Gorgeous Cyberpunk Action Game Ruiner Launches Summer 2017

Polish developer Reikon Games and publisher Devolver Digital have announced the release window for Ruiner, their upcoming cyberpunk action game.

The isometric shooter will launch across PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime this summer. Featured above, you can view a hot new trailer for the game.

Set in the near futuristic city of Rengkok, you play as a nameless protagonist seeking your kidnapped brother. The game oozes cyberpunk themes, and naturally has an incredible soundtrack with stuff from legendary composer Susumu Hirasawa.

I got a thorough hands on with the game at least year’s E3, and I was quite impressed – you should read up on that here.

Brandon Orselli


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  • DrearierSpider

    I’ll definitely keep an eye on it, Devolver usually puts out pretty good stuff.

  • Heresy Hammer

    Devolver digital cyberpunk game. Hell yes, definitely going on the watch list.

  • Lucky

    Looks fun, and stylish.

  • Fenrir007

    Maybe this is how Hatred would look if it had a budget. Anyway, looks interesting.

    PS.: Feedback on the new site layout: I really dislike it. Too much empty space, too much stuff in a disorganized fashion. I much preferred the old, “top to bottom list” layout.

  • Cy

    I like that the main character is looking for his brother, not his sister/daughter/mother/girlfriend. Games don’t focus on the familiar relationships between males often enough, IMO.

    PS: I love the site layout. It looks more professional and stylish.

  • It actually occupies the same space/width, the main change IMO is having two articles per row instead of one. We tried to pack more into the same space and not have it be too wide, if that makes sense. We’re still making tweaks tho so your feedback is duly noted ;)

  • Same I was pretty pumped behind the story. Plus the style man.. there’s a theme by Hirasawa that plays in the first town? It’s absolutely-fucking-gorgeous. I wandered around the town just listening to it, talking to NPCs.

    TY for the positive feedback btw, we really spent WAY too much time prototyping it and trying to keep it similar to the old theme. The main thing we tried to do was pack more stuff into the same space/size while keeping it all easy to browse.

  • Fenrir007

    It’s cool, I won’t stop reading because of that. Besides, it does seem like a trend in webdesign, so my opinion is probably in the minority.