Oxenfree Gets a Physical Release on PlayStation 4

Limited Run Games and developer Night School Studio have announced a physical release for Oxenfree.

The new retail version of the game is set for a release sometime later this month, on PlayStation 4. Naturally the supplies will be limited, and you’ll be able to purchase them via the Limited Run Games’ official website.

Oxenfree originally launched across PC, Mac, and Xbox One January 15th of last year, followed by a PlayStation 4 release on May 31st and Linux on June 1st.


Brandon Orselli


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  • dogmentation

    I don’t think this game deserves a physical release.
    It barely deserves a playthrough.
    Much less the second playthrough required to get the good ending.
    Yes, it’s one of “those games.”

  • PenguinPlayer

    There’s a good ending? I only did one playthrough, it was nice, it had an actual creepy atmosphere, even if it failed when it came time for the actual scares. But I wouldn’t replay it.

  • dogmentation

    There’s a number of endings, but you can only get the ACTUAL good ending after witnessing the Shyamalan twist and doing a second NG+ playthrough with insider knowledge.

  • catazxy

    “Shyamalan twist” Oh boy…..

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    Blog Simulator 2016 gets a physical release.