UN Challenging Japan’s Treatment of Women, Suggests Ban of Erotic Japanese Games

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The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), will be examining (SOURCE, our mobile URLs show up the same as regular text – working on a fix) Japan’s record on women’s rights.

The reason this has gotten onto our radar is that one of the possible talking points is the “banning of the sale of video games or cartoons involving sexual violence against women.”

The wording of the phrase could imply that they’ll be discussing banning eroge games like Rapelay (or other games of that nature), but with no clear guidelines as to what “sexual violence” entails, it feels like the definition can be used to include games that aren’t even eroge.

The discussion will be broadcasted live on the Treaty Body Webcast site.

Alexis Nascimento-Lajoie


Writer at Niche Gamer. Passionate for video game journalism, and more than glad to be a part of it. I also write DOTA 2 stuff.

  • MusouTensei

    Fuck you UN.

  • Stilzkin

    The same UN that has Saudi Arabia as a member?

    wew lads

  • It takes more than that to impress Tataki-san.

  • Jack


  • Narmy

    So instead of focusing on real women being beaten/killed/raped/enslaved, they just have to protect those poor defenseless fictional women from tentacle monsters. Sasuga UN.

  • RincewindtheMad

    A D V O C A T I N G C E N S O R S H I P !

  • Yeah they need to focus on real women who are literally subjugated, raped, tortured, etc., mostly in the Middle East or Africa. Oh wait, they’re more focused on talking points than actual real world problems :S

  • Uncle Ocelot

    >The UN

  • mrwizeass

    And suddenly, I think I realize why Saudi Arabia is the head of this council.

  • Vagineer1

    Damnit UN. You done fucked up.

  • Shiggy Diggy Doo

    Isn’t this the same UN that has Saudi Arabia as the advisor for human rights or something?

    Fucking Hell man

  • patyos

    Seriously …….

  • Takane Shijou

    Oh, I’m sure this will be enlightening.

  • Considering they took the time to even listen to Sarkeesian, you know something’s happening with the UN and places in general.

    Hell, she now moderates Twitter thanks to that one council created.

  • DizzyGear

    No words…

  • totlmstr

    The UN’s waifu is shit.

  • João Carlos Honório Pedro

    It’s a matter of reaching for low hanging fruit, IMO. It’s piss easy to get the ball rolling on Japan to do this (unlikely it’ll happen because that shit gets a fair amount of money flowing) when compared to solving women’s issues in 3rd world countries, which they probably want to gloss over because “those people” don’t earn them any social brownie points.


  • Jack

    The same UN that hosted feminist frequency
    These people hold control over our lives
    the UN was a bad idea

  • Clairity

    And what’s the matter with erotic Japanese games? Oh right, they’re icky because men like them.

  • Leandro Teixeira

    now it has come to this uh… they are trying to kill the last free game
    haven in the world… typical closed minded western mentality… makes
    me sick. I can’t believe my ancestors fought for the freedom of speech just so that 100 years later we start returning to the dark ages again…

  • bateruchan

    i’m… i’m so tired of all this.
    And I know i think i’ve said this before but like the more of this that comes out the more i feel like i’ve been beaten down over and over… is that what they’re aiming for? To just beat us down until we just roll over and give up?

    because i’m almost to that point. just giving up.

  • Amerilard

    but extreme violence is completely ok

  • Leandro Teixeira

    “”fair amount” is a generous way of saying that currently Otaku related goods there (sales of manga, anime, eroge, etc etc), last time I checked, represents 1 fifth of their economy, so this happening is unlikely, although I’m saying this it still leaves me a bit worried about what the future holds

  • _Accelerate_

    Reminder that the UN distributed child pornography amongst themselves, has Saudi Arabia in charge of human rights, and has generally been a fucking shitshow.

    Reminder that they would rather talk about video games than actual, living women being treated as cattle in some countries.

  • Arean

    Relative Privation is a fallacy, but this is one of those times where I think it can be used: Haven’t the goddamn UN got more important things to worry about?

    It’d be one thing if Japan had an absurd rate of sexual crime, but it doesn’t. In fact, it has rape statistics far lower than most Western “Progressive” countries.

    If they need something productive to do, I suggest they start by sanctioning the head of the Human Rights comitee for their blatant disregard for human rights.

  • Daniel Segovia

    Does the UN still a thing?

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    The UN is such a joke.

  • Tyrone Jackson

    I hope we (the U.S.) leave the UN and kick their headquarters the hell out of our country.

    Of course that won’t happen, but I can dream.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    What the fuck?!

  • Kraken

    lewds or riot!

  • Jim

    Virtual women have RIGHTS, god damn it!

  • Jerry Erikson


  • Captmotorcycle

    Let’s not discuss the Middle East’s treatment of Real Women as cattle to focus on cartoon characters and sprites.

  • Jack

    A lot of people in the world are starting to see how fucking cancerous all this shit is, and the hell that everyone being absolutely the same and accepted would cause, if i had that comic about the KKK guy going around the world and experiencing different cultures, and then the same comic where everyone is alike, wearing simpsons T-shirts while also sporting burkas and such, in the first one he sees that we should celebrate our differences and accept that we cannot all be the same, while in the one where everyone is the same, he is still a member of the KKK, wondering why everyone is the same everywhere

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    What’s with the UNs hateboner for Japan?

  • bateruchan

    i’m sick as shit so maybe that’s why
    but your comment makes zero sense to me and i read it like three times, even trying to chunk it up to take it in easier.

  • Jack

    they have fun and aren’t afraid of women and are open about sexualy explicit stuff, unlike the west is

  • Jenny Hozuki

    Isn’t this the same council that met to talk about harassment on Twitter? I wouldn’t put much stock into it. The UN is a huge organization. Not every meeting is important or holds power.

  • Mr0303

    The same UN that invited Anita and Zoe Quinn? I’m not surprised whatsoever.


  • Jack

    most of it is just rant, i’ll probably delete a bit of it

  • bateruchan

    going to the un with lavender hair….

  • Tyrone Jackson

    As the left generally is.

  • evilmajikman

    Egg the members of the UN’S houses. They’ll love that!

  • Tyrone Jackson
  • Not just as a member. Heading their frigging Human Rights Council.

  • Mr0303

    The best part is when she is checking her Twitter while Anita is crying how being called a liar and that she sucks is online harassment.

  • Stilzkin

    I love this picture

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    “Give me tits or give me death”

  • Alexis Nascimento-Lajoie

    Today I will remind you.

  • Mea K

    So where do I go to (politely) tell the UN to fuck off? Alternatively, where do I go to tell the Japanese government to not let themselves be bullied into self-censorship by these idiots? Either will do.

  • Derek



    But you know what? I apologize for not actively defending fanservice mechanics in a video game for a country with a limp wrist that can’t show actual sex in a video game.

  • Mr0303

    But remember – they are not trying to take our games away. By their definition sexual violence can be a slap on the butt. This is about control of free expression and the information flow. Welcome to 1984, comrade – Oceania has deemed any art from Eastasia a thought crime.

  • landlock

    Things like this never pan out, the Olympics are a bigger risk in the future IMO.

  • Stilzkin

    All of this sounds like satire, but it’s real.

    Wake me up.

  • Tyrone Jackson

    It means that the U.N. (and most governments) are now in the business of censoring and oppressing any sort of free will or diversity. They want EVERYWHERE to be “diverse” which would make nowhere be diverse. Different people bring different things to the table, as is seen by this case with Japan, and for some reason they hate that.

    That’s a part of cultural Marxism.

  • Jack


  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    I would love to shake the hand of whoever kept the UN from having their own military.

  • Derek

    Go to New York, grab a molly and done.

  • Noah Howard

    Good idea, force these games underground and make them gather more strength to laugh you out of the issue! Truly a win for justice! (<—that last bit is sarcasm)

  • Immahnoob

    I’ve already discussed this hell and back.

    There’s no reason for why they are doing this except to push their shitty narrative further.

    Japan’s statistics on crime in general, especially rape, are low. So they’re doing this only to stir shit.

    I HOPE that Japan will not fuck itself here, I mean, it’s unlikely since Otaku culture is a lot of money for them. But PLEASE, DON’T DO IT.

    You were the only hope FOR SOME ACTUAL GOOD PORN. JUST PLEASE.

  • alterku

    This is literally the best and most truthful answer. Japan knows how to make things fun. Even if almost all of it has been taken over by the casual mobile menace, there still exist pockets of real, true, joyful-experience developers.

  • Immahnoob

    Yeah, the UN doesn’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things. They don’t have any power whatsoever.

