Red Dead Redemption 2 Could Feature All-Male Leads, and That’s Totally Okay


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The announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games was somewhat expected after their blatant teases, however the majority of the gaming community has reacted with excitement, hype, and praise of the original game.

There were some fans who anxiously awaited the regular patrol of the outrage police to properly judge the game’s announcement, which to be frank, is literally a name and silhouette of seven male characters. So while we don’t have anything to really go off of, people are naturally getting outraged over nothing.

The first outlet to condemn the game already is none other than The Mary Sue, who starts off by simply asking “why were women left out?,” while still acknowledging that we know next to nothing on what the sequel will entail.


The writer continues by pointing out the previous game included non-playable female characters, but lamented the number of trope-y female characters to the strong outlaw women who don’t need no man.

This argument is then juxtaposed to the sequel, which probably has only men as playable characters.

You can make the argument that the game is a fictional story, however, it’s still rooted in the historical American frontier. Outlaws and various roles in society were dominated by men – it was a different era when women weren’t equal and didn’t have the same opportunities.

The writer goes on to list examples of female outlaws in the Old West, but she forgets a very critical truth: this is a game made by Rockstar. They can make up and include whatever characters they want, and that’s totally okay.


Diversity is a wonderful thing and yet seeing it used as a way to police what sort of fictional video games are made is continually depressing. The writer also mentions how wonderful it would be to have more diversity, while neglecting the fact that perhaps, just maybe:

Rockstar is doing their own thing as usual – creating an excellent narrative-driven game, regardless of how progressive or acceptable it is.

Look, I’m all for everyone being represented in their favorite media, however – I am one hundred percent against tone-policing creators and saying what they can and cannot do. If Rockstar decided to have a playable female lead, I would accept that decision with open arms, just don’t say they’re obligated to.

How do you feel about Red Dead Redemption 2 and its seemingly all-male cast? Sound off in the comments below!


Brandon Orselli


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  • Bananalint

    Fuck Rockstar for no PC release. I mean GTA 5 sold and is still selling really well. Seriously why the hell are they shafting PC again?

  • Won’tSomeoneThinkOfTheChildren

    I miss the NicheGamer that tried to be apolitical

  • Pillbugable

    probably gonna be a delayed release, but hopefully not for a year and a half like GTAV’s.

  • I really didn’t want to have to address this, but it’s the sort of thing that I wish got confronted more instead of letting it run rampant.

    FWIW I’m trying to push our staff to more features and opinion pieces these days.

  • Bananalint

    That seems to be the most likely thing. They want people to double dip.

  • Pillbugable

    I doubt the average PC gamer is going to get both versions.

  • Spooky Jack the thing is, the old west was very unforgiving to women and there wasnt very many cowgirls or even any female outlaws, because they’d either get raped or murder very fast. The western genre is very male oriented because men were what the standard was

  • Mr0303

    The Mary Sue is beyond parody at this point – they are outraged at everything. It’s pointless to say that historically it would make sense that the protagonists are all male – SJWs are impervious to facts.

    I do hope that we have an all male cast just to see the salt mines, similar to the FFXV debacle.

  • Kiryu

    Diversity,diversity…these people never talk about what’s really important in gaming,gameplay.You can really tell those are not gamers but just want to insert their ideological propaganda and control the medium.
    I enjoyed the first and am looking forward to the sequel.

  • Klozby
  • Kiryu

    It’s the oppression olympics with them.Ever seen sjws speak with each other;one tries to surpass the other at who is more oppressed.

  • Tristan (Chili1)

    Neogaf too. If you happened to go into the Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement thread on Neogaf and said anything that implied “I’m okay with the game having an all male cast”, you got banned. The thread is a graveyard and is currently locked by mods while they link an article about female cowgirls.

  • Don’t want to care. I spotted a comment which suggested that a good game (not finished it but it is called “Honey Rose”) on Steam which is free (they are literally hoping people pay to support them through empty DLC which doesn’t affect the game) should have a black female protagonist and want to go back to appreciating games and going “Oh, I didn’t even think about how I am playing as a blue hedgehog”.

    All male, all female. Whatever. Let creators create. The consumer definitely has points when they know best but the gender of protagonists isn’t one of them here.

  • Mr0303

    I don’t know why anyone would go to Neogaf in the first place.

  • Kiryu

    They’re called Neofag for a reason.

  • Mr0303

    I mean who wouldn’t want to play as those charming ladies?

    Plus you know perfectly well that the outlaw profession was male dominated and that would be an understatement.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Muh affirmitive action cowgirls!

  • Uncle Ocelot

    It could be good for a laugh in very short bursts.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    It’s all about ideology with these people, nothing else matters to them.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    Not the average, but enough may just.

  • Master Bating

    I guess we could say that RDR isnt a PC game.

  • NukeA6

    Or all of Rockstar but what could you expect from a game company that tends to release quality DLC?

  • Kaneda

    Man this is beyond annoying. I’m so tired of these devs shoehorning “a strong female” just to please these unpleasable people. Honestly these devs shouldn’t have to compromise their original vision just to please certain people…It’s like FF15 all over again. I’m sure Rockstar will do whatever they want at the end of the day

  • Riosine

    Or they could just mod the game and play as a pony once RDR2 get ported to PC

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    I’m sure SJWs will flip out about it anyway.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Just because they are responding to what will probably cause outrage doesn’t mean they are trying to be political.

