not white. So stop whinning!

  • EuphoricShadow

    I don’t see how having a personal experience of living in a country which deals with censorship on rare ocassions can help to bring content to it which would of been censored otherwise. It’s like living in North Korea, then moving out and being able to sell your merchandise to that country which would of been banned through any other normal method.

    Trust me it has very little to do with political correctness. Many games just simply don’t sell because most of the time it can be quite niche (no surprise we’re talking about this on a site called nichegamer). Usually some publishers have zero interest to invest on a game just so they can localise it and sell very few copies. It’s mainly about profit, I’m sure many Japanese publishers would happily censor a game if it means they can go ahead and sell so much copies.

    A game like No More Heroes which I played on the Wii had to have its blood censored for our European copy. And alongside it the Japanese version itself had to be censored too… Japan had to censor their own video game. So who do you blame there? The SJW? You see where I’m coming from now? Because a game gets banned from reaching western lands should not automatically mean that it was a deliberate move to appease a certain demographic. Everyone knows that a full on censorship can never happen.

    There’s games like Hatred which is about killing people and then games where you gotta protect the president from assassinations and so on. If anything these are the sort of games you know that will never be or have a harder time going onto consoles. Wasn’t the decision for Dead or Alive not being localised was made by the publisher themselves? Meaning they had the free will to do it but lack the courage to do so? Again you can’t blame the SJW for that.

    TL;DR: It’s about profit in the end for 99% of the publishers in this world. They would censor a game if they had to and still bring it here. To use some of the only few examples of games that were censored and banned against all the countless other examples of games that had almost virtually no trouble being localised, and blaming SJW in the process, is just lazy and pathetic in my opinion.

  • EuphoricShadow

    And how am I playing a victim or whining? The vast majority of people who complain about SJW are very much mostly white folks. But there are I’m sure a good portion of people other ethnic background who go against that ideology also. But you should wonder why that’s the case. According to some research the term SJW was really picked up on from 2011 so it’s really been 6 years since this whole tension arose, probably less in the gaming scene. You should see my other response to someone else to clarify my views.

    Examples like Star Wars and Mass Effect have really been the worst when it comes to this issue, everything else really seems like a minor thing unless I’m proven otherwise. For example, the JonTron controversy went way overboard and as you can see people immediately jumped into conclusions as soon as it happened. Some people quickly jumped in to aid and support him and say he did nothing wrong, whilst others are bashing him and those defending him for being racist and supporting white supremacy. It’s behaviours like this which is why these headaches will continue to push on for many years to come. Clearly knowing how many of you lot think on this site I doubt I would be able to reason in any way.

  • EroBotan

    you lost arguement so you bring race to the table. That’s called whining & playing victim.

    In Asia no one likes SJWs, moslim hates them because they promote abortion and gay life style, non-moslim hates them because they’re anti sexy stuff and all other things that is fun.

    Dude, SJW started when feminazi Equality Now attacking Rapelay in 2009, so it’s 8 years.

    You think being neutral is a good thing??? we already have tons of games butchered and denied release during those 8 years. If this is a rape case, then being neutral is the same as being a rape enabler.

  • EuphoricShadow

    There’s no winning or losing, we’re not here to compete and prove one is right and the other is wrong. You’re seeing it as some kind of game. And you just spoke for the entire Muslim community. I take it you have had experience or friends who are Muslim. Islam doesn’t preach hate and there is no scripture which says homosexuals must be hated. Really, at least watch some videos based on those topics before you make a radical point like that. The only people who hate gays in Muslim communities are the extremists who don’t follow the religion the way they’re supposed to. It’s just the acts they do is without a doubt a sin, not their desires.

    And I meant that the whole recognition of SJW really didn’t begin till 2011. It may have been well known to a lot of people but not to level it is today. Rapelay? I only just heard of this now and the name alone sounds troublesome and it turned out like how I expected it to be… You’re saying this game is perfectly normal to play or promote? I absolutely disagree with feminists only because they’re a confused bunch all with their own ideas of how a feminist should be and tend to argue amonst themselves. I have to say though, there are actually some decent feminists out there, but they come in small numbers… But you mean to tell me that one is automatically a feminist if they feel a game like this shouldn’t have been made? Okay. Not gonna comment on that. Lol I can image someone playing this game and someone walks in asking what they’re playing and it’s this game. Damn, haha… Well played. What has rape got to do with anything? We were talking about censorship of video games.

  • EroBotan

    there is no winning or losing. There is only truth and fake news. And you’re fake news!

    How about you come to Brunei Darussalam and go to the police and says that you’re gay. They will put you in jail for a few days then hang you in public lol. Indonesia and Malaysia won’t hang gays, but your parents will sent you to re-brainwashing camp to cure your gayness .. or disowned you lol. And abortion will land you in jail. And like i said, i believe my own eyes and my own experience.

    And yeah, if you believe that rapeplay shouldn’t have been made, then you are an SJW, period.

    Regarding rape enabler, that’s a comparison that i made because your SJW brain can’t comprehend video games so i bring you a comparison that most SJW is familiar lol .. it’s really amazing that you can’t still understand it..

  • EuphoricShadow

    And you went all Donald Trump on me. Check out countries like Oman (where I was originally born from), and some of the UAE like Dubai… not all moderate or largely populated Islamic countries think alike. You’re already giving off signs that you don’t wish to be educated and would rather stick with biased outlets. Fair enough. You’re able to criticse other people’s lifestyles, their faiths and culture as a whole but the moment I bring in the “holy” and “pure” (I know you didn’t say those but that’s kinda how you’re seeing it honestly) white people you go completely defensive and start to say I lost the moment I brought up race. Even though we’ve been talking about Japanese people for a while. This is why I say both sides have this illogical view of approaching any topic that’s quite controversial. Nothing will change until both sides come to some kind of understanding. We don’t have to accept other people’s views but understanding is a key thing for moving forward.

    Dude you’re already giving off signs that you’re a sex freak or obsess too much on on raunchy games that serves no real purpose in the industry. Even Japan had issues with the game from what I read. It has nothing to do with having a modern western view on things. All about modesty and being pure to oneself. Anyways I’m sure you have some chan site you need to go off to and banter with all the weirdos on there about others who think differently. Or even those who look different.

  • EroBotan

    biased outlets? i read the local asian news and forums lol. They don’t care about Trump or Hillary here.

    Anyway i’m glad that you’ve gone full SJW and quit pretending to be a random neutral with some “logic” lol. EXPOSED!!!

  • randomdude

    Ever think that it’s because women just aren’t as interested in game design/development? During computer classes, sure some girls would try it, but as soon as we got into the details of coding and SQL, most females dropped out.

  • randomdude

    we need more than just voting with our wallets. Look at marvel. Their sales went down and they got the wrong message.

  • randomdude

    except we’ll use actual weapons (think Aigis from persona 3)

  • EuphoricShadow

    The whole fake news meme comes from Trump and we all know things that happen America really effects everyone as a whole. There’s people who love Trump and support him who aren’t even from the states.

    How can I pretend when I’m capable of finding things I can easily disagree with from all political positions? I’m not a blind and hopeless sheep, I like using a thing called my brain lol. I see benefits and flaws in many aspects in life, dude. But alrighty.

  • EroBotan

    you claim that fake news is just a meme? And you dare says that you use your brain lol? Fake news exist everywhere, not just in america.

    You can’t even tell the difference between fantasy and reality and demands games to be banned. You dare claim that you use your brain??????

  • EuphoricShadow

    No you moron. -_- I can see you’re not even taking the conversation seriously. You’re like the many who can’t even be willing to debate. I meant the whole “fake news!” chant is a common meme that’s been said a lot these days because of Trump himself. Since when did I demand for games to be banned? This I wanna hear. Because I never said a word of criticism about that rape fetish simulation game you love. Only thing I said was a joke and no comment in regards to my view on it.