    Hopefully, Japan will tell them to fuck off.

  • Kamille Bidan

    “Silly gamers, no one is trying to take your video games away.”

  • Immahnoob

    At least, we have more examples of institutions wanting censorship.


  • alterku

    When they pry your waifu from your cold dead hands, I’m sure we’ll all praise our middle-eastern overlords. All of the snackbar!

  • Kamille Bidan

    The UN must be stopped

  • sanic

    I’ve been for the ban of the UN for years.

  • magicalfollower

    This shit again? Seriously?

  • British_Otaku

    No need for the mobile link, I’ve trained so hard that I can guess where the sources are in the article.

  • edtastic

    How could they come to this conclusion when they are talking about one of the safest nations on earth with a vast expanding population of males (20%+) who’ve sworn off sex with women. I’m sure these social justice phonies didn’t bother consulting Japanese women on their western sex negative feminists cultural imperialism agenda.

  • Leandro Teixeira

    I don’t know if the list of countries that will discuss this is the same list that is on the Treaty Body Webcast, but if it is, it’s got to be some kind of joke

  • Derek

    Because some parts of their media cannot handle sexual matters with “maturity”. But that is subjective anyway.

  • British_Otaku

    Where is that cartoon by a Japanese artist on Twitter? The one where he highlights how rape statistics are super low in Japan in comparison to the US despite them encouraging restrictions.

  • Immahnoob

    I don’t know about it.

  • Derek


    That said, they only announce it if it was “resolved”. Nothing like cooked up results to make their country look safer than it is. I mean sure sexual assaults are smaller, but fewer women actually report it to not bring up gossip. Japanese people have an aversion towards if they want to look good to others and being a mutterer is not helpful towards that.

  • Azure

    I think it would be good justice if the world united and burned the UN down to the ground.

  • British_Otaku

    Fair enough. It was more of a call for everyone else. I’ll try to track it down though, it matched your point.

    Sure mombot retweeted it once.

  • British_Otaku

    Perfect. Wish we had the artist name too but the image is perfect.

    Shame about the UK though and anyone who lives there.

  • Azure

    I would like to ask what is the point of the UN? What have / are they actually doing like what is their actual job?

  • Derek

    Humanitarian Aid, Peacekeeping. Good lofty goals, too bad it is in the hands of nations with zero experience but we gotta make them feel smug and importantant.

  • Derek

    The whole herbivore culture can be warped if they are denied of their daily dose of fap material.

    But let’s talk about the elephant in the room. How many of your friends who into this kind of stuff ever thrown an intervention or got one for unacceptable behavior which we all know as being creepy? How many of them knows about anime and it’s subcultures?

    Of course you didn’t but personal experiences says I know too much to still remember those scars.

  • inquisitormcsagington

    Fuck the genocides, slavery, executions (*innocent whistling from Saudi).
    Let’s focus on the right’s of non existent cartoon women.

    Bunch of worthless cunts.

  • inquisitormcsagington


  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    Wonderful fucking wonderful remember everybody “WERE NOT GOING TO TAKE YOUR GAMES AWAY” Who the fuck is the UN to tell people how to express themselves sexually? The terminology in this bill is so fucking vague too “sexual violence” as interpreted by SJW’S could mean a ban on ALL sex whatsoever. I didn’t think my hatred of SJW’S could grow any stronger but it turns out I was wrong. This is truly an totalitarian move to dictate what sexual fantasies people are allowed to enjoy. Fortunately the U.N. is impotent as fuck. Somebody needs to take a stand against these regressive facists before they destroy society. JAPAN DON’T BACK DOWN TO THESE FACISTS!

  • Dr.Weird

    *cough* fascist here, we’re not with these faggots, also your spelling it wrong.

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    You’re an SJW? Because that’s whom I am referring to.

  • British_Otaku

    Announce what? The threat?

    I might be sleepy already, but there is a lot of missing context in the text of the post itself.

  • Alex Drake

    He means SJW’s are an insult even to fascists

  • TsukuyomiMagi99


  • Derek

    Point is, don’t look at Japan as some land of milk and honey and realize the grass is always greener elsewhere.

  • ChaosBahamut

    Hey UN, boot Saudi Arabia from your HRC and then I’ll listen. Until then, your thoughts mean less than nothing.

  • carlotta

    oh my god ! like there isn’t a single problem on this planet for the UN to look into but fictional video games…

  • Guin

    Ah, another repressive act of freedom of expression just before the 2020 Olympics. Because you know, gotta turn Japan into a sterile PG13 country to avoid stupid punks posting “OHMAGERD JAPAN SO WERD XDD” What’s next? Censoring the giant penis festival that they do every eyar?

  • Guin

    Shh, it’s because they’re Muslims and they’re “of color.” We have to respect their culture.

  • alterku

    Damn straight! Stoning a non-believer to death is a cultural right! Beheading others and hate mobs due to a bad drawing is just the everyday for the hate-filled true believer.

  • ronin4life

    Hell, European countries need to get their shit together too. Like, stop discriminating against muslim women in France and freeing High-profile politician servinf Mega Pedophile pimps

  • Guin

    Well, it isn’t exactly like Africa or South America either, both continents being top contenders of rape.
    So yeah, despite you downplaying on the supposed purity Japan has over its low rape rate, there is still proof that the crime happens very rarely in comparison to the rest of the world.

  • Guin

    I say beating the shit out of Saudi Arabia takes more precedence.

  • Immahnoob

    Soon, she’ll moderate nothing. Twitter is dying.

  • makomk

    Honestly, that might be actually an improvement. At least we don’t have to worry about the fictional women being imprisoned and raped by their supposed rescuers, unlike with the real-world “anti sex trafficking” programs the UN have pushed for.

  • ronin4life

    Just to throw this out there, The way crimes are handled, from all levels of prevention up to prosecution, is quite different from most other nations. Many crimes go un prosecuted or even un investigated just because it makes fewer waves and issues for people than doing so would. It is also suggested women in Japan report cases of rape and molestation FAR less than elswhere.

    So those recorded rates aren’t necessarily representative of actual criminal behavior. Not that this should have much, if anything, to do with entertainment products anyway…

  • Immahnoob



  • Immahnoob

    Citation needed. But yes, it has nothing to do with fiction if rates increase, mostly when they decrease.

  • アントナント

    The world itself has become a parody

  • Guin

    People like Ken Akamatsu won’t stand for this. We need an equivalent of an MLK or even goddamnn Malcolm X. I’m usually not into reactionary counter activism since they tend to be somewhat cringey, but these clowns keep pushing the wrong buttons.


  • Laytonaster

    I’d say “how the mighty have fallen”, buuuuut… were the U.N. ever really all that useful in the first place?

  • Bitterbear

    UN staffers are attacking eroge because it interferes with their pedo searches.

  • The debate here seems to be serious. I can only see Japan like this: “okay, we’ve heard you, but hey… we don’t give a damn lololol it’s money”

  • Leandro Teixeira

    burn funds that could be used towards curing the ill or elimiating famine and using them in finding problems where they don’t exist and “fixing” said problems

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  • アントナント

    UN want to save the poor japanese elves

  • NuclearCherries

    The UN is a joke.

    It’ll do more good to get rid of it than keep it around at this state.

  • ronin4life

    It isn’t just the UN either lol. Been trying to follow “Japan” on Google news by searching it every once in a while, and every story is about how much Japan sucks at something or how evil they were for WWII.

    Doesnt help Japan’s case in this regard that they have an introspective, self-blaming culture either.

  • RobertParker14

    Erm, they do focus on all sorts of women’s issues all around the world including raping/torturing in the middle east. They just happen to be talking about Japan at this moment, in the UN project which is currently under discussion in this thread.


    You’re just doing the typical reactionary thing of thinking “Hey these people happen to be talking about Thing X at this time, so therefore it follows that they don’t care about Thing Y”. Which, if you think about it, I am sure you will realize is a logically flawed way of thinking.

  • Alistair

    Remember “They not taking away our games”

    But only allow third party (UN) to take away our games by stealth covert.

    If this succeed it only highlight of what they truly up to these SJWs cockblock twats.

    But what irony the very same UN that would take that decision against cartoon characters that dabble in “Real child porn imagines” shows double standards & if this farce goes through it proves that they indeed are bully & pick on Japanese Devs.

    & the crash of video games would happen because I would boycott every FUCKING SJW game on the market tell my family & my friends to do the same.

    But I think UN is smart I doubt they would sink that low & listen to Anita.

