Atlus is Teasing a New Radiant Historia Game, Reveal Coming This Week

Atlus is teasing a new Radiant Historia game.

The news comes via a new teaser website over on, which has the above imagery and text. Naturally, a reveal is coming on March 23rd.

Each weekly Famitsu tends to leak early, so we’ll have the first details for the game in the next 24 hours.

The original Radiant Historia was released for the Nintendo DS in Japan back in November 2010, followed by a North American release in February of 2011.


Brandon Orselli


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  • Calling it now, it’s going to be a mobile game.

  • Audie Bakerson

    You’re forgetting timezones. We’ll likely get the details in the next 24 hours regardless of leaks because it will be past noon on March 23rd in less than 24 hours in Japan Time.

    I swear if this is a fucking mobile game…

  • wavemotioncannon

    Jinxed it! :(

  • Wait, was I right?

  • Kakaku

    Finally. Been waiting for a conclusion to the story. Hope its on the 3DS. The Switch would be disappointing, but understandable. Not even going to entertain the idea of this being a mobile only game. Just wouldn’t happen.

  • Feniks

    I’ve never understood why Zelda is so overrated while Radiant historia is so niche.

    Then again most gamers don’t do their own research and just play what they are told to and Atlus doesn’t have a marketing budget. Shame.

  • wavemotioncannon

    Nope, just anticipating.

  • Ankoku Tou

    Confirmed to be a 3DS title.
    I have no idea why’d anyone believe it was a Switch considering that the original game was an NDS title.

  • Izzy Lichi

    while i still own the first one, i never understood while people praised it so much.. its a very mediocre rpg… its certainly no chrono trigger

  • BaronKrause

    I assume it was just hope that the game would be coming out on a piece of hardware that isn’t complete trash.

  • Nothing was really spectacular about it, but nothing was bad. It wasn’t the best game ever, but it was solid. We don’t have enough JRPGs like that nowadays.

  • That’s great news! Really enjoyed the first one. The artstyle is great too. make me remember of Crimson Gem Saga…this need a sequel too.

  • Zufield

    That’s because most people don’t give a shit about Fatlus games unless it’s a Purse Owner title.