Mobius Final Fantasy Charges $75 Per New in Game Class – This is Unacceptable


It is no secret that I really like Mobius Final Fantasy, and I play it daily. The game has some great systems in place and can be a fun and rewarding experience, even though it’s on your phone (Editor’s Note: An HD PC version is coming some time in the future).

The Japanese version is very player friendly, with some great systems that will be rewarding for both free-to-play and paying players. The international “English” version is not, and my love for the game may have finally been broken after this last horse shit move be the “English” team. Let me explain.

Japanese Mobius Final Fantasy players can earn everything from just playing the game, and one of the most coveted things to earn are the jobs, with each job not created equal.

These jobs could be earned via job summons, which in turn are earned with in-game currency – obtained via killing monsters or purchased cheaply… in the Japanese version.


In the English version of the game, currency can only be earned at a max of 100 via a timer, at a rate of 1 currency per 10 minutes, or purchased for exorbitant amounts of money. One job summon is equal to 3000 in game currency, which is about $19.00 or 6 Summon Tickets, which can be earned from various events.

These job summons are random, but you totally have the ability to earn them yourself. This is where these new jobs come in. You can not earn these jobs like you did previous jobs. You have to literally buy $75 worth of in-game currency to even have access to them, which is 12,500 in game currency.

The first job they did this with was Tidus from Final Fantasy X, which is not even a top tier job. Now we’ve received word that they are doing it with the next job they are releasing.

mobius final fantasy 2015-04-17

This is disgusting for any game, and to see it coming out of Square Enix has crushed any respect I have for the company’s mobile division and anyone who had hands on this product at this point.

Let it also be known that this is not the only terrible and abusive practice they are laying on the international community, this one is just so insane and jarring that it deserves wide spread attention and condemnation.

The saddest part about all this? The game is actually really good despite the efforts of these assholes in charge of the changes affecting international players. In good faith, I can no longer recommend any Square Enix mobile game at this point until they fix this gross and unfriendly consumer practice.

mobius final fantasy 07-14-16-1

They could have actually hit a wider market if they made the game more accessible and did not throw up one of the grossest pay walls I have ever seen in my life, and I have been working in this industry for 10 plus years.

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