  • RobertParker14
  • Daryl Corey

    Japan gives even less of a shit about what the UN says than the US. This is easily seen in their continued research into the tastyness of Whales. This will ammount to nothing The UN femtard branch with bluster, Japan will ignore them, Femtards may beg for sactions first world nations will ignore them Japan will continue as normal

  • RobertParker14

    They do focus on that as well. Is everyone at this site really so thick that they don’t realize that just because one UN operation is targeting one area of women’s right, others aren’t also being targeted by different operations? I.e http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=53196#.Vr5lU_KLTIV

  • Immahnoob

    Yeah, lets talk about a country with low criminal statistics for no reason at all.

    You do understand that they want to censor video games, right? They think that’s actually an objective.

  • RobertParker14


    Just one example, there are hundreds of other examples of UN organizations helping to tackle actual real women issues, if you bother to look, rather than just wallowing in ignorance which fits your view of how the world works. But that would mean challenging your own beliefs wouldnt it?

  • Kiryu

    To the UN or whoever wants to ban the games i like go fuck yourselves.I should take an ally of Saudi Arabia that lectures me on womens rights seriously?What a joke the UN is.

  • RobertParker14

    They exist to promote international cooperation.


    They do lots of good work, such as this :

    Nationalists and right wingers tend to hate it, because the very nature of its existence is internationalist. It exists to promote internationalism (countries working together to improve conditions everywhere) rather than nationalism (every country working to improve conditions for itself, i.e an isolationist state or an expansionist, imperial state).

  • Narmy

    They can’t be that focused on women’s rights if they have the resources to waste on useless shit like this. Plus inviting abusers like Zoe Quinn to speak is simply counterproductive.

  • Alistair

    I wonder if this would get news coverage on Tuesday on BBC NEWS 24 as it did not foces on gamergate. Even on sky news hmm.

    Maybe they waiting to write up on the passing of video games that fucktards SJWs destroyed & we go back to having weak economy because some people can’t tell fucking different between a real person or a fictional ones.

  • Kiryu

    Yes,useful as a puppet organisation to the US.

  • Amon

    Remember kids the UN once vowed to stop genocides from happening and yet they still failed at it. They seems to have learn from their predecessors the league of nation who vowed to stop world war after the first and look how that turn out.

  • Immahnoob

    Pretty much what Narmy said. They’re wasting resources on areas that don’t need them.

    Besides the objectives being senseless. Banning video games as an objective should make it clear that the UN is slightly retarded.

  • RobertParker14

    They have huge amounts of resources. They can “waste on useless shit like this” and do genuinely good stuff like this too:


    My only real point is I’m trying to point out how its stupid how people here don’t seem to realize that it’s possible for a huge multi national org to do more than one thing at once.

  • Okay, now I can wrap my thoughts on this without using twitter.

    Besides the usual crap that we’ve been seeing with these groups so far, I have a feeling that the other reason why the UN is bringing this up, and why I feel the Japanese government might eat up this bullshit, is because of the 2020 Summer Olympics that’ll be taking place in Tokyo. Everyone’s gonna be looking to Tokyo, and Japan as a whole. And during the downtime in between all the events taking place, the media’s going to do those little features talking about Japanese culture, which may very well include one of Japan’s largest exports: manga and anime, as well as videogames. Japan’s government, being made of the cheapest glass, will bend to the will of whatever the UN says unless the people and the artists stand up and fight for their rights. Japan’s government has been picking away at the freedoms of anime and manga creators little by little, with some successes (and some failures as well).

    In other words, if anyone’s seen that one episode of South Park where Nathan talks about what PC is, that’s what this is. You can read his quote below.

    While there might be some good intentions on the CEDAW proposal, this one clause needs some serious re-thinking, and hopefully a complete removal. With how broad it is, it could be used and abused for any dumb reason. If this shit goes through, the idea of “getting the Japanese copy to avoid censorship” will be meaningless if the origin country has it censored too.

    I feel kinda helpless here since there’s not much we can do outside of Japan, as it has to be Japanese (and foreign) creators working in Japan that have to speak out and rise up against this. I guess the best we can do is share what we know so far in regards to what’s been happening here, and spread the information to the Japanese creators and the fans that follow them.

  • RobertParker14

    I didn’t read anywhere where they said they want to do this. I read a lot of people going into hysterics and acting like offendatrons because that is what they THINK they want to do.

  • Immahnoob

    Uhhhhh… This is about Japan.

    And uhhhhh… No, it’s clearly written on the paper what they want to do.

  • Guin

    At least there’s a group that’s fighting back that self-immolation even if they’re 2RIGHT4ME.

    Germany on the other hand. My god, they take self-hating to a whole new level.

  • Mellow_MH

    Please, lord, don’t let all the fake get hurt.

  • Alistair

    I agree the UN too got a illness called paranoid the same shit SJWs feels the same paranoid as you could be walking behind a woman going to the shops & bingo you be called a would be rapist (stalker)

    The same paranoid people that think cartoon characters needed to be protected same as real person & that you treat cartoon characters you treat real women too.

    The same with music, books, films, & TV shows they wreak havoc.

  • Alistair

    How about SJWs code book number 101 none of these.

    We not just taking away your games but your hobby, your life making it less fun, etc etc.

  • Kiryu

    Having fun is offensive,we should all be depressed in the perfect SJW utopia.

  • BurgerUnit

    I like how it’s first on their list.

    “Now before we deal with actual living human beings, we need to discuss treatment of the waifus”

    Thankfully I think it’ll only result in The UN wagging their finger and then being promptly ignored.

  • sanic

    I already commented but I just went to twitter and this was at the top of my feed


  • Shocker Rider GG

    they tried this also in 2009 and i think in 2015 i bet it will be a failure again

  • Grey

    It’s a good thing that the UN is a corrupt, ineffectual, hypocritical, bloated bureaucracy with it’s own track record of legitimate human rights abuses to answer for.

    Anime titties everywhere are probably still safe for now.

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    No wonder why actual female right activists think 3rd wave feminism is a joke.

  • BurntToShreds

    Yeah, most of their talk is just that, talk. They need to put on a show that they’re actually doing things when in fact they are quite toothless.

  • Alistair

    Okay let’s have a look at that UN program.

    Yup it did say child, not cartoon child so have they got the facts right & know the difference between fact from fiction.

    There is no need to discuss anything related to video games why don’t what they preach & do something like real women problems at the workplace, at home.

    & not bloody knee jerk about cartoon fictional characters.

    I wonder do UN MEMBERS play COD Or even GTA if so you be a murderders scum lords. 2 sides of a coin.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    I see Japan’s low crime rates compared to other countries and wonder why they are bringing this up. There is no reason for it. They can consolidate effort to actual fucking problems instead of what some Otakus and Weebs jack off to.

    They’re just trying to stir up shit with their “sexual violence against women” comment. Remember, noone cares about sexual violence against men. Why doesn’t the UN try to stop ALL sexual violence? Hint: They have pedophiles working there.

  • LurkerJK

    This is what happens when you have a bunch of useless suits with way too much time on their hands, they either wack themselves silly or they start banning things, what is even the point of the UN ?

  • scemar


    This is their big charge, the one they’ve been getting ready for.

    Are we ready to stop it?

  • Leandro Teixeira

    This is just like the TPP they show a bunch of convenient issues and ways to solve them and in the middle of those they simply put something that is covenient to them to have more probability of being accepted. It’s kind of a contract that promises you a good pay check and nice work hours but in those little letters at end of the contract it says that you have to be somebody’s bitch or something

  • Immahnoob

    Do you have any data to give me for this statement?

    “last time I checked, represents 1 fifth of their economy”

    It would be helpful.

  • scemar

    Middle east or africa?
    Try europe.
    And no, they don’t care.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Why would they stop pedophilia? Going after 3D denies them of their comfort children.

  • Azure

    Well looking at today’s world that is clearly not working and should have been done in moderation. Nothing will be fixed if everyone ends up in a shitty situation that we are dangerously close to getting into.

  • LurkerJK

    They dont want to stop real things, that would rob them of arguments to push their shit on everything else

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Can we please vote Japan for leader of the “2-Dimensional human’s rights” council?

  • Leandro Teixeira

    I don’t remember where I read that article (it was last year :V) but here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otaku

    Read the “Types and classification of Japanese otaku”

  • Joseph Ledon

    Why do people like this even exist? What is even the point of this ban? This is nothing! There are real issues to deal with besides banning Japanese videogames. Someone start a petetion or something

  • RandomDev

    The UN has been infected with the feminist mental virus and needs to be burned to prevent it spreading further.

