Pokemon Snap Launching January 5 on American Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo is set to finally re-release Pokemon Snap on the Wii U Virtual Console in North America.

The Nintendo 64 classic simulation game will release on the platform tomorrow, January 5th, and it will cost $9.99.

Released back in 1999, the first-person rail shooter let players take photos of Pokemon, and featured an entirely new protagonist. It gained a cult following while also being a successful release, selling over 1.5 million copies by the end of its first year.

Here’s a brief synopsis for the game, via Nintendo:

Catching Pokémon is a snap!

Travel to Pokémon Island and meet Professor Oak to begin a safari to take the best possible photographs of 63 different Pokémon. The island has many types of climates and environments to explore, along with secret activities and hidden passages to discover. Some of the Pokémon can be a little shy and won’t pose for the camera unless you tease them with special items! After you’re done, submit one picture of each Pokémon to Professor Oak, and he’ll judge it based on size, pose, technique, and number of Pokémon captured. Start practicing if you want to snap the perfect shot!


Brandon Orselli


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  • G. H.

    Sooo is the Big N finally going to start allowing for digital game transfers, or would I just be wasting my money?

  • dogmentation

    This is like the Alanis Morrisette definition of “Too Little Too Late.”
    They had the PERFECT platform for a sequel or reboot; hell, they practically seasoned Pokemon SuMo with its remains. And now that the WiiU is all but dead, they are porting the n64 game over to it, likely without utilizing any of the hardware gimmicks that could have made it sing. Pitiful.

  • sanic

    I might buy this.

  • Chances are they’re going to use this to gauge interest in a sequel. Which is stupid, because not only have people been screaming for more for well over a decade, but they restricted this game to North America only, thereby dismissing other regions and the fans from those places. Good job, dipshits.