  • OldPalpy

    It’s a shame the SP DLC for GTAV never happened I feel like they probably would have taken some hilarious digs at this SJW bullshit. I could easily see some missions involving Trevor becoming obsessed over whatever the Twitter parody in the game was called.

  • OldPalpy

    They’ll flip out over each and every breathe Rockstar takes, Rockstar could put out another table tennis and they’d spew out libraries worth of words over it being problematic.

  • Gaspar

    They trademarked Red Dead Online where you can probably play as a female like in GTAV Online. I’d hazard you’ll be playing as John Marston (main guy there looks just like him) and the other shadows are NPCs or some kind of posse system like in San Andreas or Saints Row.

    Considering we still don’t really consider acceptable that random goons you shoot at can be female (Even more progressive games like Uncharted 4 or Tomb Raider have all male-enemy soldiers), I think a posse could only be all-male.

  • Alistair

    There Will be females you silly Regression left SJWs.

    But Not to your liking.

  • Alistair

    As long you cover niche Echhi games as well?

  • Gaspar

    Well not a myth, but certainly an exception to the rule. All in all most criminals are male, Rockstar characters are usually criminals, so it makes sense an overwhelming majority of the characters are male.

    That said, it wouldn’t hurt to add a female character in the game, I agree, but that should come from them, not from people complaining — specially not Mary Sue, as they complain about anything — if there was a female in that art, they’d complain of there being only one, or about what she’s wearing or, later on, about the way the other dudes in the game treat her.

  • Alistair

    Yes NG Still away from anything about GG, and the CON leaks.

    Because The MSM not covering them as well.

  • Gaspar

    I double dipped for GTA5. not proud of it, but whatever… Was worth another play-through with mods.

  • Arenegeth

    They may be all men but even worse they probably all white too!

    I’m a blasianinuitnativeamericanarabmartiantransfusion I need to feel represented in EVERY SINGLE GAME EVER til the end of time, because I have no sense of any individual identity and I can’t feel good about my self unless I arbitrarily identify the color of my skin, genitalia or sexual preference with the polygons in the games I play.

    And if you don’t give me my representation, you’re obviously a racist, ableist misogynistic, white male CIS bastard, probably a pedophile too, why not?

    Now capitulate to my social pressure and dance to my every whim as my army of media cucks ridicule you for the scum you are.

    But in all seriousness, if there’s any company out there who can say fuck you to these people, and not only get away with it but also use any outrage to increase sales, is Rockstar.

    If however they show weakness and capitulate in any way or form, the last bastion has fallen, all is lost. The regressive plague has taken over everything and we better off abandoning this sinking ship.

  • sanic

    Revolution 60 has only female leads just not into it

  • Kiwi Hoy

    So it’s FF15 all over again? Square didn’t cave so I don’t see why Rockstar would

    I’m excited, RDR was pretty much the only Rockstar game I ever actually liked

  • Urobolus

    I doubt it’ll be all-male, especially in this gaming age. The picture is probably just to set the mood of the game or something. Heck, all the characters in the picture are probably transfluid otherkin.

  • Ephantt

    ba dum tss.

  • Gaspar

    They are probably not all white. Being a western there’s a good chance of having a couple of them being Latinos.

  • Matz

    But aren’t Adelitas supposed to be a Mexican Revolution thing and not a American Wild West thing?

  • True Goddess Reincarnation

    Ah, I knew this was coming. To their credit, when was the last time Rockstar made a female a protagonist. Never? Not that it matters just wanted to point that out. Have they ever?

  • True Goddess Reincarnation

    1. bored AF
    2. to feel better about yourself I guess
    3. screencaps


  • Travis Touchdown

    “Excellent Narrative driven game.”

    They just steal a bunch of plot points from famous fictional works covering the period, like all western developers. Bully did it, GTA did it, L.A. Noire did it…

    There are better alternatives for that sort of thing.

  • Lucky

    I only have one reason.

    This thread:

    But that was made about 4 years ago, so. There are way better places to get similar recommendations.

  • “Look, I’m all for everyone being represented in their favorite media, however – I am one hundred percent against tone-policing creators and saying what they can and cannot do.”

    Spot on by Brandon there.

    The Mary Sue needs to fuck off and stop trying to dictate to developers on what they’re allowed and not allowed to do. They’ve always been authoritarian misandrist cry-bullies at the root.

    Let’s see if Rockstar has any balls to make it an all-male cast.

  • “All male, all female. Whatever. Let creators create.”

    All-female casts are never an issue with SJWs, developers can create all-female casts with no fear. And when they do, they’ll be praised and glorified by the same piece of shit outlets like Kotaku and The Mary Sue for “diversity” (because in feminist view, NO men is their definition of “diversity”).

    An all-male cast? Automatically misogyny, sexism and woman-hating in their view of course.

  • JuicyHopFrog

    Whenever I think of the Mary Sue, I think of their outrage at the GoT rape scene. They were fanatics of the show, despite the incest, murder, child murder, slavery, mutilation, animal cruelty, ect… but one off camera rape scene… a bridge too far.