  • EroBotan

    LOL! fake news is already a big news since 2014, long before trump starting his campaign. You’re out of date !

    Now you’re saying it’s a joke lol. whatever!!

  • Shattno

    First of all, as a computer scientist I object violently to terms like “regular code monkey”.
    But in all seriousness, sure these people you quote may have had good experiences, but is that really all there is to it? Do they speak for everyone?

    And when you say “I’m sorry but I don’t quite believe your second hand anedoctal[sic] evidence” you are implying that either I or someone I know are lying, and this is exactly the kind of mistrust that I’m talking about. People think “But society is so progressive, surely she couldn’t have been discriminated against, it must be that she is bad at what she does or lies on her resume” when in fact people are still being discriminated against in spite of society becoming more progressive. I’m not saying women don’t lie on resumes, I’m saying sometimes women don’t get jobs because they are women, this rarely happens to men. (Men do get discriminated against, but when they do it’s rarely because they are men.)

    I will admit that my view is angled. I’m a computer scientist and most people I know work with computers or in tech. It might be different for writers or graphical artists etc., i don’t know, but “code monkeys” are mostly male and, sadly, a lot of them have a pretty shitty view towards women.

  • Shattno

    This is a sad reality. Girls are rarely encouraged to pursue a career in technical fields. They way we are heading we will need even more programmers and IT-people in the future. We need to get people interested while they are still kids. We should stop giving children dolls and toy cars and just give them a raspberry pi and a book on coding and say “Here, build your own entertainment.”

  • Bigfatdane

    One possible outcome of this is that people will look at anything praised by the media for having a female lead or producer and go. “Oh, so its shit.” before moving on to do something else without even going ot the trouble of expression said opinion.

  • Kiwi Hoy

    I don’t even watch it, it’s pretty shit. Again, you’re making a lot of assumptions and accusations and not actually refuting a word I said. Though that is par for the course around here

  • Kiwi Hoy

    Willingly altering your own creation pre-release isn’t censorship and never will be. Censorship is done TO you. Even if it were for fear of outrage it still isn’t censorship because it was a choice they made because they didn’t WANT to outrage people? I dunno how mentally handicapped you have to be not to understand this

    Doesn’t matter what R Mika’s design is meant to be or if it’s really harmful (obviously it isn’t that’s not even an argument), all that matters is that the people who have the right to make whatever artistic decision they want looked at it and thought “yknow, we dont like this design and what it might make people think” and CHOSE to change it

  • Fenrir007

    You are doing great at the whole Gramsci thing, keep up the good work!

  • Fenrir007

    SJWs create the appearence of controversy through their dominance of the mass media, and by doing so create the notion that said games cannot be sold in the western market. The disgusting disinformation campaign they promote induces japanese devs and others in error, and that causes plenty of such games to not be released stateside. So yes, SJWs are definitely to blame for this.

  • Fenrir007

    “But in all seriousness, sure these people you quote may have had good experiences, but is that really all there is to it? Do they speak for everyone?”

    I prefer to believe industry professionals rather than random people that I don’t know the background of or you are quoting without even naming them. I don’t even know if the people you mentioned are real! So I ask in return: do your friends speak for everyone? Is that all there is to it?

    ” you are implying that either I or someone I know are lying, and this is exactly the kind of mistrust that I’m talking about. ”

    No, I’m just saying that the burden of proof for your allegations is on you. I mentioned 2 devs and brought proof of it. I find that more reliable than something said without proof. I could just as well make up some dev friends and bring to this debate for the sake of “winning” the argument. I’m not saying you did that, but I’m not saying you didn’t, either. At the end of the day, I never heard of you before yesterday, and I imagine you never heard of me, either. Can you trust me? Can I trust you? Should we trust each other?

    “”But society is so progressive, surely she couldn’t have been discriminated against, it must be that she is bad at what she does or lies on her resume” when in fact people are still being discriminated against in spite of society becoming more progressive. I’m not saying women don’t lie on resumes, I’m saying sometimes women don’t get jobs because they are women, this rarely happens to men. (Men do get discriminated against, but when they do it’s rarely because they are men.)”

    I work in a cubicle, but I’m not exactly in IT, but what I see and hear is that women have preferential treatement on HR complaints regarding sexism and the like (both at my work as well as on the internet). I can’t really prove this, though, so I’m not gonna weight too much behind it.

    Regardless, this is something that you can see echoed on other aspects of society like how charges against students are weighted when they involve a male and a female student (Title IX and whatnot).

    As for the hiring process, I also cannot confirm or deny what you said, but my impression is that this is pretty much what happens:

    What I’m saying is that I see no evidence of what you are saying happening in the industry, which is why I have no reason to believe it for now.

    ” It might be different for writers or graphical artists etc., i don’t know, but “code monkeys” are mostly male and, sadly, a lot of them have a pretty shitty view towards women.”

    Nurses are also mainly women. That really doesn’t say anything. If less people of a certain gender apply for certain jobs, the result will be that one.

    “and, sadly, a lot of them have a pretty shitty view towards women.”

    Hard to comment, but doesn’t seem very plausible considering the cross between geek culture – where women are close to a level of adoration – and those professions. But again, I can’t prove or disprove it.

    And thank you for your correction on anecdotal. I’m glad you caught that typo.

  • Fenrir007

    It’s even sadder that Gender Studies majors seem to be the ones who want to push more women towards tech fields when they, themselves, decided to study something else. It gives the appearance that this is more of a political thing rather than about the quality of life for women.

  • Shattno

    OK, we are both strangers on the internet, I don’t know if we should trust each other, I don’t know if you could trust anyone on the internet. I’m not making people up to win an argument, I purposely left out their names because I learned the hard way not to use real names on the internet. I’m not even trying to “win”, I’m just trying to convey how the the world looks from my point of view. When people say that there is nothing keeping women out of the industry I feel like I have to say something, because that is not the reality I see. I see women with college degrees getting treated like 5 year olds by men who can’t see past their sex. And I think it sucks.
    I don’t really have anything more than this to offer as proof, but googling it a bit will probably bring up some results, I know I have read articles about this on numerous occasions.
    About the hiring thing I guess it depends on the company. I know google offers women who work there to freeze their eggs so they can start a family later in life, but far from all companies can offer that so they solve the problem by hiring less women. I’m just saying it’s more complicated than people think.
    “Nurses are also mainly women. That really doesn’t say anything.” Yes, yes it does. It says that we have “man-jobs” and “woman-jobs” and that’s stupid, we need more male nurses and more female programmers, we lose a lot of talent when people don’t work with something because “it’s not fitting for your sex”.
    Aren’t geek culture notoriously sexist? Like “Girls can’t like video games and star wars, you lying, you’re just a poser!”. In my experience that culture is full of man children, that’s why I stopped going to cons. But it might just be here, what do I know.
    Lastly, dude, at uni they hammered it into our heads to always use [sic] when quoting someone, sorry if it came across a little shitty.

  • Shattno

    The gender studies majors see the problem so they want to correct it? I don’t know, but of course its political, its about changing society, and that’s why it’s so controversial, everyone doesn’t want change.

  • Pallasch

    >I disagree
    >Fuck you you god damn mentally deficient troglodyte?

    Seriously bud? You expect people to take you seriously by spouting off canned insults? This isn’t an issue of changing a design that happens all of the time the issue here is it isn’t the artist saying you know I’d rather do x instead of why it’s corporate higher ups saying ‘well to try and get x audience who won’t buy our game by toning or altering y element’ the feelings of the masses shouldn’t factor at all in the creative process otherwise you get pointless situations loke SF5 where you just do some lukewarm nonsense that only annoyes people. R. Mika having her ass-slap super changed wasn’t Ono going well I’d rather do x instead of y it was nothing more than a lukewarm attempt to try and appease feminist authoritarian sociopaths. Like you why would you eve. the whole SF5 debacle as an example of artistic integrity? No seriously that was transparent corporate kikery.