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    Evanescence is fucking awesome.

  • Uncle Heffy

    They do know that women freely gave their voices to those games/animations…right?

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Internalized misogyny. Men made them do it.

  • Uncle Heffy



  • Uncle Heffy

    We should all get together and make our own UN.

  • Lee Brocklebank

    It’s official, The UN gives more of a shit about virtual women than real women. Unbelievable

  • Mike Campbell

    not blood and gore thought

  • Alistair

    Very good point not all women are femmists SJWs & women voice actresses do a very good job at these awkward scenes.

    They know it a character they voiced & take the money for that job next we be having sex scenes banned in films & tv shows because it may offended people that actor & actresses get paid too doing sex scenes.

    So where do they draw that line.

  • アントナント

    Feminism as a whole is a joke.

  • Uncle Heffy

    That’s the thing. TV shows and movies will never be touched. For some reason, anything that we make is OK. If Japan makes it, it’s intolerable.

    The UN is comprised of a bunch of bigots. They all probably watch shows like Game of Thrones, which has all of the above, and is sometimes worse than Japanese produced media.

    Someone needs to teach them a lesson.

  • BurgerUnit

    I had to make sure I didn’t accidentally visit The Onion at first.

    Unfortunately it really was just the UN trying to cement their useless status.

  • BurntToShreds

    Fact of the matter is, that stuff makes money. The doujinshi market alone (explicit and non-explicit) has an estimated value of US$588 million a year. That is a significant sum of money, and combined with the markets for anime, games etc. it is an economic powerhouse. Taking the lewd doujinshi, anime, and games out of that equation would not bode well. Japan sure as hell won’t do anything about this until they find some other economic facet to replace all that cash, which won’t happen anytime soon. They’re an island nation so they can’t pick up the slack with things like mass resource exports other countries can do.

    What the UN wants to do is incompatible with the economic realities of Japan, and therefore the likelihood of Japan kowtowing to the UN on this issue is slim to none.

  • Immahnoob

    There’s no statement about it being a fifth of Japan’s economy, but it is a substantial part of it.

    I’ll check the links given by Wikipedia.

  • Megamatics

    UN is a joke.

  • Leandro Teixeira

    True that, sorry if it is false but according to that it says:

    “The economic impact of otaku has been estimated to be as high as ¥2 trillion ($18 billion)”
    Even for a country as rich as Japan it is still a big slice of money they would be messing with

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    There is also the fact that there is no proof it leads to ACTUAL violence against women. Just look at Japan’s rape rates.

  • Nagato

    Can’t we just ban the UN instead?

    It’s not like it’s much more than another tool through which the US is able to make the rest of us serve their best interests anyway, no matter how hypocritical those may be.

  • Deadagent

    Unfortunately it’s not a very funny joke

  • Their end-game i just straight-up banning pornography, right?

  • Mike Campbell

    Virtual women made by real men and I think the un meant games like rapelay glorifying rape and sexual violence

  • Neojames82

    The UN does fuck all with the world at large, you really think these assholes can make Japan stop doing this? Ahahahaha, yeah good luck with that.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Their end-game isn’t about helping people, so yes.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Now post a link to rapelay leading to actual harm against a woman. With that logic the UN should be banning ALL violence and not just sexual violence.

  • N-Cop


    Wake me up!!!!!!!!!

  • Fyrex

    I knew the U.N. has lost it’s grip on reality somewhat, but now they lost it completely.

  • grgspunk

    And thus, history repeats itself. It repeats itself all because we didn’t get rid of the sex-negative feminists when they were trying to fuck with the Japanese games market during the Rapelay scandal in 2009.

    I bet half of you morons on this site don’t even remember what I’m talking about.

    Now they will be allying with the modern-day Tumblrina SJWs to continue the crusade. All because of our own inaction. When will we ever learn that playing nice and playing to win are never synonymous?

  • Gamer

    Video games are not real life.

    Why can’t they tell the difference? It must be time to ban R rated movies, Adult Content music, Romance novels, porn, and every other form of entertainment.

    Sounding a lot like Fascism up in here.

  • Mike Campbell

    wow your defending rapelay just now have you ever seen the game, there is a reason why people didn’t like games like this, super columbine massacre rpg, and ethnic cleansing

  • Ashten Strider

    Not only am i upset at the prospect of no longer being able to play my weeaboo games where i can rub a girl’s boobs, but I’m more pissed that in a world where in some places women are treated like nothing and have no rights that the fucking UN is deciding to attack /video games/ as opposed to actual problems.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Rapelay is a shit game. Doesn’t mean it causes harm to REAL women.

  • Nin

    It might be related to how the olympics are occurring in Japan soon.

    Though even if the Olympics occurred in Saudi Arabia, the UN would probably turn a blind eye to its obvious abuses.

  • lpchaim

    Let’s just… leave fiction and art alone as long as they don’t hurt anyone, shall we? I’m all for real discussion regarding anything that might be problematic, but outright proposing a targeted ban is just asinine and comes off as the good old “Stop liking things I don’t!”.

  • Carl619

    Unless there is a scientific proof that games can lead to violence, the reason for banning games like Rapelay are ideological or because people offended don’t want to look to other side.

    For example Hatred finally didn’t get banned because it is a game about killing innocent and there where a lot people trying to ban it or at least desired it.

  • Nin

    If you ban eroge, many women would make a lot less money. Someone has to voice the cute girls getting raped. Banning rape games would do way more harm then good.

  • Nin

    Bah, we’ll just make a new league of nations after World War 3. History repeats itself.

  • Carl619

    That isn’t a good reason to ban games, just because some people want to be intellectual and have the need to tell people that they only play “adult” games. They cannot see that the reason media doesn’t treat some topics with maturity is because they just don’t want to make mature games and make funny games instead without pretensions.

  • SuuLoliBoob

    “Everyday life in Saudi Arabia: Chapter 2: Non-believer beheaded after stoning”

  • Pepperkeet

    So instead of going after female mutilation in Africa & South America and the cutting off clits they’re going after japan for drawing bewbs…
    YEP everything checks out.

  • OverlordZetta

    While I don’t agree with a lot of this, or the possibilities at any rate, I do think there’s a bit of devil’s advocating in order here, since it seems a lot of stuff is being overlooked.

    Namely, and please correct me if I’m wrong, that’s only reported crimes, right?

    This is obviously an issue elsewhere too (and indeed, with male-targeted crimes that often aren’t even on the table in these discussions), but these are probably things that are considered too, and so should be in these discussions too.

  • Boku

    “no clear guidelines as to what “sexual violence” entails”
    And that’s just the way they want it. Leave things unpredictably up in the air, make them dance and never even attempt to press the subject in any capacity. As long as it’s never outlined what constitutes “sexual violence” they never have to worry about anyone side-stepping the rules since they can always enlarge the net when required.

  • Alùcard Impàlèr

    UN is run by a bunch of beta cuckold mangina white knights, it seems.

  • Dio Brando

    No please, UN, don’t stand up. You just sit right there, don’t worry about anything actually important like human rights in 3rd world countries. Pretend you’re doing something useful by banning porno games.

  • Immahnoob

    “Namely, and please correct me if I’m wrong, that’s only reported crimes, right?”

    Please, unless you can make the criminal cases skyrocket with your unreported cases or you have some actually relevant data at all (AKA, if they’re unreported, you can’t actually guess how much they’re unreported anyway), then this argument does not stand.

  • Cool, the US needs to separate from the UN…then forcibly remove everyone else from it and annihilate it.

  • Syndromic
  • RobertParker14

    UN Panel tackles sexual violence against men :


    You’re doing it again! Why does it come so natural to you people simply to declare “They don’t care about sexual violence against men!” and you can’t do a simple Google search first, to establish if you are talking the truth or are just going to say something which makes you look foolish to anyone with an education who actually knows how to research!

    I honestly think the reason you make these claims without even trying to substantiate them is that you are terrified of finding something which goes against your own narrative.

  • djluke_1993

    Good job UN instead of doing your job properly you’d rather go after something thats entirely virtual and also doing alot of people’s jobs in the process… But don’t worry you still would have protected those virtual women.

  • Code : Verde

    After looking at the proposal, it’s seriously like that episode of the Simpsons. If you want a law passed, just paperclip it to something more important..

    tl;dr here’s how it might have went down.


    Just replace the topic with Violence against women in video games.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    “Banning the sale of video games or cartoons involving sexual violence against women”
    “against women”
    Nothing is stated about banning media containing sexual violence against men. Argue my original fucking point or shutup.