  • Zhnigo

    Is it really so bad out there in the US that somebody might have thought that it could not be okay?

  • Narmy

    Pretty sure they go after all-female casts too. Unless they had no problem with FFX-2 or DoAX.

  • I used to laugh at them in a similar fashion.

    Until I found out that people from there spread to other communties to push the same bullshit. You know, basically like a cancer cell breaking off from it’s tumor and setting up a colony elsewhere, slowly eradicating and killing off the good cells before killing the host entirely.

  • They attacked DOAX for the “sexual objectification” reason though, I don’t think they had a problem with it being all-female.

    I don’t know about FFX2 so I can’t comment on that.

  • Gaspar

    I think everyone has a problem with FFX-2.

  • Madbrainbox

    They always did.That’s one of the reasons they are so successful.

  • lucben999

    “All-female casts are never an issue with SJWs, developers can create all-female casts with no fear.”

    Oh boy, you are vastly underestimating the bullshit they can come up with.

    Are they good looking?
    Are they too slim?
    Are they too white?
    Are they too mannish?
    Are they not perfect?
    Do they ever get hurt?
    Does the game allow you to control them in any “problematic” way?
    How do other characters react to them?

    There will always be a way to spin it, the only way to end on SJWs’ good side is to be an SJW and have connections.

  • Yes it is bad, because video games are fictional and one of the best forms of escapism. Think of it like a fantasy, a world/environment/scene where you get to do what your heart desires.

    Therefore, nothing should be restricted from them at all. And the same goes for the artist’s vision.

    The Mary Sue and it’s ilk should just piss off and make their own games instead of pissing on games.

    So if one really thinks that an all-male cast is a problem, then this person needs to lock him/herself in the house and never come out. Ever.

  • Smug

    “Diversity is a wonderful thing”
    “Look, I’m all for everyone being represented in their favorite media”

    nah fuck your “”diversity”” shit

  • catazxy

    What if this is a prequel, and this is the old band of outlaws, witch the John Marston was a part of?

  • lucben999

    “Diversity” as used by SJWs is superficial bullshit, I prefer variety.

    As long as those characters are cool, interesting and distinct, I don’t care about what group identities SJWs attribute to them.

  • lucben999

    It will be bad if it turns into another dumb media blitz to try to pressure Rockstar to change the game.

  • The things you listed are more to do with the depiction/representation of female characters itself.

    SJWs/feminists have never had a problem with the concept of an all-female cast.

  • Mr0303

    Anita already complained how female characters walk and sit, so nothing is petty enough for the perpetually offended crowd.

  • Smug

    That’s the main reason why I became sick of western media in general. “Diversity” for the sake of feeling self-righteous, tolerant and whatever.

    Why having a homogeneous cast is fucking frowned upon? 3rd world countries can do this without any issues.

  • lucben999

    SJWs will see latinos as white if it’s convenient.

  • DDD-kun

    No salt mines to be found. It’s a clickbait topic that will be quickly forgotten about right until a week or two prior to the game’s release.

  • Chief Smakaho

    Women, stop crying, learn game design..make your own damn games. Stop whining, you’re so ugly when you cry.

    I really wanted to post this comment to Mary Sue…but I was banned long ago, LOL!

  • Chief Smakaho

    Ugly as shit. Go make the game if you love them so much.

  • What, so because it existed, it now means that the developers are obligated to include them in the game? Get outta here.

  • Yeah, let’s just ignore the political stuff and let video games sink further down the toilet before they flush it away completely.

  • Arbitrary

    We all know that when the game is out, it will have playable female characters. It’s written into law, at this point. Don’t get your hopes up over nothing.

  • Kiryu

    Yup,just stick your head in the sand and ignore the problems…i swear some people.

  • Warrior90

    They DO talk about gameplay.
    But only when the game is censored to oblivion, has a shitty translation, a shitty localization and panders to them in every way possible.
    And when you DARE to criticize any of this they will say things like: “Shouldn’t you care more about the gameplay than boobs”
    or “Who cares about the story, only gameplay matters”.

  • Arbitrary

    “Let’s see if Rockstar has any balls to make it an all-male cast.”

    We all know they don’t.

  • Arbitrary

    Yes, but times are different now. OF COURSE they’re going to include playable female characters. It’s basically a law of nature, at this point.

  • Kiryu

    They mention it when it’s convenient,that’s what ideologues do.They are part of the censorship clique so of course they will not speak against it but don’t you dare censor something they care about or they go apeshit.

  • M37 TrenchGun

    “Diversity is a wonderful thing”

    O Y

    V E Y

  • Don’t forget this one:

    “so they covered up her cleavage, it’s trivial and no big deal, stop complaining”

    Isn’t it funny how this was a HUGE deal for them which they complained non-stop BEFORE it was censored?

  • Spooky Jack

    Hey, they had the balls to make a torture scene that was more in depth than it probably needed to be and didn’t even make an apology to anyone
    i guess they’re got something down there

  • Spooky Jack
  • Gaspar

    I don’t think what Anita says can be taken seriously either.
    I remember she complained about not having any female enemy soldiers in Uncharted 4, the game she did consulting for. And I bet she’d complain if there was, because then you’d have violence against multiple women in the game being caused by a man.