  • Pallasch

    You can completely eradicate any and all gender based biases in the hiring process and you still won’t get an even 50/50 split in employment, see Sweden, simply because people are going to lean one way or the other because men and women are intrinsically different. I mean really why aren’t you trying to push women to enter male dominated fields like construction if every job needs that 50/50 split?

    Oh and reason people don’t buy anecdotes as totes real evidence is because one persons experience is not all encompassing in regarss to the actual reality of the situation.

  • Shattno

    I never said anything about 50/50, and I’m Swedish so I know all about how it works over here. And I don’t think anyone should push anyone anywhere, what I’m saying is I don’t think you should hold people back from working with what they want. If a woman wants to work construction, go for it, If a man wants to be a kindergarten teacher, fine. Don’t tell kids they can’t grow up and be what they want to be because they have the wrong sex. And get everyone interested in computers and tech, because that stuff is not going away anytime soon.
    And I understand how personal experiences work, I’m not stupid, I’m just telling you what I have seen and heard over the years.

  • Fenrir007

    “The gender studies majors see the problem so they want to correct it?”

    Isn’t it hypocritical to claim women should go more into the fields the Gender Studies majors want them to go against their will, while they, themselves, didn’t choose to go into tech related fields and expect to dictate what other women should be doing? Makes Gender Studies majors seem like handlers of womenfolk everywhere.

    ” its about changing society”

    I think we are getting to something. It’s about exerting political pressure and acquiring political power in the tech sphere at the expense of women’s freedom of choice? Because that is what it sounds like. If they are happy not getting into tech fields, why does it matter?

  • Fenrir007

    ” I’m not making people up to win an argument, I purposely left out their names because I learned the hard way not to use real names on the internet.”

    I’m not asking you to, and I’m not saying this because I want to “win” any arguments here, that is stupid. However, the burden of proof is always placed on those that make the claim, that is an inescapable rule of any discussion.

    ” Yes, yes it does. It says that we have “man-jobs” and “woman-jobs” and that’s stupid, we need more male nurses and more female programmers, we lose a lot of talent when people don’t work with something because “it’s not fitting for your sex”.”

    You are presuming this is done because “it’s not fitting for your sex” instead of just going with “people seem to prefer this over that”. And I really don’t know why you got to that conclusion.

    “Aren’t geek culture notoriously sexist? Like “Girls can’t like video games and star wars, you lying, you’re just a poser!”.”

    What…? No, they aren’t. Hell, the fighting games community is an example usually brought up where everyone simply gets along regardless of their genders, disabilities or what have you.

    In my experience both in real life as well as on the internet, women are put on a pedestal in geek culture more often than not. I remember the times I played an MMO as a female character, for example. Shit, people always treated me so nice, gave me free stuff, even though I never really said I was a woman whatsoever, and sometimes, even after I said I was a guy. But I get the feeling we are so diametrically opposite on this particular topic that it would be a waste to even bother discussing. I mean, from your assertion alone, I get the feeling you think Gamergate was all about harassing women etc etc – am I correct?

    ” In my experience that culture is full of man children, that’s why I stopped going to cons. But it might just be here, what do I know.”

    Funny – it’s the exact opposite where I live. But we would be going in circles discussing our clashing personal experiences, so let’s not. This is, by the way, why quotable sources are important. Clashing personal experiences are very common (as well as people lying about it – I could be lying to you right now, for example. I mean I’m not, but it’s not like you can actually believe me anyway since we are strangers.).

    “Lastly, dude, at uni they hammered it into our heads to always use [sic] when quoting someone, sorry if it came across a little shitty.”

    No, it’s okay, I don’t really care. English is not my mother language and I never had much in the way of formal education in it. You are gonna have a lot to correct in my posts, but feel free to. It really doesn’t bother me, I just cared to learn english well enough to play games and watch movies, and I can do that well enough, so mission accomplished on that end.

  • Shattno

    Do they say that, that they want to force women into working in certain fields even if they don’t want to? Because that sounds pretty fucked up. I can’t claim I know a lot about this though, but most of those people I have talked to have been mostly concerned about nurses salaries and rapists getting acquitted because the rape victim was wearing a short skirt. And how would they get power in the tech sphere by getting women (that presumably don’t even want to be there in the first place) hired in tech companies? I mean I guess that they do just like everyone else, they see something they don’t like and exert political pressure to try to change it, that’s just politics, how else would you do it?

  • Shattno

    Yeah I know the burden of evidence is on the one who makes the claim, I just felt that the opinions that was being voiced didn’t match my personal experiences so I said something. I wouldn’t call any personal opinions found on the internet evidence but here is something I found kind of interesting
    I presume that “people seem to prefer this over that” for a reason, and I don’t think that reason is nature, I think it’s nurture. There is a saying “There is a reason chimpanzees don’t wear pink dresses.”, meaning that color coding kids and having men and women wear different clothes is something you learn from your environment, not something that comes from your genes, and I think career choices belong to that category as well.
    I know there are parts of the gaming community that are open and including, but I have also played games with voice chat enabled and that’s some vile shit. I recommend the documentary GTFO, it makes a good summary of whats problematic. I don’t think Gamergate was all about harassing women, I think it was about crying foul about unethical behavior in the gaming press, and then it turned to a shit storm with the usual shit posting and death threats, because most of the internet is incapable of having a meaningful discussion.
    I might have gone to the wrong cons, I don’t know, the anime ones was OK i guess. You’re not wrong, it’s always important to have sources, but I feel that this is a subject that is hard to have facts and statistics about because its all about personal experiences. Ask a hundred people and you get a hundred different stories.
    I’m not an native English speaker either, I would be lost without spell checking haha

  • EuphoricShadow

    You’re gonna have to provide me with examples of games which have been badly effected by the political views of the general public, besides the obvious few big western titles. Bold claims like that needs some kind of proof to convince me and many others.

    Some other guy was defending a rape simulation game which not only upsetted the western world but also the country from where it originated from, Japan. Would you say that their country and society as a whole are far from Politically Correct, right? So why is it that they’re acting in such a way which I would describe as humane? They showed condemnation of a game made from their own land due to it’s controversial theme and the general purpose of the game.

    Having the gift of free will in this life and the country you reside in does not mean you can absolutely get away with everything. A game that involves girls in bikinis for example, playing volleyball should not have any form of restriction when trying to release it abroad. Unless there’s internal problems. In the end that blame has to go to the developer/publisher of that game for simply having zero confidence in their own products.

    Again the blame shouldn’t go to a vocal minority who you like to believe are controlling everything you consume in this day and age. Man, there’s kickstarter projects that don’t get tampered with political correctness. We’re practically going in circles here. You’re blaming everything on SJW whilst I’m agreeing on some aspects but not as a whole. They’re only part of the problem.

  • Mr. Capo

    It’s sad when white men throw temper tantrums over females joining the gaming industry.

  • randomdude

    problem is, most people just don’t have the aptitude for technology. Anything past facebook and most people are lost, and it’s for that reason IT has great job security.

  • Kiwi Hoy

    “Feminist authoritarian sociopaths”
    “Corporate kikery”

    Yes you’re definitely not a tinfoil hat wearing lunatic and your opinion should totally be taken seriously outside of Reddit. You know the developers of SF5 issued an official statement on the matter themselves. Unless you wanna start talking about how the higher ups were literally threatening to fire them if they didn’t “APPEASE HTE FEMINISTS” which would be yknow, unprovable conspiracy theories, you’re just straight wrong

    >Criticising the use of insults in this comment section when it comes from someone opposing the sites groupthink

    I’m sure you’ve never once complained about all the ad hominem attacks thrown around by the people who agree with you. Who’s transparent now?

