Bandai Announces 20th Anniversary Digimon Device

In celebration of the franchise’s 20th anniversary, Bandai Namco has announced that Digimon is going back to its roots with a brand new Digimon Device in Japan.

Based off the first model of the virtual pet released in 1997, the 20th anniversarry edition includes the ability to raise two Digimon at once, Digimon from the first five versions of the game, and a brand new Digimon for the 20th anniversary named Zubamon.

Other new features include uploading Digimon online, two on two Digimon battles, and increased speed when it comes to raising the monsters. The new virtual pet is available for pre-order now in Original Brown (which includes the exclusive Agumon Digitama) and Original Grey (with Gabumon) for 3,500 yen each.

Matthew Sigler


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  • Takane Shijou

    I’d really like to know if I can order these from and have them shipped to the U.S.

  • Donwel

    You might have some luck with You’ll probably pay an arm and a leg for shipping though. Alternatively once it’s released, play asia might stock them.

  • Kessek

    Just buy an old one off of ebay.

  • Uncle Slick

    Holy shit.

  • Didney Worl

    That’s so cool! After seeing Gamebabble’s video on Digimon, I really wanted to get one of those original virtual pets, but they’re so expensive now. I’m definitely getting both of them, that way they can battle eachother.

  • Eugenio Gil de la Madrid

    I’m hyped! Planning to preorder both right now. I’m a huge fan of Digimon plus I collect the Virtual pets and Digivice electronic toys. This 20th Aniversary version brings a ton of great new updates!

    I really hope next year we can get an updated Anyversary Pendulum toy

  • Jack


  • tccboss

    I’m ready to digimon

  • John Smith.

    How big of a chance is there that this will make it to the west?

  • Daryl Corey

    I have two of those in a drawer that I need to get batteries for

  • Some furf

    Play Asia, Ami Ami, Hobby Link Japan, there’s no shortage of places to order Japanese stuff from.

  • Some furf

    The second generation is better. Less Tamagotchi, more travelling adventure.

  • -blank-

    Man these things were the shit when I was a kid. Fingers crossed for a US release!

  • Rough

    The 2nd Gen Digivices were the PokeGO before PokeGo even existed. Heck, way back when “App” wasn’t a thing.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    You meant pendulum? Or digivice? Of digivice, tben it’s not 2nd gen but different toys