    I guess when your job is basically complaining, you can’t have the luxury of being ok with anything. :P

  • Thank you :)

  • Kiryu

    For those thinking Rockstar will bow down to sjw pressure;GTAV has a radio station where liberals are mocked non stop,that should tell you how much they care about these folks opinion.

  • Mr0303

    Yeah, it’s the feminist catch 22.

    The issue is that she is taken seriously by game developers, Twitter, Google and even the UN.

  • GrimFate

    I hope that game devs realise that those vocal about this sort of thing aren’t likely the majority of gamers and aren’t even likely anywhere near the majority of their customer base. And I hope they realise that a lot of us – their actual customers – find forced politics to be off-putting, to say the least. Wonder if we’re speaking loud enough to be heard by them…

  • Presumably because the concept sounds like an improvement right off the bat and they are imagining their ideal female line up (perhaps as simple as “four girls save the day”) as they say that.

    It is a little like when we ask for a “campaign” in a shooting game and don’t remember to qualify the statement with things like:

    Don’t do what Titanfall 1 did!
    Don’t just use maps from the multiplayer!
    Use mechanics and a story focis which wouldn’t make flow well in multiplayer!
    Multiple difficulties!

    And so on.

    What I’m suggesting is that they might be asking the wrong question.

  • ProxyDoug

    Maybe they are the villains of the game.

  • Don’t forget mainstream media, news media, academia and education as well. They treat her teachings like gospel.

  • Donwel

    We know nothing about this game yet and there’s already asspain.
    These people are so far beyond help it’s not even amusing anymore.

  • CrimsonColossus

    Guys, come on. This is Rockstar we’re talking about here. I’d be surprised if they didn’t pay these bitches to drum this up.

  • Are you suggesting that because other notable works exist in different mediums (uninteractive most likely) that those games are worth the time to play/write them?

    Mario doesn’t take any beats of note from famous fiction but Zelda revels in imagery which has been done many times before.

  • RetroGamer

    An all-male group of bandits or bounty hunters in the Wild West!? Such a thing never happened.

  • Arbitrary

    That’s a completely different issue, and you know it.

  • Arbitrary

    “Wonder if we’re speaking loud enough to be heard by them…”

    I have no reason to believe so.

  • Arbitrary

    “Are you suggesting that because other notable works exist in different mediums (uninteractive most likely) that those games are worth the time to play/write them?”

    Holy shit; you’re grasping for straws, there.

  • And I presume the source material (which is old as hell) had a fair share of things which we more detailed even if the word “graphic” may invoke more than text.

  • Sorry I guess.

    I find the idea of saying that many western games (not just Rockstar) taking notes from other fiction negates their individual value.

    He literally suggested that the narrative of them deserves some “LA Noire Doubt” for being inspired by other works without clarification of how deeply they ripped them off or about how the interactivity changes things.

  • ScarredBushido

    Rockstar should let you play as a hooker just to fuck with them lol big tittied hooker.

  • “Wonder if we’re speaking loud enough to be heard by them…”

    I doubt it.

    They’ll go to mainstream games media like Kotaku and IGN to see the latest ‘trends’ and use it to judge what the current climate of gamers “want”.

  • I do see your last paragraph happen often enough but they don’t really praise all/largely female casts even if I exclude Senran Kagura and the like which often do have compelling characters.

    Perhaps Cloudbuilt and the Umihara Kawase series are too niche, perhaps I don’t want to see more than a tag saying “Female Protagonist” on Steam to bring it to my attention.

    They do seem to be more picky though even if it means including cases like The Scythian on occasion.

  • Uncle Slick

    I hate this world.

  • Grampy_Bone

    6th from the left is probably mexican and the seventh could be a woman. Meh who cares I’m sure this game will be awesome.


    It’s like she’s the next Hitler. Someone needs to put a hit on her before WW3 happen.

  • Grey

    I almost wish Rockstar WOULD do one of their open world crime sand boxes with a female lead, just to see the same pack of yapping poodles whine about negative female representation when they realize that the characters in these games can and sometimes even have to do terrible things.

  • Actually they’ll praise it and justify it, making some shit about it being “a woman expressing herself after being freed from the shackles of her misogynistic and abusive husband/father” or “these are the actions of an oppressed woman” etc.

  • In this torture scene, was the victim a female?

  • Joseph Cain

    I am disapointed by a lack of a female lead.
    Pity that in defending creative freedom, we must defend a lack of it. Rockstar has NEVER done a female lead. Pity they went the same way for the umpteenth time.
    Why is asking for more variety “forced politics”?
    They aren’t enough playable women in major games. Pointing out lack of originaility isn;t bad
    I dislike that the only way to get diveristy in games is to basically pray and hope the writers suddenly grow creativity

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    When they read this article, they’ll take the “open arms” as “drop trousers”.
    Have they went after God himself yet?

  • “What I’m suggesting is that they might be asking the wrong question.”

    Maybe this is more accurate:

    “Why are there no non-sexy women in the game”

  • Arenegeth

    Of course not! In fact, earlier in a scene, the same victim was about to get anally raped with a flashlight, by a female FBI/CIA agent (forget which). Imagine, just for a second, the outcry if the genders were reversed.

    He was brown though, but that was before intersectionality crossed paths with Islam (because all Muslims are brown apparently) and raised them at the top of the progressive stack.

