Enjoy Mecha and Beer With a Battletech-Themed Beer Stein and Coaster Set

Harebrained Schemes has announced a swanky new deal for mecha and beer enthusiasts out there – BattleTech-themed beer steins and coasters.

Currently up for pre-order, the stein and coaster set (sold separately) will only be up for pre-order until March 1st. These will only be made if they meet the minimum number of orders to match their expectations for demand.

The ceramic beer stein will comfortably hold an Imperial pint of liquid (~600 milliliters for those in metric quadrants of space).

Here’s a better look at the coaster set:

A small pamphlet included with the set has details on the famous Mecha and Gladiator Stable emblems illustrated on the coasters:

  • Legend Killer : The `Mech nose art of Gray Norton, the longest running Solaris VII champion of all time (3016 to 3022).
  • Silver Dragon Stables : The top rated Kurita affiliated gladiator company on Solaris VII
  • Gemini Stables : Founded by three time co-champions Elizabeth and Tanya O’Bannion (3050 & 3054)
  • MadCat : The `Mech nose art of the TimberWolf that Theodore Gross piloted to four Solaris VII Championships (3059 to 3062).
  • Koshchei : The `Mech nose art of Natalya “Valravn” Matsuo’s Griffin that she piloted in the 3028 final match against eventual Grand Champion Chaka Mobuto.
  • Taking Out the Trash! : The nose art of Orlando Perez, 3013 Solaris VII Grand Champion, famous for being the only MechWarrior to pilot a UrbanMech to the championship.

You can find both the beer stein and the coaster set here on the Harebrained Schemes online store.

Harebrained Schemes’ upcoming BattleTech game is “tracking well towards our Kickstarter Backer Beta target,” as per their latest update, which you can read more about here.

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