  • ProxyDoug

    There were no strides made, the only thing companies made to please women is warn their marketing department. The women in the industry were not silenced, they were just normal people like the men in the industry, they never needed for validation just for being born that way and choosing that career.
    And for fuck sake, did you know Japan actually has a market for women and homosexuals? No it’s not a market where they can walk without covering their faces, it’s a market with products directed at them, you know why these products don’t come here? Because they won’t sell, there is no market for them on this side of the planet.
    So why don’t you get some of your friends and start translating these games?
    You know focus on the positives for once in your life.

  • ProxyDoug

    You know, 20 years from now, feminists are going to revolt again because being patronized daily will be the new sexist. And so our kids will go through this all over again.

  • Shattno

    Most people right now, sure, and that’s why we need to teach the next generation to code right from the start. Everyone has this small window in the beginning of life where the brain is like a sponge and just absorbs anything, so we should start teaching programming in kindergarten.

  • Pallasch

    >You’re just a tinfoil hat wearing crazy person

    You know if you’re going to insult me instead of argue rationally you could try to use insults that have some legitimate bite to them you know. These canned insults are just not going to do anything, and make you look like a tool. It’s really a lose lose for you when you decide to use ad hominem.

    Now to respond, what exactly is crazy about either of this the fact that corporations are trying to very weakly expand their audience while at the same disregarding core members of that audience or that there aren’t shrieking feminist sociopaths who do influence what game companies do at some level especially the Japanese. Capcom desperate to have a hit after having a large number of high profile failures tried to kinda sorta appease Western sensibilities by kinda sorta listening to the shrieking of feminist authoritarians, which in turn ended up pleasing no one, women didn’t run out in droves to pick up SF5 and they only annoyed their core audience with what was fundamentally a needless change.

    >But why don’t you criticize those other people and not me

    Because I’m talking to you, don’t try and shift this onto someone else, hell most of the people in this thread even the one feminist authoritarian tumblrite have been trying to be cordial, you’re the only one going spouting ‘fucking pervert nerds’ in here.

  • Kiwi Hoy

    And given how upset you are about being called that it seems I made the right choice. I don’t remember if it was to you or another commenter because I really don’t care but I did say before that I consider this site and its users nothing more than amusement

  • Pallasch

    >You’re just mad

    Damn son now you’re spitting real fire. I wanted to see if I could pull some actual reason out of you but apparently you just can’t actually pull that off, sad really.

    >Haha jokes on you I actually couldn’t care less

    Now you’re going for the smug angle? That’s some weak shit my dudarino.

  • Kiwi Hoy

    I mean I did say from the start that I didn’t actually care and just find this place funny so it’s hardly like this is some new angle i’m trying to play because I lost. Your little “gotcha” attempt is pretty boring

  • Fenrir007

    About the whole “people choose to go to X” thing, I commented about it on blog post from that Ideas Channel guy (Mike something) that talked about gender gap, mostly, but I also address this issue and mention a paper made by Sara Goldin. Blog post is here:

    I will copy what I said below, just ignore anything about wage gap. There are plenty of quotes from the person I was answering to:

    “it’s not bad if women want those jobs; it is bad if those jobs
    feel like their only choice or like the only choice that makes sense / has security. It should also strike you as odd that historically feminine professions are, on the whole, popularly understood to be less well compensated. Even if men doing those jobs are making the same amount of money as their female coworkers (which lots of times they aren’t; the wage gap is pretty pronounced for public school teachers, e.g.), it’s important to ask why those jobs might seem less worthy of
    high pay in general.”

    Why would they feel it’s their only choice? This sounds a lot like those “gender studies” graduates that live to complain about a lack of women in STEM, not seeing the irony in the fact that this huge mass of women who graduated in gender studies willingly chose to not go into STEM fields, but still want to dictate where other women go. The fields are open to anyone – all that it takes, at least in first and many third world countries, is the willpower to go through with it.

    Why are these jobs less worthy of high pay? This is a complex question, but it could involve things like profit potential of the individual (same reason why a state school teacher earns a lot less than a private university teacher), scarcity (the more highly trained and the more costly the training associated with a certain career, the more likely there will be less of these professionals out there, thus making their individual value higher since they are harder to substitute – nurses earn less than doctors because of that), amongst other things.

    Now, I’m not sure about your country, but even in my 3rd world country we have laws preventing 2 people of opposite sexes earning less for the same job, and they are harshly enforced. If that happens, it’s almost guaranteed that you will win, no matter how expensive the lawyers on the other side. I would be hard pressed to believe the USA or most places in Europe wouldn’t have similar laws in place.

    I don’t know why “secretary, nurse and school teacher” are the most sought out careers here, but I could timidly imagine it has something to do with women having a more nurturing side, so professions where you take care of people may seem more appealling. School teacher in particular may appeal to those more in tune with their motherly side. Who knows – I’d love to see some research on this.

    Anyway, men are also an overwhelming majority on a large portion of jobs perceived to be not very interesting, like construction work, garbage collection etc. I hear a lot this kind of argument – that we should have more women at the top positions. Is that valid for the lower positions as well that men dominate? If the idea is to have equality of payment, why only equality on the upper segment? Because maybe these people think that’s their only choice or the only choice that makes sense / has security.

    “Yes, if women are willing to act more like men.”

    Your second point shows that, essentially, those who work more, earn more. As it should be. If you are being a better employee by making more money for your company, then they will reward you better so you might stay / oversee others to apply your work standards to overhaul the process. It’s all about money, not gender.

    From Ms. Goldwin’s linked study:

    “What, then, is the cause of the remaining pay gap? Quite simply the gap exists because hours of work in many occupations are worth more when given at particular moments and when the hours are more continuous. That is, in many occupations. That is, in many occupationsearnings have a nonlinear relationship with respect to hours. A flexible schedule often comes at a high price, particularly in the corporate, financial, and legal worlds.”


    “Data for MBAs and JDs shows large increases in gender pay gaps with time since graduation and also reveals the relationship between the increasing gender pay gap and the desire for time flexibility due to the arrival of children.”

    This leads me to conclude that the “gender gap” is self-inflicted due to disparate ambitions predominant on men and women. This is not a defect of the system, as the “gender gap” advocates seem to imply.

    Some industries may be more willing to accomodate this flexibility. Others, not so much. And they shouldn’t have to if it affects their bottom line. Ms. Goldwin mentions pharmacists as a class that managed to flexibilize their work hours, and as a result this non-continuous work hour model lead to a better remuneration. However, MS. Goldwin also states that this is not a solution that can be adopted across the board, as some jobs will always require you to be on call – she even goes to mention a few:

    “Not all positions can be changed. There will always be 24/7 positions with on-call, all-the-time employees and managers, including many CEOs, trial lawyers, merger-and-acquisition bankers, surgeons, and the US Secretary of State.”

    Notice they are all very high paying jobs. Usually, the higher up you are in the food chain, the more responsibilities are added to your plate, and the more people depend on you for your decision-making skills (or whatever else it is that makes you a valuable asset). Also, the more irrepleaceable you are, either due to your training, innate ability or experience, the harder it will even be to have someone to cover for you on a consistent basis.

    Ms. Goldwin ends with this:

    “What the last chapter must contain for gender equality is not a zero sum game in which women gain and men lose. This matter is not just a woman’s issue. Many workers will benefit from greater flexibility, although those who do not value the amenity will likely lose from its lower price. The rapidly growing sectors of the economy and newer industries and occupations, such as those in health and information technologies, appear to be moving in the direction of more flexibility and greater linearity of earnings with respect to time worked. The last chapter needs other sectors to follow their lead.”