    Though I have a feeling your question was rhetorical…

  • Joseph Cain

    Why is it “policing” to be sick of all dudes in rockstar games? This piece is basically saying “I’m all for inclusing, but only by random grace of the gods, it must NEVER be brought up, because then you’re stomping on the precious freedom to write the billionth scruffy white dude”
    “You can WANT diversity and inclusion, but you’re the devil for asking for it.
    All dudes is just boring.
    Sure, rockstar is free to do it, people are free to not like it.

  • Ninjagai

    Did they even confirm it was an all male cast?

  • “I dislike that the only way to get diveristy in games is to basically pray and hope the writers suddenly grow creativity”

    “pray” “hope”

    The dishonesty is strong in this one.

  • Feminists don’t care about historic facts pal, they just want a Mary Sue in there who can do no wrong

  • Joseph Cain

    How is that dishonest? Anytime people say “I’d like some women in this company’s games” people start shrieking about propaganda and “forcing” the devs,
    How did you go about it then, if saying “wow, sucks they went with their tenth white dude instead of a new character type” is out of bounds?
    And don’t say, “go make your own”
    Not everyone has the power to pull millions in funding out of nowehre, and when people DO go make those games, the propaganda yelling comes out again. Like with Undertale, Life is strange….any game that does get announced with a female lead, has a page about how it’s “SJW”

  • Grey

    It would probably depend on if she was conventionally attractive or not.

  • EmgeeDomville

    The original game featured a quest where you hunt down Bigfoot.
    Surely we can accept the plausibility of women protagonists in this world?

  • Have you not been aware of the bullshit gender politics articles that has infested and plagued the mainstream games media for the last 2-3 years that promotes this “diversity” crap?

    Not seen Anita Sarkeesian’s rubbish?

    Not seen how mainstream games media have implied that they marked games DOWN for representing women “negatively” in them?

    They do this by criticizing, bullying, shaming and lynch-mob-harassing developers and publishers to enforce indirect censorship.

    Therefore, there is a difference between “asking” and “demanding”.

    And there’s also a huge difference between “pray”/”hope” and “bullying”/”shaming”

    But of course, SJW-feminists like you know this. You really are a set of the most vile and dishonest bigots on earth.

    “And don’t say, “go make your own” ”

    Set up a Kickstarter and go make your own games.

  • Joseph Cain

    Don’t you dare ever complain about a mechanic again then, that’s shaming apparently.
    And yeah, I’d mark down a game for the writing sucking on half the population

  • Joseph Cain

    I didn’t know the new definition of censorship was saying “I’ve seen this story before. ten games and all dudes? Wow you’re writers suck ass”
    I don’t think devs are sexist, racist, whatever.
    I think they’re hacks with no creativity and should be fired

  • larverto365

    Got the Mary Sue thread for ya.

  • Way to prove my point about you then. Congratulations.

  • Feminism Is Cancer. Good night.

  • larverto365

    Have some comments, too.

  • larverto365
  • におに

    It’s absolutly fine for them to do. Much like FF15 though, it makes me incredibly disinterested in it. I like playing playing as cute girls, or at least having a bunch of them in my party. Double points if I can look up their skirts.

  • Kiryu

    You want to play a game with female lead,then play Japanese games,nothing unusual there.
    The problem with Western devs is they end up creating an unlikable female character because they have to insert their ideology in it.

  • Guin

    If she looked like an Aryan hottie, all bets are off.

  • Except that if Rockstar Games includes a female character in the game (they most likely will), it won’t be the kind of girl you like. And you most definitely won’t get a skirt to look up.

  • Guin

    Here, I found the Japanese cover for Red Dead Redemption 2 with cast revealed.

  • Kiryu

    Panty shots are the speciality of jap games,if they would dare to do that the media would rip Rockstar to shreds.

  • におに

    This is very true, and I probably wouldn’t wanna look up an ugly adult ladies skirt anyway. That’s no fun. :c.

  • におに

    You’re not wrong at all, honestly. :P.

  • Minuteworld92

    if you want a rockstar game about a female lead, play oni.

  • It’s funny how the Alt-Right has become such a thing now that these leftist SJW pricks are associating anti-censorship gamers with the Alt-Right.

    I’m banned from The Mary Sue, maybe I’ll make a new account…

  • larverto365

    May I ask what anime/anime game that is?

  • Guin

    Wild Arms V. A pretty decent JRPG series with a Wild West aesthetic.

  • Minuteworld92

    I-I wanna know that station so I can have that on the entire games when I play it.

  • Joseph Cain

    All games insert ideology by nature of HAVING an author
    And japanese tend to write women as sex toys and eye candy first

  • Kiryu

    Buying a game to piss of the alt right…that’s really what gaming is about,it’s not supposed to be fun.

    These people…way too much time and money.

  • larverto365

    The human race is going right to hell

  • Minuteworld92

    you just generalized all japanese people you racist white male.

