Report: Nintendo Doubling Production of Nintendo Switch to Meet Demand

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A new report over on the Wall Street Journal shows that Nintendo is finally learning from their mistakes in not producing enough Nintendo Switch consoles.

Nintendo will reportedly be doubling (at least) their production of the console in the next fiscal year, via “people briefed on the plans.” According to the source(s), the reasoning behind this is to obviously catch up with the demand for the system.

The company recognizes the next fiscal year as beginning in April 2017, meaning we could be seeing a big jump in production and availability as early as next month.

Nintendo originally gauged selling eight or so million Switch units within the first year, so the new sixteen million expectation would have us guessing at them potentially selling over ten million units.

Brandon Orselli


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  • UnpluggedBeta

    Good for them. I wonder if this console will be a repeat of the wii, sotware wise.

  • DrearierSpider

    Greedy fucks shouldn’t have created an artificial shortage to begin with.

  • Mr0303

    At least they are not creating artificial shortages this time around.

  • OSad

    I can’t believe it’s just Zelda, Bomberman and *maybe* Snipperclips that’s making Switches fly off the shelves like hotcakes. Unless it’s World Of Goo that’s bringing in the folks.

    I would’ve defended this console from negativism until the last second but when I saw that launch lineup, I had to backpedal hard. At least it’s looking like the launch sales won’t be an issue, and from that point on it does seem like NIntendo is looking for indie developers to pad out the library.

  • Captain Vidya

    You underestimated the selling power of a new Zelda game, apparently. When a console launches with a new Zelda as well as the titles that are set to launch eventually, I’m not all that surprised the Switch sold as well as it did. On top of that, scalpers know people want the hot new thing, especially if it has the Nintendo name on it, so they buy them all out and sell them at twice the MSRP.

    Also, fuck you for not mentioning Puyo Puyo. It totally had some say in it selling. At least, I want to think it did…

  • scemar

    they should fix the design issues while they’re at it

    the dock scratching the screen
    joycon connection issues
    charger port on the bottom of the system
    the mediocre stand leg

  • Kiryu

    Will Nintendo also double the Switch issues in the process?

  • OSad

    I didn’t even remember it was in there. That being said, Puyo Puyo Tetris is legit and I would sit down to play some with friends and some beers any day of the week for a guaranteed good time, though I dunno if it’s “Buy a new console to play this older game in!” legit.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Well considering how much of a flop the Wii U was, it might not have been a very smart decision to produce tons upon tons of them. One of the issues with the Wii U is that they shipped way too many at launch and there was masses of unsold stock laying around which nobody wanted.

  • Jumanji Joe

    Oh boy, so instead of the two consoles per month in North America we’re going to see four! #Nintendomasterrace

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    They were scared and likely didn’t think Zelda would be good for release until later this year.

  • Donwel

    The sales up to now are likely down to the Nintendo hardcore. I imagine once there are more units on shelves the sales will drop off fairly quickly like we saw with Wii U.

  • Izzy Lichi

    ohhhhhhh bubbah

  • Fun fact: the Wii U had around 13 mil lifetime sales with a ton of consoles just sitting in warehouses. Ninty didn’t want a repeat, so they made a reasonable amount. Keep in mind that if they sell most of these, it will have passed the Wii U’s lifetime sales in the first year which tells you how horribly it sold.

  • Joe

    The problem with Nintendo’s business model for decades has not been launches, but the brutally long software droughts that plague their consoles afterwards. I won’t bother buying this system until they have the next, more portable “lite” model released, at which point they might actually have something worth playing other than just Zelda.

  • SuuLoliBoob

    Everything else i agree with other then “the mediocre stand leg”.

    What exactly should they do to change/fix that?

  • InfectedAI

    The system melting if you put a vinyl skin on it, apparently above average dead pixel issues.

  • catazxy

    I’m more interested in Switch 2.0


    Demands are high so they will do that later, since they know Switch sells like hotcakes much like their plastic toys.

  • Michael Richardson

    Nintendo Switch is getting multiple high-quality first-party games in the first year alone. It’s going to have a way better first year than any console in recent memory in terms of the quality of the available software. Hopefully with the head-start on software development (considering they’ve probably spend the last couple of years actively diverting resources to the development of Switch games) and having most of their teams focused on developing games for this one platform, we’ll avoid any big software droughts.

  • Michael Richardson

    Launch lineup is fine. I’d much rather have one incredible game and a few other solid indies and budget titles than the usual mediocre collection of third-party AAA games we typically see during a console launch.

  • Michael Richardson

    I was on the fence about Puyo Puyo Tetris, but after playing the Jap demo, I’m fully on-board. Great version of Tetris, and this will give me an opportunity to practice Puyo Puyo so that I don’t suck so hard at it.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    The screen scratching issue seems to actually be a manufacturing issue, not design. It seems the little nubs inside to keep the screen from touching were missing. Actually, a lot of that could be due to manufacturing issues come to think of it.

    So it may be rushed, wether its Nintendo’s order or just Foxconn being shitty again. For all we’d know the factory could be passing off crap parts, you never know with this stuff.