    It seems to me like she talks extensively about a perceived problem, but ultimately fails to present any possible solutions to it. So I ask, wage gappers – what is your proposed solution? Someone will have to lose here. Who will, and will that be a fair resolution when the whole supposed disparity is a self-inflicted issue derived from different ambitions?

    “It’s also worth noting that these things hold for the private sector. In the public sector “gender segregation still accounts for a substantial portion of the gap””

    My country is exactly the opposite, so I don’t even know how to approach this. Maybe this is a reflection on our take on the public sector. Here, the State cannot hire whoever they like. It’s a constitutional mandate that all must go through an objective selective process to become a civil servant of any sort, which usually happens through a type of public exam (which may include from written tests to oral examinations, and even physical exams in some cases, notably to join the police forces) that all can attend (given they have the minimum scholarity for it, of course). We had, for instance, cases of homeless people being awarded such jobs because they beat the competition in the test. In such scenario, your salary will be 100% identical to other people’s salaries. No wage gap, or even a male hiring bias here.

    “That similarity is rare, and difficult to achieve.”

    Possibly because men and women have different goals in life, and are willing to sacrifice different things to reach them? Is this bad? Should we terraform everyone so whatever genders’ aspirations there are will converge, and then the wage gap will be solved?

  • Fenrir007

    “Do they say that, that they want to force women into working in certain fields even if they don’t want to? ”

    They don’t have to say. The way they act betrays their intentions.

    “but most of those people I have talked to have been mostly concerned about nurses salaries and rapists getting acquitted because the rape victim was wearing a short skirt.”

    What’s wrong with nurse salaries? Also, where do you live that victims of rape don’t have their word taken as truth before any sort of due process has taken place? This is, again, personal experience (though one I think I could prove to some extent through american media), but judges are extremely sympathetic towards rape victims and people accused of rape have a very hard time proving their innocence (by that, I mean the usual standard of evidence is softened somewhat). The general population is, as well, to the point where even people who falsely accuse others of rape (as in, it’s proven it was a lie) are still held up as victims and the accused, demonized.

    ” mean I guess that they do just like everyone else, they see something they don’t like and exert political pressure to try to change it, that’s just politics, how else would you do it?”

    Tech is a strategic field. Through it, flows things like social media and even videogames. If you establish a dominance on that, you can control how discourse flows. You can alter perceptions. I see the whole “Code of Conduct” thing spreading through projects as a power grab, for example. That kind of political power, in the 21st century, is of extreme importance.

  • Shattno

    I don’t know, I don’t want to be that guy, but what you are saying smells a bit to much like a conspiracy theory to me, and even if it is true how much power can they have? All the real power is in the hands of rich white old men anyway.

    I live in Sweden, here the nurses work really hard and get paid way to low, the same goes for teachers and police officers, it’s a whole mess.
    But the thing with rape is a huge problem, the rapist gets acquitted a lot of the time because the victim had a skirt that was to short (she wanted to get raped) or was drunk and couldn’t say no (not a no is the same as yes), or sometimes because he raped her when she was asleep and it can’t be proved he knew she wasn’t awake. Pedos sometimes get acquitted for similar reasons. Something is really wrong.

  • Shattno

    I mean this is mostly about wage gap, my solution to the wage gap (not only between sexes but in the entire population) would be basic income, probably coupled with a six hour workaday, I think this is probably the way we are heading, especially with more and more machines and computers taking over peoples jobs. I give it about two decades before we get there.

    What I’m getting at with “people choose to go to X” is that this is a social thing not a biological thing, and that means we can change it. What you say “because men and women have different goals in life” is true, but these goals are not their choices, not really, these are things society has told them they want. Look at Japan, where most women stay home and take care of the house because that’s what society expects them to do, that means that only half of the adults who can work do so, that’s catastrophic for the economy. If young girls where not to be taught this and instead encouraged to pursue higher education, where could we be?

    All I’m saying is stop filling the kids heads with preconceived notions, give everyone equal opportunity to live their lives as they want.
    I think this picture sums it up pretty good:

  • Lucy Taylor

    Because there is a highly likely case of institutionalized sexism against women when it comes to the hiring process. And this is something that you cannot prove to be not true. The fact that there are so few women in this industry just goes to show. It simply cannot be all down to women not being interested.

  • Lucy Taylor

    You want to purge the girls and women out of the hobby do you? Well, way to prove my point.

    And I’ve got bad news for people like you. More women are becoming designers, developers and gamers. The video games market has realized that females are now a major demographic, which explains why Western developers and publishers are producing and catering games to women.

    It’s the free market. Developers and publishers want the female customers to maximize profits.

    Once dinosaur era gamers like you die off and become irrelevant, it will be a major step towards equality in video games industry.

  • Lucy Taylor

    Even if Japanese character designers and manga authors are female, it still doesn’t stop the fact that they’re designing female characters that are for mainly for the purpose of being appealing to straight male audiences. I mean, it’s highly likely that their bosses set the guideline that the female characters must be attractive for the male audience, no matter what genre the manga or anime is. And that is unacceptable because it’s using girls/women as sex objects for sales and to appeal to the straight male audience. I’m sure if female designers were able to fully design female characters of their own will, they wouldn’t be sexualized for the male audience.

    But at least some female authors and artists are free to express themselves, and that comes in the form of the Yaoi and Boy’s Love genre, which something I absolutely LOVE >//////< . That's one of the rare examples of a medium that's genuinely geared towards a female audience and there needs to be more of it. Same applies to the increasing Visual Novel dating sims which features incredibly hot and handsome male characters for the protagonist female to choose from.

  • Lucy Taylor

    Criticism and feedback from female gamers isn’t “backlash”.

    Also, it’s ultimately the developer’s decision, so they are allowed to change whatever they want for the final product.

  • Lucy Taylor

    Because depicting female characters in positive roles is not censorship. There is no agenda going on.

    As for GTA5 in Australia, that’s just a one-off. How many others of your perverted games have feminists actually got banned? None.

    Anything that depicts female characters in a bad light IS bad. Because it gives the impression to society that it’s normal to view women as sex objects.

  • le master trole

    you’re just mad that you can’t compete with those anime titties

  • le master trole

    >And that is unacceptable because it’s using girls/women as sex objects for sales and to appeal to the straight male audience.

    >But at least some female authors and artists are free to express themselves, and that comes in the form of the Yaoi and Boy’s Love genre, which something I absolutely LOVE >//////< .

    appealing to men = BAD
    appealing to women = GOOD

    got it

  • le master trole


  • Lucy Taylor

    No, it’s not just a case of “GOOD” and “BAD”.

    When females are sexualized for the male audience, it becomes predatory and the female in question completely loses her status, agency and becomes nothing more than a sex object.

    When males are “sexualized” they remain strong, powerful and have agency. And when this is done it’s not necessarily for the female audience, it’s more for the male audience because it’s a male power fantasy.

  • Pallasch

    >Sexy females are bad because fuck male sexuality and all of constant rape but oh god man on man rape that’s just makes me so god damn hor- I mean it’s progressive shitlord
    >Turbo tumblrite bitching about sexy women and muh objectification is just a disgusting fujoshi hambeast

    Topkek, shows over folks

  • Pallasch

    >Game gets banned because of feminists
    >But that’s just one game I mean you need at least 10 before you can start crying about it you mysogonerd!

    You’re still going after the ‘any negative portrayal’ aka ‘portrayal that does not meet my particular feminist criteria’ is bad because it makes it normal to view women as sex objects because ‘…’

    I mean I guess you’re right after I played Nier Automato I felt nothing but the urge to rape and being a man I did so and was able to effectively able to get off scott free being a black knight of the patriarchy. Maybe I’ll play some DoA and rape a small coven of nuns this afternoon, because seeing any depiction of a sexy woman makes me instantly see all women as worthless semen dumpsters, right?