  • Kiryu


  • Joseph Cain

    I was pointing out hypocrisy. Complain abotu characters, you’re evil. Apparently not the same if you review any other part of the game

  • Kiryu

    Congrats,you outed yourself as the sites cuck and an ignorant idiot concerning jap games.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    “Red Dead Redemption 2 Could Feature All-Male Leads, and That’s Totally Okay”
    I don’t care about huffy marxists. I care about visual diversity and classic gaming fun with grizzled cowboys and cutie female bandits.
    …Yeah, most of those are fantasy, but you think Red Dead was at all about reality? With THOSE long diatribes and monologues? No.
    FF16 & this are dead to me. I want cutie partners and grizzled buddies. Having only one of those as the cast is for cupcakes

  • Minuteworld92
  • The poor soul has been indoctrinated and brainwashed to believe that any female showing a bit of skin, fictional or not, equates to “sexism” and “misogyny”.

    Maybe one day the feminists will remove the massive dildo from his rectum and he can start enjoying life again.

  • Kiryu
  • Also – I can guarantee that had the splash art been 7 females instead, the same crybaby SJWs would have not said a single word. In fact, they would’ve probably praised it for “diversity” and “inclusivity”.

    Such is the double standard and hypocrisy.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    You really can’t win with these guys, they want to have their cake and eat it too.

    Didn’t she bitch about Doom not having a female lead, and simultaneously praise Fallout 4 for having a female lead while complaining that the trailer only featured a guy?

  • Bitterbear

    These idiots have an overly sanitised vision of the past. If you can get your this (it’s kinda hard to find, and an English version is nowhere to be found) book:

    Criminal psychologist Hans Von Hentig found a terrible Wild West for everyone, specially for minorities and women. And yes, there were mean bitches, although those not only were very rare but also had a demise that would make George Martin blush.

  • Random Dude

    I’m amazed at how Orwellian Neogaf is, you’d be forgiven if you think that site is 1984 simulator.

    That, and how there’s still members at that there considering how ban-happy and ridiculously convoluted sign-up process they have.

  • Riosine

    “All games insert ideology by nature of HAVING an author”
    Ok if thats true then whats the ideology behind a Racing game or Flight simulator?

  • Spooky Jack

    it was a latino man

  • Kiryu

    This guy has no idea what an ideologue is,no point in keeping arguing with him,he’s a mary sue reader.

  • RetroGamer

    I dunno. A FF game with an all-male cast would have seemed even less likely, but XV is coming.

  • NukeA6

    Can’t believe the joke went right over me.

  • Gaspar

    She disliked both those games when they were first revealed for being too graphic and violent, specially Doom. She also had similar criticism for BF3. Needless to say, those game sold quite well and were critically praised, so I think the main problem is that she just doesn’t like videogames as they are, but she found a really comfortable place to perch up right next to them.

  • Random Dude

    There’s your mistake, thinking there’s anything they’re ever contend with.

  • Kraken

    all they really want to do is have a reason to complain. rockstar should just make they game as they please without caving and let them bitch. its a win win

  • Zombie_Barioth

    Yep, I remember that, especially with Doom. I’m pretty sure she did bring up women at some point too though.

    There’s actually a video clip out there of her publicly saying she doesn’t like or play video games that predates her rise to fame (our rather infamy).

  • True Goddess Reincarnation

    I have faith in Rockstar to not give a fuck

  • Tristan (Chili1)

    It is my end goal to save the site by providing dissenting opinions without getting banned.

  • Stilzkin

    Give me a better Cowboy game

  • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

    Found the RL Name as his online handle. How much does Kotaku or social regressives pay for you to fucking shill?

  • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

    Deal with it faggot. Now go fuck off back to a sjw safe space

  • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

    Fuck off Cody.

  • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

    He stays clear of bleeter. Its Michael and Franklin who uses bleeter

  • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

    Fuck the progressive walking sims with a ten inch aids infested pole. This is what keeps Kiryu and GamesGoodMeGoodHere. The entire indie gaming industry is tainted with politically motivated crap and we must not give the twats a single inch.

  • Aken Bosch

    Google tells me it is “Wild arms”

  • SJWs will bitch about anything!

  • the only cowboy Japaneses series.

  • tccboss

    Ugh seriously, fuck the Mary Sue.

  • エリック

    Sigh. I don’t know whether to laugh or have another drink and sigh a bit at this point.

  • Chino Gambino

    Adding all the demographics to one game is not diversity, we are seeing these tokens shoehorned into every piece of media and its getting boring and quite obnoxious. Its resembles the most soulless corporate processes in fiction making like focus testing, well except its to a small moralizing bay area clique rather than general market. We have different cultures because of separation, like colors on a palette mix too many together and you end up with grey mud every time. What we definitely don’t need is more ‘tough ladies’ beating men in melee combat with ease shoved center stage, its embarrassing at this point.

    You should not set out to be ‘inclusive’ to pander to an audience, write a good authentic story based on the history, there’s plenty there. The west wasn’t 100% white, most were but lots of different races of people found themselves on the frontier for all sorts of reasons, many awful and sordid. A good show that showed that was Deadwood with the criminal interactions between the Chinese community who essentially practiced slavery in their brothels and disposed of corpses for the main antagonist via their pig pens. The women weren’t damsels but they were still vulnerable, they made mistakes but endured with a different type of strength.

    I doubt RDR2 will be all that deep or anything, what I’m not looking forward to is if this is an ensemble cast game like GTA5. RDR was great because of how alone you felt in the world, especially when storms came down; even had the writing fell flat spending all that time with your guy really made you invested in him. Keep it simple stupid, I don’t have time to care about all the characters and I would bet most GTA5 players favored 1 character on their play through.

