New Mobius Final Fantasy Update Screws Players Harder Than Its Gacha System

In a move that surprises no one who plays Mobius Final Fantasy, it seems like Square Enix did not take the time to QA their latest update to the game.

A new update has left some players (including myself) locked out of the game if they perform a fusion using a common power up card called a fractal. This naturally applies to both the mobile and Steam PC versions.

The game is based around a gacha system that incorporates all elements of Final Fantasy into cards, which act as skills, abilities, and magic. Recently, the game has taken an even greater dive for the worse.

We previously talked about how bad the paywall system was getting with $75 transactions to get special jobs, but now with the addition of supreme cards which fundamentally break the game, and destroy the ranking system every month, we are seeing some players like Reddit user x12862, spending up to $2000 for one of these cards. User x12862 is not alone ether.

With this massive influx of cash you would think the game would be running silky smooth, which is often not the case on iPhones. Many users on the Facebook fan page have brought these issues up and even opened up service tickets with Square Enix, which seem to be ignored.

It remains to be seen when or if this new issue will be addressed by the company, but we’ll keep you guys posted.


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