  • Nagato

    Nothing wrong with more games depicting women in positive roles, although I haven’t seen any since Cooking Mama and Criminal Girls.

  • Kiryu

    Feminists are also promoting Sharia Law in the West,you should not take these nutcases seriously.

  • buddyluv324

    So essentially, you’re asking for fetishized gay men to appeal to you? I ask this because it seems you’re taking an extreme stance against male sexuality when it comes to media. I have nothing against Yaoi/BL. I’m more of a firm believer of lewds for everyone! It just seems like you’re projecting over something that you have little to no control over and can’t simply live and let live.

    From the comments I’ve seen you post about the subject matter, it shows that you are really willingly ignorant on the subject of sexism and of the games industry as a whole. Just because a game, movie, book, etc. doesn’t appeal to your seemingly narrow views doesn’t mean that they have to conform to your needs. Also if you do feel as if the Japanese gaming industry makes females into sex objects, the same could be just as easily said about Yaoi/BL since it basically exist to appeal to women/gays. If fanservice for men is damaging then so is fanservice for women. Either its all ok or it’s not ok at all.

  • Lucy Taylor

    >Also if you do feel as if the Japanese gaming industry makes females
    into sex objects, the same >could be just as easily said about Yaoi/BL
    since it basically exist to appeal to women/gays. If >fanservice for men
    is damaging then so is fanservice for women. Either its all ok or it’s
    not ok at all.

    No it’s not as simple as that, and here’s why.

    When females characters are sexualized for the male audience, it becomes predatory and the female in question completely loses her status, agency and becomes nothing more than a sex object for the male predator to abuse.

    When male characters are “sexualized” they remain strong, powerful and have agency. They are never in danger and they are not portrayed as weak.

    There is a difference, and that’s why it’s not hypocrisy.

  • Alistair

    So you see ecchi games as “perverted” I could say the same about call of duty or any extreme violence as very unmoral but I won’t because I’m not so closed minded as others pushing a agenda.

    Speaking of lefts achievements, they got dead or alive 3 extreme basically bang to rights. Still not enough for them to still piss on that game.

    Games are censored etc etc. Because a minority of people thinks fictional characters and real life needs the same rights,

    Example it is wrong to think depict a female character in a bad way would reflect a gamer to treat women bad in real life.

    Banned GTA then, banned fallout too as it normalised killing as normal.

    Because often people say “it just a game NOT real”

  • Lucy Taylor

    The “fictional” argument is dead. Don’t bother.

    It’s not about whether they’re fiction or not. It’s about the social trends and impression they send out. It affects society, and long term exposure to sexist video games like Dead Or Alive 5 or the Extreme game creates the impression that girls and women are nothing more than sex objects.

    Video games have existed for over 30 years and have been sexist against women for 30 years. Time to end that dinosaur attitude perhaps?

  • Fenrir007

    “and even if it is true how much power can they have?”

    A lot. All you need to do is check much power Twitter, Facebook and the like have today.

    “I live in Sweden, here the nurses work really hard and get paid way to low, the same goes for teachers and police officers, it’s a whole mess.”

    Buy compared to what other jobs? Nurses earn a lower wage than doctors, for example, but I believe that is very much justified. Things are the same here in Brazil, by the way, and I do agree that police officers and teachers should be paid more, but that is an entirely different matter.

    “But the thing with rape is a huge problem, the rapist gets acquitted a lot of the time because the victim had a skirt that was to short (she wanted to get raped) or was drunk and couldn’t say no (not a no is the same as yes), or sometimes because he raped her when she was asleep and it can’t be proved he knew she wasn’t awake. ”

    Is this a swedish problem? I do see a lot of news of immigrants commiting rape and getting very low charges or sometimes being acquited, but I have no means of confirming if those are true, since the primary sources would be in swedish. It is definitely not like that in Brazil, and it also doesn’t seem to be the case in the USA (mattress girl is an example, the Rolling Stones scandal is another one).

  • Lucy Taylor

    Loved the male tears over the “censorship” of CG2 by the way.

  • Fenrir007

    “What I’m getting at with “people choose to go to X” is that this is a social thing not a biological thing,”

    I disagree with that notion. I don’t believe social conditioning is the sole factor in determining those things, I believe both are a factor that determines the outcome. Here is a study that supports my position:

    According to it, “Children as young as 9 months-old prefer to play with toys specific to their own gender, according to a new study. The research suggests the possibility that boys and girls follow different developmental trajectories with respect to selection of gender-typed toys and that there is both a biological and a developmental-environmental components to the sex differences seen in object preferences.”.

    In a 9 month old child, there has been not enough time to influence it in a way that would make the kid pick these or those toys.

    Some more quotes from it:

    “Speaking about the study, Dr Brenda Todd, a senior lecturer in psychology at City University said, “Sex differences in play and toy choice are of interest in relation to child care, educational practice and developmental theory. Historically there has been uncertainty about the origins of boys’ and girls’ preferences for play with toys typed to their own sex and the developmental processes that underlie this behaviour. As a result we set out to find out whether a preference occurs and at what age it develops.

    “Biological differences give boys an aptitude for mental rotation and more interest and ability in spatial processing, while girls are more interested in looking at faces and better at fine motor skills and manipulating objects. When we studied toy preference in a familiar nursery setting with parents absent, the differences we saw were consistent with these aptitudes. Although there was variability between individual children, we found that, in general, boys played with male-typed toys more than female-typed toys and girls played with female-typed toys more than male-typed toys.

    “Our results show that there are significant sex differences across all three age groups, with the finding that children in the youngest group, who were aged between 9-17months when infants are able to crawl or walk and therefore make independent selections, being particularly interesting; the ball was a favourite choice for the youngest boys and the youngest girls favoured the cooking pot.”

    Anyway, moving on:

    “Look at Japan, where most women stay home and take care of the house because that’s what society expects them to do, that means that only half of the adults who can work do so, that’s catastrophic for the economy. If young girls where not to be taught this and instead encouraged to pursue higher education, where could we be?”

    Japanese society is a lot different from ours. For example, while it is true that most women that end up married stay at home, it’s also true that they manage the household in the absence of the husband. Not only do they plan and manage all their money – with some even giving an “allowance” to the husband out of his own money – but they also take care of eventual kids. Since japanese society overworks people to death, it makes more sense to have someone at home managing the kids and things like that than both going to work to earn more money (which would be preferable, for example, in my country, due to our extremely low wages).

    However, more and more japanese women are choosing to not marry and work on their careers, instead. This has helped the plunge in their birthrates, which caused an aging population to develop.

    Honestly, japanese society is kinda fucked up in my opinion and I wouldn’t use them as a measuring stick for western nations. They live for their jobs. No wonder all protagonists in anime are kids or teens – there is no life beyond that age, just corporate suffering.

    “All I’m saying is stop filling the kids heads with preconceived notions, give everyone equal opportunity to live their lives as they want.”

    And what I’m saying is: what if what gender studies majors fight against is precisely what they want?

  • Fenrir007

    Thank god for mods. The modded PC version of CG1 is even more lewd thanks to the inclusion of the blindfold option that was absent from the localization. I also have a modded version of Senran Kagura called “nipples exist” edition. God bless dem modders.

  • Fenrir007

    “it’s more for the male audience because it’s a male power fantasy.”


    I certainly don’t feel “empowered” while playing an Otome game.

  • buddyluv324

    Then why is there a number of yaoi that involves around a top and bottom? Obviously one would be the aggressor and one would be the receiver. Wouldn’t those roles play out to a pairing’s personalities to match their roles for the most part? Also rape fantasy is something of a common theme in yaoi. Obviously this involves one character being something of a sex object for the other. Of course this just doesn’t apply only to just yaoi, but the implication that female characters are treated as sex objects can also be implied to male yaoi characters as well.