  • Then that doesn’t really prove that they have the balls at all, because SJWs have never had any problems with male character’s purpose of being killed, murdered, decapitated, shot, tortured, [email protected], etc.

    Making a FEMALE character the victim of any or all of the above would be the way to demonstrate balls

  • OldPalpy

    Okay that’s right but I feel it would work better with him anyway if you want a character that reacted obsessively and violently to it

  • Sevuz

    Every time I hear or read about game devs talking about “diversity”, I turn around fast and find something else.

    Mary Sue wouldn’t know diversity even if it bite them in the ass. All they do it to complain about EVERYTHING that don’t have a vagina in it. Because FORBID anything that don’t fit the feminist – or political correct book of logic.

  • epy

    So hard to tell nowadays if female protagonists are written in because of the vision of the creators or to fill a quota and try please the unpleasable for some good press. I find that sad as hell.

  • Bret Hart

    Reminder, this is what Rockstar did in Red Dead Redemption. They don’t care what SJW’s have got to say at all.

  • Arbitrary

    “Reminder, this is what Rockstar did in Red Dead Redemption.”

    Yes. More than half a decade ago.

    Try again.

  • Mr0303

    Sometimes it’s best to amputate rather than trying to save it.

  • Bret Hart

    Yes they have, it’s called Oni.

  • JuicyHopFrog

    It’s from Wild Arms 5

  • Bret Hart

    “Try again.”

    I’ll accept my prize now.

  • “generalizing japanese you racist shit,you think you’re superior?”

    Standard practice for SJWs and feminists

  • “What we definitely don’t need is more ‘tough ladies’ beating men in melee combat with ease shoved center stage, its embarrassing at this point.”

    Agreed. The empowered “I don’t need no man” Mary Sue female types are just obnoxious now.

  • Holy cat! Mwu! :D

  • Alistair

    How can you get banned, the mary sue use the same comment system as this one Disqus.

    Here and OAG doesn’t banned anyone.

    Does mary sue got control of Disqus or Disqus does the banning.

  • Alistair

    And what wrong with that, did you hear the news that the devs who made, gal*Gun said in a interview.

    That female workers want to make a Boy*Gun, there nothing wrong with making they’ve own games in a “Free market” it called kickstarter.

    It bloody hypocrisy if free market for Diverse games, but not the others makes them bloody hypocrites.

  • Kiryu

    Nevermind,i just discovered he is a mary sue shill,waste of time.

  • Alistair

    Hypocrisy at its best, they’ve called white males sexist, misogyny, racist Pedo shitlords. (that haven’t got a criminal record of being a sex pests)

    Lets have a look of SJWs regression left track record,

    Cyperbulling (Doxxing), bulling devs, Racist and (1 up before a court) And having pedo as friends.

    If i was a SJW with that track record i would be ashamed of myself.

  • Alistair

    Hohoho Is that hideo wearing a big hat it look silly on him.

    That is a rather good diversity that DOESN’T work.

    Imagine a Asia woman played a UK Queen in the film Queen.

    Forced diversity doesn’t work in Video Games full stop.

  • True Goddess Reincarnation

    They published it I guess, but it was made by Bungie no?

  • Chris Mendivil

    FF 15 is also going to be a story about a bunch of bros, and it looks awesome. Still, if people want more diversity in entertainment, then they should take it upon themselves to be content creators instead of acting like they’re entitled to have someone else do it for them.

  • edge

    They would have complained about the silhouettes looking too effeminate and having unrealistic body standards.

  • Lord Seraph

    >Look, I’m all for everyone being represented in their favorite media,
    however – I am one hundred percent against tone-policing creators and
    saying what they can and cannot do.

    You NAILED it here!

  • Bret Hart

    How about respecting the choice of the artists to create what they want to create?

  • RedPanda87

    They can do whatever they want, but I think it’s a shame, just from a gameplay/range of characters perspective (I don’t mean ‘diversity’ necessarily, just that if I’m jumping between characters anyway having a varied cast is preferable) – not that they can’t do that with all men, it just limits them slightly.

    All that said a cast of just playable male characters in a western setting seems reasonable, I thought it was more of a shame that GTA 5 didn’t have a playable woman, since one would have totally fitted in that setting and changed the GTA dynamic in interesting ways (if done well, and not just shoehorned in).

  • EmgeeDomville

    “Respect” is exactly what I’m talking about. When girls and women are regularly ignored, there isn’t much indication that they’re being respected. By choosing male protagonists the vast majority of the time, the artists are sending a clear message, and it’s a message to which I object.

  • Tuba

    An all-male cast is better because that means there won’t be any grossly designed Western waifu-wannabes. No one wants a repeat of Wonder Woman.

  • Urobolus

    FF is japanese though. They can get away with it, unlike western devs.

  • Aaron

    This was a great read, and “Look, I’m all for everyone being represented in their favorite media, however – I am one hundred percent against tone-policing creators and saying what they can and cannot do. If Rockstar decided to have a playable female lead, I would accept that decision with open arms, just don’t say they’re obligated to.” Really nails how I feel about the situation.

