New Mobius Final Fantasy Update Screws Players Harder Than Its Gacha System

In a move that surprises no one who plays Mobius Final Fantasy, it seems like Square Enix did not take the time to QA their latest update to the game.

A new update has left some players (including myself) locked out of the game if they perform a fusion using a common power up card called a fractal. This naturally applies to both the mobile and Steam PC versions.

The game is based around a gacha system that incorporates all elements of Final Fantasy into cards, which act as skills, abilities, and magic. Recently, the game has taken an even greater dive for the worse.

We previously talked about how bad the paywall system was getting with $75 transactions to get special jobs, but now with the addition of supreme cards which fundamentally break the game, and destroy the ranking system every month, we are seeing some players like Reddit user x12862, spending up to $2000 for one of these cards. User x12862 is not alone ether.

With this massive influx of cash you would think the game would be running silky smooth, which is often not the case on iPhones. Many users on the Facebook fan page have brought these issues up and even opened up service tickets with Square Enix, which seem to be ignored.

It remains to be seen when or if this new issue will be addressed by the company, but we’ll keep you guys posted.


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  • Heresy Hammer

    >Square Enix
    Pure cancer

  • Einherjar

    Mobilegames 101 ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    Introduce more and more cash traps and don’t give a flying fuck about them working properly.
    I mean, people already payed you up front.

    In all honesty though, whoever supports crap like that is an idiot. Plain and simple.
    There is nothing wrong with spending a few bucks for a game you really enjoy, but pumping thousands of dollars into a game that could vanish on a whim ? Supporting business practices that pretty clearly rip people off ? Yeah…you’re an idiot.

    Pretty sad, since the game itself isn’t even half bad.
    Slap a 10 bucks pricetag on it, retool it into a standalone offline release and im pretty sure people would appreciate it quite a lot more.
    Same goes for stuff like Record Keeper.

  • Fenrir007

    “In a move that suppresses no one”

    I think you meant surprises.

  • SuuLoliBoob

    What a gramar?

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)

    Well it’s probably not gonna suppress people’s hatred towards mobile games, so it seems fitting.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    “$75 transactions to get special jobs”
    “supreme cards which fundamentally break the game, and destroy the ranking system every month”
    “spending up to $2000 for one of these cards”
    Maybe it’s time Final Fantasy fans take a note out of Granblue fans playbook and monkey around with them so badly they get night terrors of fucking you.

  • William Hellmann

    Well this is one reason I sort have lost interest. Brave Exvius at least is tolerable and worth the time, although they could stand to add more equipment in the shops and it frustrates me that it seems impossible for me to get Noctis in the Gatcha. (I have gotten other decent event characters though.)

  • Opps, threw this up in the middle of the stream for Persona 5. Thanks for pointing it out tho, its fixed now.

  • People are actually playing this!?

  • João Carlos Honório Pedro

    I got lucky so far and my main team is Yun, Dark Fina (godlike, tbh), Luka (maybe replacing it with Y’shtola soon), Minfillia and Cloud of Darkness. I need an upgrade on CoD, but otherwise, this does the job pretty well.

  • Mondrial

    It’s kinda fun. Or at least it was when I was playing. But now both of my inventory and bank are full and I have no idea what to do with stuff.

  • I approve this subtly lewd artwork

  • Malascus

    It’s a f2p mobile game, honestly what do you expect?
    In other news: the sky is blue and water is wet.

  • Mr0303

    Well, of course they’ll implement shitty practices. Mobile games are digital crack locking down content behind payments, rather than spending time with the game. They are cancer.

  • Gainsayer

    I bet the “2000 dollars for a card guy” also buys CS:GO skins.

  • BaronKrause

    Do NOT play these games unless your someone who has so much money that dropping 2000+ a week is absolutely trivial to you.

    If your not spending that much then you’re not even their target audience. You might think you spend $60 worth of ingame transactions so its like you bought a normal premium game, but that is meaningless to them, they could care less about you. The 1 and Only point to these games is hooking whales. Everyone else is just unimportant background noise, don’t play games like that.

  • Dighunter

    Go try Brave Exvius and talk about that instead.

  • Kris Dusk Luna

    FFRK is miles better than this obvious rip-off.
    Please don’t even compare the two.

  • William Hellmann

    Thats cool. I am working with 5 star Rain, Laswell, and OG Roselia, then 4 star Xiao, and I swap between 4 star Anzelm or 4 star Shantotto. The Anzelm and Shantotto are maxed and I am saving material to Upgrade Laswell and Rain to 6 Stars.

  • Abiledebob McOxlong

    They already got rid of the “$75 transactions to get special jobs”, let’s keep complaining and stop giving them money.

  • Einherjar

    I fear you missed the entire point.
    Record Keeper *could* be an even better game, if it was a proper stand alone console release.
    For a budget price, this would be an amazing trip down memory lane and pretty much serve as playable “Final Fantasy Encyclopedia”.

    But RK is also heavily plagued by its F2P model.
    One of the most restrictive “Stamina” systems, horribly slow progression for that business model (perfectly fine for a regular game mind you), a plethora of cash traps.

  • repharim

    I agree with Einherjar. Even FFRK could be a better game if they simple sold it for a fixed price.

    They could continue funding it’s development via releasing expansion packs or even charge a monthly fee of like $5 or something along those lines.

    If you compare these mobiles games with something like WoW or other mmorpgs (which is what these games essentially are) then you quickly realize the enormous gap between what the two type of games charge and how much content is accessible.

  • João Carlos Honório Pedro

    My personal recommendation is to go all in on one event once you have a team that can reliably to at least PRO-tier battles. I barely managed to get Y’shtola through the score rewards on the Ifrit event, I had no luck with the draws -_-
    On the upside, I basically maxed her Trust in one go because I saved up her specific trust moogles. Now I have a ton of free slots for other units :V

  • Fenrir007

    A miserable pile of typos.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    Andira a best.