    “I honestly think the reason you make these claims without even trying to
    substantiate them is that you are terrified of finding something which
    goes against your own narrative.”

    Are you too fucking stupid to explain to me why they only want to attack sexualized women in Japanese media? I know you don’t have a good explanation but let’s fucking hear it anyway.
    I think that the reason the UN is attacking artists is because it’s much easier than going after real sex offenders. Considering the UN harbors sex offenders anyway.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    It’s run by sex offenders and pedophiles. Creating controversy over nothing important is much easier than actually helping people.

  • Jack

    Its not rape if its an elf
    (No really tho if berserk has taught me anything its my extreme dislike of rape)

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Nobody likes rape, aside from rapists. It doesn’t really need to be said.

  • Jack

    If this actually does change something, its time for the Waifu Wars to spill into the streets
    Why contain it?

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    If they manage to ban this content a lot of women will be put out of work. Good job UN.

  • fire lion

    Why can’t the UN go back to the time honored tradition of rubber stamping wars?

    Conservatives have been warning the world about the UN for 30 years…..

  • Jack

    Slightly off topic but I remember when /v/ sent the writer of watamote all their dicks and then she got really embaresed because she had never seen one before
    Kinda related

  • Jack

    If you honestly believe something posted by the UN about the UN, to have any negative points, you are waiting to be japed, friend

  • neokiva

    jenny hozuki have you not been paying attention to twitter lately? it’s gone super happy censorship on everyone and put people like sarkeesian in charge of moderating it.

  • Jack

    High impact sexual violence

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    What you said is important. Compared to the US, Japan has a lot more women working in these industries. Eroge, Video Games, Hentai. (both animated and non animated) Not just artists and production team members, voice actresses too. The UN is going to put a lot of honest, hard working women out of a job simply because of the feelings of women in the west.

    Meanwhile you have women being raped across Europe and being killed in the middle east because they were raped. The UN needs to be removed ASAP. This is fucking insanity.

  • Jack

    We need to remove kebab
    And remove softies

  • neokiva

    to be fair japan can be weird, just like canada. look up the youtube video wtf japan.

  • dsadsada

    Where was that headline taken from?

  • neokiva

    it could be because they have a safe outlet, that the us bans hmmn if only we knew what it was called.

  • KarmikCykle

    Suggests ban of erotic Japanese games, appoints Saudi Arabian murdering, rapist bandit lord as human rights commissioner. Good job, UN, your priorities are insane.

  • Carnel

    Yep, of course the same council that thinks Saudi Arabia is a good country that can talk about human rights think they should protect the treatment of imaginary women.

  • dsadsada

    I’ve played it. It’s meh. Only interesting thing about it was the pregnancy which none of the company’s later games had. Artificial Academy is better in every way.

    That said, way to dodge Ubrokemygrill’s point.

  • KarmikCykle

    Reminds me of “When everyone is super, no one will be” from the Incredibles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8I9pYCl9AQ

  • KarmikCykle

    With blackjack! And hookers!

  • If this actually goes through then I’m done. Fuck the world.

  • Thanatos2k

    The US produces more games that involve violence against women than Japan does. Sooooooooooooooooooo

  • Thanatos2k

    Fuck You-N

  • buddyluv324

    I guess the UN trying to help actual women who are a victim of sexual violence in 3rd world countries ( or even the 1st world) was too much to tackle. I guess if this passes, I guess if for them to aim REALLY low.

  • chaoguy

    This raises an excellent point.

    You can’t email them, they’ll cry harassment.

    So, find all their dirty laundry and show it to the world.
    They have Saudi Arabia on the human rights council, did NOTHING for the Migrant Crisis, and only take action when it’s something minor as oppose to wars or disease.
    For a world peace organization, they need to be flawless and incorruptible. Not hypocritical and constantly screwing up.

  • Reaper of Salt

    “The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), will be examining Japan’s record on women’s rights.”

    And this is coming from the same decrepit old fossils caught with kiddie porn on their computers from the United Dimwits?

    FUCK OFF!!!

  • Mighty No. 56008

    Though fighting discrimination against women is a noble cause, but by banning sales of games/cartoons that involve “sexual violence against women.” is dangerously slippery slope.

    If by some chance the ban passes, what’s to stop it from affecting other forms of media? What’s to stop it from affecting the entire world? And why just stop with “sexual violence” and fight ANY form of “discrimination” against women?

    And of course there’s the whole discussion/debate that having such material in the media doesn’t actually make people sexually violent nor does it “endorse it”. Or how about the fact that I’m sure there are cartoons/games out there that put men on the receiving end of sexual violence. Or that there are far greater issues out there that the committee can/should concentrate on.

  • chaoguy

    Of course, the alternative is puritanism.

  • Derek

    I do.

    And it isn’t inaction so much as NONE of us have any clout. Who are they gonna listen to a) The owner of a site and it’s audience who have shiitty day jobs unrelated to the press or is a struggling journalist who can’t even establish a proper line of advertisement or b) The multicolored feminist and like minded people who is allowed to finger Obama’s wife?

  • Derek

    Of course not, but’s who counting?

    But let’s look at it from our point of view, today’s culture values maturity. If Japan wants acceptance, they have to be more mature about their sole means of obtaining influence which is through their culture. Given that we rabidly consume it, we need better examples from Japan. Fanservice is great and all, but the whole “deer in headlights” hasn’t made Japan many friends.

  • Derek

    Along with the world! /bane.

  • Derek

    Their answer has always been isolation. Ban foreigners from accessing their sites, clamp down on the pirates. Easy way out.

    Shame for people on the other side.

  • Alcatraz

    So what are they going to do? Write a strongly worded letter like usual? Do they not have anything better to do? I swear there has been rampant economic and social issues throughout Europe that need to be remedied…
    Not to mention the fact that this is clearly a fools errand.

  • Jenny Hozuki

    Anita Sarkeesian is not a Twitter moderator.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    “our point of view”
    Don’t fucking lump myself and the rest of nichegamer with your group of insecure adults. Some people can handle consuming content and not give a shit what others think.

    “today’s culture values maturity”

    Which is why divorce rates in the west are sky high, teen pregnancy is rampant, people protest free speech daily at universities and insulting corporations and/or celebrities gets you mocked.

    “If Japan wants acceptance, they have to be more mature about their sole
    means of obtaining influence which is through their culture.”

    Look up censorship in Japan. Then compare it to the west and get back to me.

    “If Japan wants acceptance, they have to be more mature about their sole
    means of obtaining influence which is through their culture.”

    Pic fucking related. Also, f you think American Media with its scripted “Reality” TV is any more mature you have some serious fucking reflecting to do.

    “Given that we rabidly consume it, we need better examples from Japan.”

    Post some good US examples to send to Japan. I dare you motherfucker.

    “Fanservice is great and all, but the whole ‘deer in headlights’ hasn’t made Japan many friends.”

    Oh they haven’t made the right “kind” of friends. Your entire life isn’t highschool, Chief. Take your fucking projection back to 10th grade.

  • Cael

    What if the rapist gets raped? Would the rapist still like rape?

    (This is not a serious comment. Feel free to ignore.)

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Only men can rape and men can’t be raped, shitlord!

  • dsadsada

    I just imagined one saying “well played”.

  • Elilla Shadowheart

    So why are they against women in the workforce? A large number of eroge and hentai artists, not to mention those doing VO’s and even programing in h-games are female.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Shimoneta is going to be real.

  • Fenrir7

    Why do feminists have to destroy everything that’s fun? Self entitled cunts.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    They want to control men. There is an untapped market of virgin Otakus out there that they can try to grasp hold of.

  • grgspunk

    We don’t have clout? What do you mean clout?

    I’m not talking about persuading people through legitimate mans, dude. I’m talking about blackhatting these SOBs; Hacking their sites/emails/social media accounts, prank calls, mass-doxxing, mass-SWAT’ing, stealing their identities and using it to flood their doorsteps with thousands of dollars worth of stupid crap bought on their dime and so on. You know, REAL harassment, not any of that Twitter-based BS that the current generation of SJWs have accused us of doing.

    As long as unleashing the “Internet Hate Machine” on them remains off the table, then any failures we suffer IS due to inaction.

    I remember all the shit that these sex-negative fuckers tried to do to my weeb market–They’re the ones that caused the Tokyo government to persue the “fictional materials” ban. They cast the western fanbase in a negative light in the eyes of Japanese VN developers. They caused Minori to close off their site to western IPs and sabotage the TLwiki. They’re the ones that spooked JAST to censor Kazoku Keikaku at the last minute. They’re the ones who spooked Mangagamer into considering censoring Soul Link and Higurashi. They’re the ones who spooked Funimation into considering the censorship of Dance in the Vampire Bund.