    It feels like some individuals just aren’t having a good day if they aren’t outraged about something, somewhere.

  • ZangRap

    While I do like the ladies who “lives in the man’s world” and especially gunslinger ladies, it is true that there were only a few in known history and R* is basing their game’s world and narrative on the reality, and they have every right to.

    I don’t mind all man main cast or even if these were all women, all I care is that I get to have a good time with the game and it’s characters as long as they are great and feel natural, I could care less of their gender.

    I still trust to R* to make a good game, catering to the right audience who actually buy, play and love the game for what it is and have to offer.

    (I apologize for any messy wording, it’s late at the time I wrote this.)

  • Swinny UK

    You just need to remember that these people only see the world through the lens of an ideology of victimhood. They’re incapable of viewing it from any other angle. In their lives, ever single situation that arises is seen as another opportunity to project their politics.
    When they seize every opportunity in a try-hard kind of way like this, it means that 95% of the time they have absolutely nothing of substance to say but still will not shut up, and because of this, when it comes to the remaining 5% of the time when they actually do have something of substance to share, nobody wants to listen. And rightfully so.

  • Trouble Man

    “Historical accuracy is important and there were no female desperadoes, except for the female desperadoes who did exist, but they don’t matter because historical accuracy isn’t as important as *incomprehensible fart noises*”

  • Trouble Man

    It would help if people stopped using “muh gameplay” as an ideological crutch and actually understood mechanics.

    I’ve had multiple people tell me it’s not fair to judge ecchi games on their gameplay, or that harder is ALWAYS better with no understanding of if the game’s core mechanics make it possible for the player to overcome those challenges, or any number of other ignorant things.

    The feminists weren’t the ones who scrubbed away all the lessons we’ve collectively learned as both players and creators, and they aren’t the ones keeping those lessons or the classic games they came from out of the modern mainstream development sphere. (Hell, one of my favorite [freeware] action games is a Mighty Bomb Jack sendup by Anna Anthropy, of all people, so there’s certainly some love for the classics floating around.)

    The ultimate irony is that (for Japanese gaming at least) waifu pandering is one hundred times more prevalent a way to cover up for mechanical immaturity and aesthetic blandness, and people around here buy into it all the time.

  • Trouble Man

    The only thing that will make game developers truly free of the demands of the market is the end of capital as the driving force of entertainment.

  • Trouble Man

    Hey, that’s not an all-male cast! What are you, some kind of feminazi?

    …man, I want muh Wild Arms back. Now, if Rockstar made their next major release an anime-styled RPG, THAT would be a ballsy move.

  • Trouble Man

    Don’t blame the brown people for the fact that nobody wants to touch your peepee

  • Trouble Man

    I’ve heard people saying they’re going to buy this-or-that game to piss off the “feminists.” Presumably they were equally serious.

  • Trouble Man

    I dunno man, one of the top responses to this site’s article about the voice actors’ strike was basically “I’m glad Yuri Lowenthal isn’t going to be working because he’s a Jew”

  • Trouble Man

    They were all the way in the septic tank before Sarkeesian was a glimmer in McIntosh’s eye.

  • Trouble Man

    w e w l a d

  • Trouble Man

    You’re right, Brandon should just delete all the reviews on here

  • Trouble Man

    “Nobody could possibly disagree with me unless they were paid to”

  • Trouble Man

    Already did, where’s Oni 2

  • Trouble Man

    I’d consider Ace Combat pretty ideological. As for racing games… cars as expensive status symbols and therefore tacit approval of hyperconsumption?

  • Trouble Man

    Yeah buddy, this here’s a different kind of safe space entirely.

  • Trouble Man

    No racism on this site, no sirree

  • Smug

    That didnt stop them however to fuck little boys and girls like onaholes

  • Smug

    “They aren’t enough playable women in major games”

    Play more games, faggot

  • Smug

    >it’s possible to label animals by races but not for humans (((somehow)))

  • Smug

    if this was a safe space there would be censored comments and banhammers
    nice projection tho

  • Guin

    Ballsy, but I’m betting they’re going to go cringe mode on it, just like all attempts of Western devs trying to “turn Japanese.”

  • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

    Everyone who disagree with Niche’s main comment base uses their real life name to shill hazrd for Mary Sue or Kotaku. Case in point, Cody/Travis Touchdown.

  • Trouble Man

    You jealous?

  • Trouble Man

    “Help, I’m being semantically oppressed!”

  • Trouble Man

    Maybe. I’m sure there are good examples of Western devs who actually understand anime, but I can’t think of any right now and Rockstar certainly aren’t among them.

  • Trouble Man

    Who needs moderation when the users will do that for you?

  • Trouble Man

    …that’s a real name?

  • Smug

    >pointing out differences is racist but we must celebrate racial diversity in white-only countries

  • Smug

    you’re just a little bitch

  • Smug

    that just make me want to go DEUS VEULT on kebabs

  • Trouble Man

    The only thing I’m celebrating rn is how good your dad’s manpussy feels around my dick

  • Trouble Man

    What did grilled meat on a stick ever do to you :(

  • Justin Williams

    If the designers want an all male cast they should have it. It’s their vision. At this point if a game doesn’t have at least one nod to SJW culture it gets panned and that is pure bullshit.