New Toco Toco Episode Follows NieR Creator Taro Yoko in His Crazy, Weird, Everyday Life

The YouTube show Toco Toco has a new episode that is sure to get Drakengard and NieR fans happy.

The new episode follows Drakengard and NieR series director Taro Yoko as he goes about his everyday life.

This involves your typical things like wearing an Emil-helmet to keep the public and even friends from seeing your true face, gazing upon Japanese idols while sitting in empty bathtubs, and more.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the episode:

In this episode, we spend the day in Osaka with Yoko Taro, director of the famous Drakengard and NieR series. Our first stop will be at PlatinumGames, the studio that was in charge of developing Yoko’s most recent title: NieR: Automata. During development, Yoko Taro lived between Tokyo and Osaka, often meeting in Tokyo with Square Enix’s producer Yosuke Saito, who first suggested the game to be developed by PlatinumGames.

Yoko will introduce us to his rather peculiar work style, before taking us to Shinsaibashi at THE SILVER BALL PLANET, an arcade specialized in vintage pinball machines. He will share with us his fascination for pinball and the little universes contained within each machine. We will then continue our conversation at his apartment where he will tell us more about his philosophy and his work.

After dusk, we will head with Yoko to Osaka’s dynamic Dotombori area for drinks with the producer Yosuke Saito and Takahisa Taura, who worked as a game designer and had a key role on NieR: Automata according to Yoko; the three of them will recall fun stories from the development of the game.

NieR: Automata is now available for PlayStation 4 and PC. Expect our thorough written and video review for the game in the coming days.


Brandon Orselli


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  • Heresy Hammer

    I’d watch a mini series of Yoko Taro just going about his daily life with the helmet on at all times.

  • That was a really cool video.
    For reference, he types “Totally cannot see the cursor” and “Totally cannot work” in the video.
    Source: youtube comment.

  • SuuLoliBoob
  • Zanard Bell

    Can you imagine if Yoko Taro had dared to make an RTS, or even just lend his ideas to a game like it?

  • Alex Drake

    we’d probably get something like Ender’s game on crack

  • patyos

    omg lol xD This dev LOL

  • patyos


  • Komi-san

    So hes like me but he makes videogames. Huh.

  • JellyfishMonarch

    …so… when he was talking about the pinball arcade… they passed over a tmnt pinball machine.

    that pinball machine always goes PIZZA PIZZA all the time. just wanted to point that out.

  • Grampy_Bone

    Just finished Nier: Automata, pretty damn weird game, but I really enjoyed it.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    This was pretty cool, I might watch some more of these videos.

  • Fenrir007

    Great work ethics, humble guy, unafraid to like booty. Truly an inspiration to us all.
    I’d watch a mini-series on his daily shenanigans.

  • Sigma

    As Berserk fans a Friend and I realized that Drakenguard and Nier are the likely outcomes of Berserk’s universe.

    Which just makes Yoko Taro more awesome