    With the Rapelay scandal, these assholes set the western anime, manga, J-game, and VN markets back by YEARS. They deserve neither respect nor mercy.

  • grgspunk

    I still can’t believe we as a fandom haven’t driven out pro-censorship dipshits like Derek from our ranks after all the shit the otaku community has had to put up with.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Nah, they aren’t trying to take away our games. Nope, no siree.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    That’s what SJWs have been doing this entire time. More concerned over fictional women then real.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    I just hope this doesn’t have any adverse effects for us. Like, if the games media were to push more of their hatred of japanese games, we see less games over here. It’s already starting with either censorship or outright choosing not to release a game.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    We believe in free speech. Most of us, anyway. That’s why we don’t drive them out. There are consequences for saying stupid shit though. Like being called a faggot.

  • Dawn Blast

    except world wide.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    And not as fun. With more death and screaming.

  • deadeye

    I’m sure this will be as effective as everything else the UN does.

    That is, accomplishing nothing.

  • Go D. Usopp

    Proof if it were ever needed that the UN is useless if they’re wasting their time on this nonsense while ISIS are out there killing and raping every day

  • grgspunk

    Then count me as one of few that don’t believe in “free speech”. I’ve grown fed up with my favorite titles being compromised again and again due to assholes that want to see them done away with.

    We don’t need any “fans” that try to make a case against violent/sexual content in our Japanese titles. The Japanese devs and western localizers might actually listen to them.

  • Gabriel Ibisch

    Personally, I’m more a fan of Tumblr dying.

  • forweg

    FUCK the UN. A worthless, corrupt organization for many years now.

    Yeah, those evil Japanese rape games hurt real women so much. Must explain why Japan has one of the lowest sexual assault rates in the world.

  • Gabriel Ibisch

    I pretty much guarantee it would 10 times as efficient and better than what the UN is now.

  • Gabriel Ibisch

    Well, that leads to the question…. what technically is considered rape?

  • Gabriel Ibisch


  • bateruchan

    in US law, idk about UN, it’s forced penetration. ‘forced to penetrate’ being classified as ‘sexual assault’

  • Gabriel Ibisch

    Perfect GIF btw. Love it.

  • Gabriel Ibisch

    Thank you for showing us this Robert, but, still the main issue that we are talking about is needless censorship. I do appreciate your being able to take a stance, but, in all honesty, it’s the fact that the UN feels the need to make this a topic of discussion, which leaves a taste of disgust.

  • Gabriel Ibisch

    We will now eliminate these words deemed too descriptive of a sexual nature from our languages in order to protect our women. Good Night, Comrade

  • Jettythesunfish

    Yup, I’m sure the virtual women are grateful for…oh wait…

  • Thirded. We’ll start our own United Nations, and Invite ILLUSION SOFT and KISS to do Secratorial duties in Asia.

    And By Secratorial, I mean.. fuck it, I just wanted to make a eroge joke, but I ain’t got nothing, sue me.

  • Mike Campbell

    Have you guys read the rest of the review before you get salty

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    The crime of using force or the threat of force to compel a person to submit to sexual intercourse.
    SJWs have 20 other definitions.

  • Mighty No. 56008

    What, you mean how they do focus on other issues that matter? Sure they do, but that doesn’t explain why this was the first item listed nor why they are even making this an issue to begin with.

    But what does concern me is this:

    #7 states:

    Please indicate the measures taken to ban the sale of video games or cartoons involving rape and sexual violence against girls and women and to raise awareness among the producers of such materials, in line with the Committee’s general recommendation No. 19 on violence against women. Please also indicate the measures taken to address the mass production, distribution and use of pornographic videos in which women are targets of sexual violence, as well as the portrayal of sexualized commercial images of women.

    Granted I’m not 100% sure what is being said here or the exact context, but it sounds like they are already wanting to move forward with this idea?

  • Swadian Knight


  • Swadian Knight


  • Audie Bakerson

    According Mombot when writing to Nippon the UN wrote Fukushima in Chinese.
    「ばか」 isn’t nearly strong enough to describe these people.


  • KnxGuy MGY

    i ma about to harass the crap out of the UN… ready… brace yourselves…..

    i disagree with you…

  • Tyrone Jackson


    You shouldn’t be allowed to do that!

  • Joe

    I bet you Sarkeesian personally told the clueless bureaucrats to add that to their list of issues. She really is the videogame equivalent of the anti-Christ.

  • chizwoz

    Damnit, if only there was some concept that linked speculative ideas to real world effects……

    EVIDENCE! You got none.

  • chizwoz

    The same organisation that has Saudi Arabia on it’s human rights council.

  • goigoi

    So for now we should have nothing to worry about…hopefully. But when 2018-2020 hit japan is likely to listen to the un or do it themselves. I’m sure some of the milf ero will stay but all the lolis and high school girls are done for…(temporarily I hope)

  • goigoi

    “Japan gives even less of a shit about what the UN says than the US. This
    is easily seen in their continued research into the tastyness of Whales”

    thank you, I needed a laugh, I’ve had a shit week.

  • Joe

    Without the UN, we would have had World War 3 by now. It was created out of the ashes of the League of Nations, the collapse of which partly led to World War 2.

    So yeah, we definitely need a UN if you hope to not die because of nuclear armageddon or environmental collapse in your lifetime.

    The problem is when the UN stops focusing on solving major global issues (peace, environment, poverty) and starts getting sidetracked by tiny side issues dreamed up by radical social liberals with pet agendas.

  • Derek

    Your definition of that is awfully shortsighted, I have seen softcore porn in western games, bare nudity on a console game that isn’t covered by bars of light. But go ahead say Japan is open about sexually explicit stuff. Sure if you say PCs, but the consoles disagree with you.

  • Derek

    Now, who said I wanted to see those games done away with? My opinions is based on the grim reality that we only got so much money to spend on and if I want Japanese games, I want it to treat me with some degree of respect. Yakuza is a clear example of a Japanese that shows respect to it’s country. Is it a walking sim? Is it one of those shitty walking sims as approved as the queen bitch Sarkeesian herself?

    But go ahead and call me pro censorship for wanting quality games. My angle has always been “Good games before shitty ones”. Fanservice and violence has never been an issue. Mediocrity is an issue.

  • Kiryu

    Jim Sterling said so so you have to believe him.

  • Kiryu

    Funny thing is radical feminists are the majority consumers of hardcore porn.

  • Joe

    True but 15 years ago the UN also correctly warned the world about the stupidity of Conservatives deciding to invade Iraq….

  • grgspunk

    Who said you wanted to see those games done away with? I did, that’s what. That’s all that matters.

    Newsflash: Your kind of “fan” has been crusading against “mediocre” titles for YEARS before SJW-approved walking sims came into anyone’s view. Don’t think I’ve never dealt with people like you infesting our fandom before.

    Almost every single person that argues against mediocrity in weeb titles have specifically directed their “criticisms” towards low-quality titles, particularly those with violence or fanservice.

    That might not seem like anything on paper, but you know what I also noticed? Almost every one of those fuckers have also defended or promoted an apologetic stance whenever the issue of a title censored crops up. NOT ONCE have I seen any “critics” in sites like ANN deriding poor quality fanservice titles without downplaying or defending censorship whenever it pops up.

    You know what I concluded from this? You pretentious assholes like to blur, if not outright destroy the line between “taste” and “quality” for the sake of shaping what is/isn’t acceptable in the market. If some critically-acclaimed title pops up and happens to have both, you guys like to come up with stupid excuses as to why its violent/sexual content is somehow different from the “less quality” titles.

    Seriously. Is it just me, or is every single “critic” of poor-quality fanservice also just happens to be defenders of censorship? Could it just be that I’m I simply mistaking correlation with causation?

    Regardless of the answer, it’s IRRELEVANT, because the Japanese studios and the western localization companies will misinterpret your intentions and automatically assume you’re crusading against the fanservice, not the lack of quality. “Fans” like you have consistently failed to demonstrate that your “criticisms” toward violent/sexual content aren’t calls for censorship. “Fans” like you have repeatedly failed to assure anyone that you actually respect the right of such content to exist.

    With that in mind, why do we need “fans” like you in the first place?