  • Nagato

    Schadenfreude is indeed a wonderful thing, although on some level it does bother me to see a company hurting its own bottom line (whenever I don’t have a personal stake in wanting them to go down).

    On that note, plan on sticking around on here? Wouldn’t mind keeping you here as long as you’d drop the worn out terminology; I’d prefer to see ya actually put some effort into upsetting these faggots instead~

  • Kiryu

    Just ignore her.She’s so fully indoctrinated that she can’t even think rationally anymore.Don’t even know why she’s here,she’s must think she’s on neogaf.

  • Lucy Taylor

    Because the male receiver >///////< (sorry), is strong and powerful enough to fight off the giver. So it's an equal power structure which means no predatory.

  • buddyluv324,, and other yaoi materials out on the net might say otherwise…

  • buddyluv324

    A google search or any other image search site may say otherwise…

  • Shattno

    That’s a very interesting study, it would be interesting to see it replicated elsewhere by a different team and preferably with a larger sample size, especially since I have read studies claiming the exact opposite. I think it’s a complicated subject, but I think the color coding is bullshit, there is no evolutionary benefit from men and women liking different colors and the fact that pink was considered a manly color a couple of hundred years ago says enough. And it’s evolution that make me doubt this so much, pots and cars haven’t been around long enough for humans to evolve to prefer such things, so if it truly is genetic there is something else going on and that’s very interesting. Someone should try this with chimpanzees and see if they get similar results, that would be interesting.
    Lastly she mentions in the study that “girls are more interested in looking at faces and better at fine motor skills and manipulating objects”, faces are pretty much pattern recognition which is important in algorithmic thinking and fine motor skills i great for typing on a keyboard, so this would make girls great at programming computers, someone should take a thousand toddlers and tech them how to code and see if boys or girls show a difference. (It wouldn’t surprise me if the girls come out on top, Ada Lovelace and all that).

    I know Japanese society is different from western ones, from Asian ones to, its pretty unique (the allowance thing is because it’s illegal to have shared bank accounts), but I’m not trying to use it as a measuring stick, it was just an example on how social norms affect en entire country and its economy. I don’t think they stay home because they are overworked to death, I think they are overworked to death because they stay home. It’s great that more women work on their careers, but the reason they don’t marry is because of the idea that you have to stop working once you have married, if that idea is removed the women can have a career and get married and have children, and honestly plunging birthrates might be something good in this overpopulated world.

    Wait, I don’t understand, what do they fight against? And what do they want?

  • Shattno

    I agree that social media can have power, and that groups or individuals can manipulate popular opinion with the help of the facebook etc., and this have been used very effectively by extreme right activists here. I have never seen it used by Gender Studies majors (which I’m still not completely clear on what group you refer to when you use it), but of course that doesn’t mean it’s not true, but what would the end goal be for these people?

    I don’t think it’s an entirely different matter, they are all civil servants working for the welfare state and deserve decent wages. Besides, nurses in Sweden do a lot more of the work compared to nurses in other countries. I’m not saying they should be paid the same as doctors, they have more education and thus higher wages, but you can’t expect people to work crazy hours doing hard work for low wages, especially since it’s a tough education that’s hard to get in to. Compare with studying to be a teacher, all you have to do is to take the high school equivalency test and answer A on all questions, and statistically you would earn a high enough score to apply for the education. It’s all absurd.

    I don’t know if it’s a Swedish problem, rape statistics is so hard to compare, what’s rape in one country is totally legal an other etc. But it’s interesting that you have heard about the immigrants, this is an example of how the right wing extremist manages to spread misinformation, because there are of course a lot of Swedish rapists to, but no one ever hears about them. But the problem I think is with the Swedish judicial system at large. The jurymen are often aspiring politicians who know nothing of the juridical system, and often have backwards ideas about rape (like short skirt equals consent or that a husband can’t rape his wife etc.), another factor is that the official motto is “acquit rather then convict” and the court will never convict if there is a single doubt.
    My sister i a criminologist and works with the police, she says its hell. She’s underpayed as well, but she still makes more than the police officers. As I said, it’s a mess.

  • Alistair

    No “fictional argument” Isn’t dead, like the gamers isnt dead remember those articles.

    The SJWs agenda war machine is set to max. In a wide media format from books, films Tv and games that have not treat women well treat them as victims etc etc.

    Maybe that too should be banned outright.

    So no gamers isnt dead, gawker is dead and all the SJWs (regression) has become irrelevant.

  • Alistair

    The game with the girl and dog was hurting grounds from capcom I know this because i played it.

    As a male i ejoy it. I ejoy the P3P because i ejoy the persona series. I have no issues what so ever of Devs putting diversity in games. Because there are out there. I have no issues too that devs want to cater for the other demographic.

    eg. ecchi games that heavy with fanservice, and other controversial western games too should be allowed on the the same level as family friendly games in a “free market”.

  • Alistair

    It also the consumers decision to boycott any game that “Need” To make edit to softer the impact due from “Influence” of fear.

    The Criticism you speak of i read and heard is we gamers and devs are “sexist, misogyny etc etc” That isn’t backlash you say. because it is and Harassment. But then im a bloke then it not Harassment.

    Harassment is only applys to Women. And i didn’t made that up.

  • Lucy Taylor

    That’ll be why Western developers and publishers are now depicting women in positive roles in their games, and catering to it’s female and minority audience.

    The only thing that will soon be dead is dinosaur era sexists like you.

  • randomdude

    Every computer class I’ve been in started with a fairly even mix of males and females, but when we got to the practical sections, the females started dropping the class. During my time in the college IT department. the vast majority of usual virus removal and software issues. The few guys that came in usually had issues that involved completely dismantling their machines.
    Men have a high mechanical aptitude while women are more focus on people.

  • randomdude

    People are not blank slates. Everyone has their specialties, but males have a much high trend for object oriented skills.

  • Shattno

    Everyone is LITERALLY a blank slate at one point or an other. But yes, different people have different things they are good at. There are differences between men and women, but those differences are small in comparison to individual variations. To say that this group is good at one thing and that group is good at something else is such a blanket statement and takes no consideration for the individual. Besides, how do you know who is good at what? Also what do you mean by object orientated skills? (I guess you aren’t talking about Java)

  • SevTheBear

    Indeed. The reason they don’t get a solid spanking is because they sit on mount of cash and own big shares in a lot of companies oh and it’s a BIG NO to criticizes certain parts of the world and their culture and religion for some reason.

    On topic.
    Again it’s true that many types of jerks exist in the gaming industry. But you can find them in any industry and it’s not only men. I have meet and heard of women who was willing to throw other women under the bus to get what they want (Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn and Randy Harper comes to mind). When the whole GAMERGATE thing was on, no one asked some of the big names of women in gaming what they thought. Nope we got a bunch of nobodies and loonies who still competes with who can cry, get most attention and money. Hell most of the Indie gaming world and tech industry has turned into a circus with only a few worth your attenten and money.

  • SevTheBear

    We see women dominate with 75% at the universities and Medical field. So while women might not stand strong in the tech world, they stand strong in other jobs.

  • Jack Thompson


  • SevTheBear

    The only people he/she wanna purge are raging control freaking feminists like you and as always you take half of what people says and make up your own BS.

    Women is the MAJOR demographic in mobile and (maybe) Nintendo. But on PC and home consoles systems like Playstation and Xbox? NOPE. It’s damn obvious you are pulling “facts” out of thin air. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a fan of Anita S. Zoe Q. and Randi H.

  • randomdude

    By object oriented in this case, I mean engineering, mechanical, and related fields that have very little to do with personal relations.

    When I say women are not interested, I say that as a trend. There are always the exceptions to the rule. The rare people who have 3 sex chromosomes are an example of exceptions.