    There’s no “melting” issue with skins though, certain adhesives used in 3rd-party ones ruin the finish if/when you remove it.

  • totenglocke

    Bomberman and Snipperclips are fun multiplayer games. Fast RMX is a great substitute for F-Zero. There’s a new Shovel Knight expansion and you can get the full collection on Switch for $25. The Binding of Isaac complete collection just dropped today for $40 ($32 if you have Amazon Prime or Best Buy Gamers Club). Plenty of people enjoy I am Setsuna as well. That’s just the popular games that are available and there are more coming every week. The Switch has the best launch lineup for a console in a very long time.

  • Travis Touchdown


    It already has. People are hard on Bomberman, but it’s leaps and bounds better than Knack. And of course, Zelda exists.

  • Travis Touchdown


    There are no issues.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Yeah, the joy con issues were proven to be hoaxes. No one is reporting any actual issue with them anymore.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Why? Those are all good games.

  • Some of us do want to actually play games other than Nintendo games. 3rd party matters drone.

  • It’s still a shit console. Just save up for the PS5.

  • Shinoji

    Now that I’ve realized that the whole shit-show with the Switch dock and it scratching up screens was due to bent units (, I start to consider if buying a Switch is or is not a bad idea.

    Since this is a new batch of Switches coming out next month, they SHOULD logically correct any issues with the physical hardware, including those fucking-up units with reading issues, bent docks, and malfunctioning screens, right? If they do, then I’ll probably pick one up.

    The fact that Breath of the Wild runs worse when docked (which then again was apparently due to a wi-fi bug which was to be patched in the next system update, which might be right around the corner or already here), and apparently not being able to transfer local storage in the system to an SD card is still bullshit, though. Once those are fixed, I’ll happy shell out those 300 bucks.

  • Shinoji

    Bent Switch docks, malfunctioning screens, and reading issues.

    They’ll likely be fixed in the next shipment though, so for once you actually got a bit of a fair point.

  • Shinoji

    Part of me actually wonders how much of these issues affect most of the userbase. Other than two videos and multiple accounts across various websites (mostly YouTube, reddit, and Nintendo’s official support forums), I’ve seen nothing else about these issues. And considering about 2 million of these things are in homes right now, a few hundred of them having issues are definitely an unfortunate kick in the nuts to those people, but considering that’s less than one percent of the total amount sold at the moment (0.005, if we use an even one hundred), that’s certainly not a complete picture of its actual widespread issues.

    Or I could be full of shit, who knows. I’ll take eating crow.

  • Well, that’s the thing – I’m not even saying this is a common thing happening to a massive number of the user base. I was just debunking the idea there are literally no issues whatsoever for the Switch.

  • Michael Richardson

    If you don’t care primarily about high-quality first party titles, then purchasing a Nintendo console at launch is inadvisable.

  • FlamableMind

    But Bomberman isnt a exclusive mascot from Nintendo.

  • Travis Touchdown

    All the videos from this compilation were made for clickbait.

    There are no widespread Nintendo Switch defects.

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)

    >Travis has a fair point.
    *looks outside* Well I don’t see the heavens falling from the sky

  • Travis Touchdown

    Honestly there never seemed to be that many defective units out there anyway. Even if you did get one, they’re not hard to replace. Just send them to Nintendo.

    >Breath of the Wild runs worse when docked
    >Due to a wi-fi bug

    Neither of those things are true.

    I really like my Switch, personally.

  • How is compiling real videos of people having issues with the Switch “clickbait”? That’s ridiculous and you know it. I didn’t even say it was a widespread problem – you were the one who said, “There are no issues”, so I proved you wrong by showing examples to the contrary.

  • Shinoji
  • randomdude

    I’m curious as to why they even have any demand.

  • Shinoji

    But this Bomberman is a Switch exclusive, and if it has the same gameplay I’ve heard about in the rest of the series, it’ll be sure to have its fans.

    What does Bomberman not being a mascot have to do with it selling?

  • scemar

    not being able to transfer memory is one of the biggest issues, by far, it’s not a manufacturing issue or a design flaw but a stupid Nintendo thing and a good reason not to buy one

    it’s crazy seriously, no option, no methods, saves just lost with the system in 2017
    cloud saves would be nice, but just letting them be normal save files that can be moved would be enough

    also not letting games run on portable while docked as a setting option is also really stupid of them

  • There won’t be a PS5.

  • Irony…

  • Shinoji

    Mind going into more detail?

  • Just like there wouldn’t be a PS4. And just like the PS3 wouldn’t sell 85 million+

  • Nintendo does not make high quality first party titles much anymore stop hyping their shit up.


    Funny, he is all over Switch. Wonder what happened to the wondrous Wii U.

  • alex9234
  • Michael Richardson

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Breath of the Wild. Splatoon 2. Super Mario Odyssey. Xenoblade 2.

    Year one is looking pretty good so far.

  • What does that have to do with anything child?

  • SnugDarkly

    And I won’t buy a single one of those cheap hunks of plastic.

  • SnugDarkly

    The only games here worth a damn are Splatoon 2, Zelda and an rpg that is 100% guaranteed to be as censored as the first one. Oh joy praise be to Nintendo.