    Us fanservice/Type-B otakus have been brought to believe for too long that those who don’t think the same way towards violent/sexual content in our titles still need to be respected for their opinions. After the hysteria that resulted from the Rapelay scandal of 2009, I finally realized how costly of a mistake that was.

    You don’t deserve respect. You won’t live and let live. SJW or not, you’ll just find every way possible to influence the market to get rid of anything you might find objectionable. Our fandom should’ve just stigmatized and ousted you guys like we did to those who dared to defend 4Kids’ atrocious editing practices in the mid-2000’s.

    Let me say this for those who don’t have the balls to say it: I couldn’t care less about your right to “free speech”–You don’t belong here, asswipe.

  • Mr0303

    This post is doubleplus good. Remeber – Big Sister is watching you.

  • scemar

    So the north is desperately trying to get nukes, and the south will send you to prison for having porn.

    Damn Koreas, why do you have to be so crazy.

  • Alistair

    That hypocrite warp mind of them is double standards crap-trap from them.

    Do not Put this in my game it will offend me & my faith while beheading, stoning is the norm it a culture thing over there our way of life etc etc no it not its bloody murder.

    You could say they mysognist against their own women by stoning them & it didn’t link to video games.

    I want to know what the reason of stoning people is it to drive out the evil in them well it didn’t work they end up dead.

  • Alistair

    Joke time: How many hands to jack off?

    3, 1 person to play with they vita with both hands the 2nd person wank of the 1st person with Vita.

  • Alex Hamerling

    Ok so the article talks about rape games, and violence against women, but why is there a picture of Senran Kagura?

  • Alistair

    It is a well know fact Video games is the easiest scapegoat to go after then other media platforms.

    It cost money to go after real sex offenders & low cost cutting doesn’t help the matter.

    it doesn’t cost much to criticism somethings as talk is cheap but I see a empass here this if go ahead will go back & bite SJWs on the very arse they loath.

    The western Dev will be effected too as western Dev games treatment of women are also questionable like strippers in GTA etc etc.

    You think the video games industry will stand for that also it would spread across to other media as well because you have to be fair across all boards.

    No I see a smokescreen for bigger things to come & I won’t stand by.

    The foces now is what will happen to xseed & mavelousEU if this go ahead.

  • Zanard Bell

    Good to know that when Europe is burning, the Middle East is plagued by Islamic hoodrats, and there’s a climate crisis going about, the UN chose to focus on FICTION to champion for human rights. Oh wait, scratch that. Female rights.

    And also, one good thing about it is that the UN basically has no power at all when it comes to policing everything it tries to champion. Just remember, kids: you shoot it if the helmet is blue.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    The almighty dollar speaks. Don’t buy shitty products. It’s that fucking simple.

  • Zanard Bell

    Aw, that’s beautiful. I’m saving this one.

  • アントナント

    At least, you don’t get false ideas about NK while SK give you the illusion that everything is going well on the surface in comparison.
    I remember someone on Nichegamer tried to shill for South Korea once.

  • Zanard Bell

    As long as we sail for the stars and fight xenos, yes.

  • Zanard Bell


  • James Hewitson

    Leave my Ecchi alone UN. Do some ACTUAL WORK for once.

  • Maxwell Mineur

    ……The Elimination of Discrimination Against Women..??

    Ban Islam then you fucking hypocrites.

  • Lea Pastillaroja

    Kikes should know better than expecting Japan to shut down such a flourishing and lucrative industry becoz muh soggy knees.
    Besides, Animu is the spearhead of japàn’s evil plot for world domintation by indoctrinating all the geeks into weebs. No way they’ll allow cultural Marxism to foil their plans

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    “if I want Japanese games, I want it to treat me with some degree of respect.”
    There is no greater respect to humanity than allowing complete artistic freedom and freedom of expression. Which Japan doesn’t do, because you still haven’t looked up their censorship laws.

    Also is it Maturity or Mediocrity that is the issue to you? Which one?

  • アントナント

    I love Yakuza games but that doesn’t stop me to love the “mediore fanservice games” (as you label them) too.
    I bet you would also like for France to stop making lewd drawings because it’s compromising its ‘respect’.

  • アントナント


    People who try too hard to look mature are nothing but kids

  • jackie901 .

    This is worrying. I recall a while back CNN (I think) tried to beat the war drums to get people to declare war on Manga and they did it by taking a tame image from some Manga and putting black censorship bars on it then posted the image with some caption claiming it was child porn and that that image was representative of the whole Manga industry.

    I have no doubt in my mind they’ll do the same here with video games by claiming the likes of RapeLay represents all Japanese Eroge games and try to pass a ban. Given the track record of the UN’s self declared “Gaming experts” and their ties to individuals known to fabricate evidence for their cause I have no doubt in my mind they will fake evidence to support banning games.

  • Madbrainbox

    Let’s say all Japanese games involved rape and horrible abuse towards women.Let’s say all you’d do in said game was to rape and abuse women.That doesn’t give them the fucking right to censor them.I’m an adult.|I don’t need someone else what can and cannot play.What can and cannot watch.What can and cannot fucking say.

    And if they think they do then they need to be dismantled.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    NK and SK are living proof of Horseshoe Theory.

  • Kiryu

    But remember folks;there is no such thing as a war declared on japanese gaming,it’s all just our imagination.

  • iam16bits

    Dear UN

    FUCK OFF!!!


  • NeoTechni

    Hey guys, should we go after fgm, Muslim child brides, or the oppression of imaginary women?

    Well Bob, I think we should go after the one that’ll help the most people

    I know what you mean Jim. If we put a stop to giant boobs in games we’ll save lots of lives

    Uh, no Bob. That’d save zero. Those women don’t exist…

  • Alistair

    There a another form of sexual violence in games Ecchi games so it still a smokescreen that covers other games extreme violence with sexual images it be given a free pass that all games that have treatment of women.

    Would be banned.

  • Hiecchi

    Of course, the western culture knows what is the best for the rest of the world…..there is really only one word for this; culture terrorism!

    still, its only against women so “traps” and “futanari” are okay! and dont forget monstergirls because there are no humans or furry
    the UN can do nothing against the creativity japans, the only way to stop is a ban against all pornography/erotic

  • ivanchu77

    Should i get worried or there´s little chance they actually manage to pass the ban on japanese games?

  • RobertParker14

    I am fine with that point of view. But it must be expressed sensibly if you want people to listen and take notice (and otherwise, what’s the point of discussing it on the internet at all?)
    If you express it with hyperbole, hysteria and badly researched arguments (“The UN does nothing for real problems/men’s sexual assault) – when it’s so easily disproven – everyone will just think you are being hysterical and illogical.

  • RobertParker14

    Erm, go and read up on it again – no one has said the problem is due to the gender of those who are creating the content. They are taking issue with the content itself. They aren’t “against women in the workforce”, as you state, that would imply that they are taking issue with the gender of the creators.
    Honestly I’m a bit surprised that you could be confused by this!

  • RobertParker14

    I was simply proving that the point I was responding to – that the UN do nothing except this type of “censorship” – is untrue. If you think the UN invent entire programs just so they can make a website about them and pretend they are doing actual good work, as a cover for their real work which is censorship of art – you are paranoid.

  • RobertParker14

    So? The link I posted above doesn’t say anything about ending rape of women.
    They have different programs aimed at tackling male victims of sexual violence, and female ones – presumably because they are separate issues with separate underlying causes.
    Just because one type of program exists, doesn’t mean that the other can’t, as well. You just seem to be ignoring facts because they don’t fit your narrative which I find intellectually dishonest.

  • 萌ゲー

    This isn’t the first time they have tried to ban games, let alone anything in Japan, so it is DEFINITELY on their agenda.



  • RobertParker14

    And also further to my previous reply – this issue has nothing to do with crime rates. Go and read the article which is actually linked instead of simply getting outraged by a blog writer’s interpretation of the UN agenda.

    If you had read the link you would see that they aren’t looking at Japan in isolation at all, the report is investigating a number of countries including Iceland, Sweden, Mongolia, Czech Republic, Vanuatu, Haiti and Tanzania. Many of them, you will note, are also not known for high crime rates.
    Honestly you guys are ready to get offended about anything without even reading the actual facts, aren’t you? Remind you of anyone?

  • King of Bros

    Won’t somebody please
    think of the fictional women

  • 萌ゲー

    Mmm, but what if they like their jobs and don’t want hypersensitive cucks to ruin their way of lives~?

  • RobertParker14

    Erm, you do realise that first link you posted is about banning images of child abuse? Are you really going to use that to try and make a point?