    Also, more men have high IQ. I didn’t mention this before because I didn’t have the time to find the source again. Men have a much wider range. We’ve got the absolute geniuses and the rejects who keep the Darwin Awards full of new material.

  • Alistair

    “Catering to it’s female and minority audience.”

    At least we agree on that part.

    I shall let you have the last say because you think I’m sexist and none of my post were not. Unless you think I got the gall to defend Devs as sexist then you are wrong.

    *This post isn’t sexist too,

  • Fenrir007

    “But it’s interesting that you have heard about the immigrants, this is an example of how the right wing extremist manages to spread misinformation”

    This is not exclusive to the right wing. I have witnessed left wing manipulation on the immigrant issue, too. I remember a journo posted a picture with some immigrants on his twitter that he used on an article. In the article, the picture had an extreme close up showing a bunch of kids and women. In his twitter, though, the picture was zoomed out considerably, and everyone not gathered in the center where he cropped the photo was a 20s – 30s male. He quickly deleted the picture in his twitter when called out. Where is the truth? Maybe somewhere in the middle? Who knows.

    Well, I can’t really say much about the peculiarities of swedish professions. As far as I know, there aren’t any issues with nurse salaries here in Brazil (since low wages are endemic here). As for the rape thing, again, I can only base my knowledge on either what I see about your country – and bear in mind I can’t read local swedish news since it would be in swedish – or try to base it on the experience I have in my country. What I can say is that here there is no such a thing as a “short skirt acquital”. Rape is considered so heinous here that someone accused of it is guaranteed to:

    1- Be either killed, raped or tortured by the other inmates. Despite brazillian criminals losing nothing to mexican cartel drug lords in terms of cruelty, the “no rape” rule is an honor point amogst them that they enforce pretty heavily. In the past, cops used to let inmates know in advance when a rapist was brought over as a way of getting them to do the dirty work of getting rid of the guy (so the cop doesn’t dirty his hands). This practise has diminished somewhat, but due to overpopulation in prisons, it’s not always feasible to keep those guys segregated from the general prison population;

    2- If you are found innocent of rape, your life is screwed anyway, because society will continue branding you as a rapist for the rest of your life, even if there is 100% certainty that you did not commit it (there are some pretty famous cases, but they are local so its not worth mentioning);

    3- My impression from your post is that rape is trialed before a Jury? That is not the case here (only homicides and a few other games go to a jury), and judges are already prone to convict criminals due to our rampart problem with criminality (and that doubles for people accused of rape). Even the standard of proof is lowered in such cases to give a lot more relevance to what the victim says in those cases than in any other criminal case.

    So I can’t really say about Sweden, but I can confirm that’s how it is in Brazil, and it seems like the same thing happens in the USA.

  • Fenrir007

    “Wait, I don’t understand, what do they fight against? And what do they want?”

    Something might have gotten lost in translation since even I don’t understand what I meant there lol. Anyway, this was a good discussion,m but it’s turning into a seminar. Thank you for your opinion on the topic and for the politeness. It’s time to move to greener pastures and post about waifus and feminine dicks elsewhere.

  • Shattno

    Well yeah, leave it to political extremist to use human suffering for their own goals i guess, a shame really.

    Damn, that sound horrible. Swedish prisons are (in)famously relaxed, a guy a talked to who spent a month in prison said he even got a key to his own cell, go figure.

    I think I used the wrong word (I only took 5 points ow law in uni), we don’t have a jury in Sweden, we have lay judges, it’s a pretty bad system if you ask me

  • Shattno

    Haha ok. Yeah it was a good discussion, thank you too. I should probably get back coding, I have a lot of Erlang to write :)

  • Shattno

    Yeah I don’t know, the entire discussion I had with the other guy centered around the point that men where better at those things and over represented in those professions because they were encouraged to develop those skills early in life.

    Also I would take anything the Daily Mail write with a pinch(read shovel) of salt, besides IQ is a pretty shitty measurement of anything

  • SevTheBear
  • randomdude

    The basic point is still observable. the vast majority of inventors were male and the vast majority of reckless idiots happen to be male. IQ is the closest we have to any empirical evidence, buts observations have a similar result.

    Besides, if education is the main restriction, why was it men who started teaching early on?

    If you say it’s that women aren’t getting motivated, remember that the Wright brothers did what was considered impossible and made the first airplane.

  • Brandon Shorter

    So… you “WANT Gay Porn Essentially ” and Japan make that “But you want JAPAN to ban or change all there depiction of straight or lesbian porn ” and fanservice ” And in your grand wisdom they will Change all there character “With time ” for you … er? okay who are you ? Honestly the japanese doesn’t give a flying fuck about some random weeboo SJWs werido hipster with a gender studies degree /keyboard warrior , with some grand story of how there going to change all there art which sale to there various market , that are perfectly profitable with an ethnic japanese audience? your nuts . No Japanese person in there right mind would agree with you man or woman lol . heavily alter market that are perfectly doing fine selling to there demographic for some Secular Social justice warrior religious nonsense progress/ (MAKE WHAT I TELL YOU TO MAKE ) LoL..

  • Brandon Shorter

    Eh yeah she crazy there tons of rape in Yaoi and BL and it no different than any other rape fantasy . She one of those crazy anime fans that believe that there love of yaoi personal taste is different and more enlightnet since it “Gay porn ” not Straight Porn ” and it the same shit .

  • Lucy Taylor

    It’s not about me wanting “gay porn” and wanting “lesbian porn” banned, it’s about how female characters are completely degraded when they are sexualized, thus normalizing it and creating a social trend. It’s problematic to real girls and women because the lesbian, yuri, ecchi and hentai genre makes society think that females are nothing more than sex objects.

    If you actually had morals you’ll understand this.

  • Brandon Shorter

    What the heck are you talking about . Which society ?There are no Hentai Ecchi Game Made in America . God stop quoting random junk from a gender studies book like a parrot . How about you stop consuming entertainment Not from your country ? lol like last I checked at an American , Fantasy Niche Entertainment Anime From Japan is Not Effecting American woman

  • Lucy Taylor

    A biased, misogynistic alt-right gaming blog.

    I think people would prefer to trust a professional organization such as the ESA.

  • SevTheBear

    Every outlet i biased. Misogynistic and alt-right? Prove of your accusation?

    ESA is VERY vague about platforms in the report. I say that is biased in itself.

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    Sexist hypocrite.

  • Kiryu

    That’s the thing with feminists,they have the supreme arrogance to speak for all women.

  • SevTheBear

    Indeed. Today’s third wave feminists think they speak on behalf of all women. They have more in common with extreme cults than anything else.

  • fire lion

    This tactic failed miserably for the Hillary campaign.

  • Kainevil Rc

    You’re like 10 years late Son. Trolling isn’t edgy anymore.

  • Kainevil Rc

    Get back to Kotaku lol.

  • Kainevil Rc

    Maybe because the majority wants to be treated as special snowflakes just for existing? And spend most of their time stirring up shit and whining instead of doing actual work? It’s not my fault that most nerds and programmers are poor cucks with low social skills and won’t talk back to the degenerate feminist heretics. That doesn’t give them the right to try to stir up shit wherever they are.

  • Kainevil Rc

    I support CD Projekt Red for example because of their Anti-DRM posture.

  • Shattno

    You’re making a lot of blanket statements.
    But it makes me wonder, if the tables where turned, would you just silently bend over and take it up the ass?
    I’m a white male, in a first world country, working in IT, so I’m in the most privileged group in the world and don’t get discriminated against much, but if I felt like I was, that I was marginalised by society, I would not be silent, I would kick and scream and “stir up shit” as you put it, until I got what I want. That’s how people have always done it. That’s why today women can vote and black people don’t have to sit in the back of the bus. Just saying.