    Haven’t checked the second link yet, will do now – was just so gobsmacked that you’d linked that first one …

  • 萌ゲー

    Ummm, I think the seiyuu like their jobs tho…and do the women who helped create it not get a say either?

  • 萌ゲー

    What is the child’s name and the address of her parents, I’ll send an officer immediately…oh wait…she’s not real.

  • 萌ゲー

    And women who have interest in them do not exist, despite their names rolling through the credits.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    The U.S. has a rape rate of 27 times the amount that of Japan. get a clue UN. http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/compare/Japan/United-States/Crime

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    I never that I’d say this but YEAH FOR CORRUPT IMPOTENT IDIOTS!

  • Evropi

    Agreed it’s nonsense but the anti-sex attitudes in Japan are dangerous for the economy. Had no idea it was 20% who ‘swore off sex’, it’s even worse than I thought from what the financial press wrote. Where did you find that statistic? Too few are having children, will lead to lots of problems down the line.

  • Evropi

    I think it’s more ‘happy indifference’ on our part than ‘beating down’. :) Don’t be so weak.

  • Evropi

    Are you actually suggesting crime is the best form of action? Do not stoop so low.

  • grgspunk

    That is true, but obviously not many people are willing to leave it at that. That’s why you need to carve out the dipshits from your fandom so that your dollar speaks instead of theirs.

  • Kiryu

    And yet they think they are morally superior.

  • Evropi

    Thing is, they used to get shafted in the past a lot for condemning people America doesn’t like. That’s why they’re now going after G8/EU/the first world in a desperate attempt to be seen as just. Likewise with Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, it’s a trend in the overseer organisations as of late.

  • 萌ゲー

    それあるー! If Zoe Quinn can “express” herself by using sex to further her career, then I get to fap to 2D mecha musume lolis~

  • Evropi

    For what it’s worth, there was lots of rape against men in the wars in the Congo and subsequent guerilla conflicts there.

    Generally speaking, Congolese nations have always had women soldiers, which were sadly just as apt to rape and pillage as the men.

    The UN did condemn it (along with the many other atrocities), never actually doing much about it. This goes for most of their work. I wouldn’t expect Japan to do anything about the UN’s latest whine aside from sending back a copy-pasted letter about how the government is inclusive and a load of diplomatic yadda yadda yadda.

  • Vyktar

    Umm, can you UN please FUCK OFF.

  • Volksgrenadier


    LOL just like when the UN tries to take my guns? it makes suggestions that have to international power whatsoever. its a faggot committee made so countries can make themselves feel better about being irrelevent



  • Carl619

    But Japan’s media main target it’s Japan itself. When governement tried to illegalized lolicon, they only could put it in adult content stores and it was heavily criticized by artists. Their media only see japanese people as their only audience, only big names like naruto can give them big benefits to see western as a target audience. Why would they want to make their audience worldwide when most western people only sees anime as children’s cartoon, manga as weird japanese comic and japanese games as childish games when they already have a big group that buys their products? Many companies that tried to target their product to other audiences met their end, or only their franchise like command and conquer.

    We are talking about they could make laws to westernized their media, but the media isn’t the government, they have their own agendas and right now japanese public will prefer to see japanese weird anime than an american show with a japanese name.

    Our culture values maturity as a type sanctification but our media still sells sex and violence. The maturity right now is only a way to make our points of view more valid without the need of a proof. How many times we were talked that games are immature even today, while we have books or tv shows that do the same.

    Their reputation of immature isn’t only because of fanservice but some japanese tv shows are weird because they like absurd games.

  • Daryl Corey

    I try

  • grgspunk

    Stoop so low? More like we’d be LEVELING OURSELVES UP.

    So far, we have experienced nothing but defeat when it comes to these guys. The Tokyo manga ban that inspired the Shimoneta series is exactly because of pressure from these assholes.

    Do you not realize how much danger our favorite titles have been in as a result of all these assholes doing this bullshit? Has it ever occured to you how much we as a fandom would benefit from driving them out?

    Tell me, how much more must our media suffer before we take any definitive action?

    The old (I.E.: true) anonymous and their blackhatting ways from the mid-to-late 2000s (pre-Chanology) have done wonders to get the results they want: The threat of getting fucked by anonymous deterred G4 TechTV from doing an interview/documentary that would’ve provided negative TV coverage on 4chan. Their Longcat Crusades have terrorized sites like Subeta and Gaia Online from making money off of their memes. They’ve inflicted fear on countless Myspace/Facebook users who speak out against them (or provide them with laughs).

    All of this may seem like they’re just doing petty crap, but there’s one thing that you can’t deny: It worked.

    So what’s preventing any of us from learning from all this and applying it against the sex-negative feminists/SJWs, anti-fanservice “fans”, or even the individuals in the UN that want to see our sexual/violent titles gone? Only ourselves, that’s what.

    Tell me: What can we NOT gain from this? What is there to be gained by not exploring EVERY possibility to damage our opponents, regardless of legatlity? What is there to not gain from supressing and deterring those who wish to take away our titles from ever speaking up?

    It may seem petty to insist on breaking the law to ensure that your media remains uncensored, but IT’S OUR MEDIA THAT’S GETTING FUCKED WITH. As long as this perception of pettiness remains, that perception will continue to be used by the opposition to keep you at bay so that they can keep doing whatever the hell they want to do with your media. Thus, your favorite titles will continue to be censored again and again.

    When does it end? When do you start considering victory over morality? What is “freedom” to us if we continually allow those who wish harm to the things we cherish unhindered?

    As long as you insist that we’ll be “stooping low” by doing this, we will never win. History will repeat itself, just like with the Rapelay scandal, and it’ll only get worse. Our media will never know peace.

  • TheManWithPants

    What a load of shit. South Park expressed my thoughts on SJWs up perfectly:

  • Toshiya K

    I knew it goddamit

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    It’s funny that you mention their government being inclusive. They recently announced they are reducing their target % of women working in government and business. Turns out women just don’t want those jobs. They’d rather draw tits. http://archive.is/JWCcg

  • bateruchan

    it’s been years tho, man. years of being against this shit and making sure i don’t support all this bullshit with my wallet and just generally trying to avoid but i’m getting fucking tired now.

    it’s not because i’m suddenly agreeing with censorship and just ‘okay’ with shit like this.
    it’s that i feel beaten down and hopeless/worthless when it comes to this shit stopping

  • Madbrainbox

    Easy.Get rid of the need for oil.

  • アントナント

    I rape elves all day everyday

  • Nameless App 1989

    Get the US outta the UN, and vice-versa!

  • TwinspectreGaming101

    F**k the UN and their Pedo staff and f**k the SJW
    UN and SJW should focus more on Real Life woman being killed for no reason, but hey Virtual Woman are more Important

  • tccboss

    This makes me loath PC culture and the UN even more. The hate that burns might make my blood pressure run high and kill me.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    That would require SJWs to actually care about women. This has always been about control for them. Just look at their “leaders” and you will notice they are all opportunistic hacks. It amazes me how easily the sheep that follow them listen and believe after their leaders have been disproven.

  • Alistair

    Well I be I hope The UN would also retract this too like they did with Zoe & Anita report to the UN violence against women & girls.


    That was due video games industry getting involved ha ha suck it SJWs retards.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Yes, but without Twitter, these SJWs would be more contained on places like tumblr. He would also see a drop in hate mobs forming. It amazes me how blind Twitter is (well they probably support it) when “activists” use the platform to attack people in real life for doing something. Ex: That dentist guy. Yeah, it was a shitty thing for him to kill that lion, but he didn’t deserve to have his fucking ruined and his business destroyed.

  • TwinspectreGaming101

    and this fucking pathetic, these people are a Joke for the society they are not doing good stuff for the human beings they care about controlling us and ban virtual stuff

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    “Honestly you guys are ready to get offended about anything without even
    reading the actual facts, aren’t you? Remind you of anyone?”
    You keep ignoring the little fact that this doesn’t mention sexual violence against men at all. Take your SJW comparison and shove it up your ass.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    You still refuse to argue my point. Why does this specifically state sexual violence against women? Why not EVERYONE?

  • Nameless App 1989

    Looks like my prediction of everybody being offended by everything this year is coming true….

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Doesn’t matter. Fictional characters are more important than real people.

  • Derek

    The fact you had spent so much time nerdraging like this shows how utterly delusional ou are. Here is a hint, I am not calling for the removal of objectionable content.

    I am however allowed to saying the unpleasant facts like it is and it is up to the creator to listen. If they don’t fine, but I am not going to pretend that the only thing out of Japan is generic fanservice titles. I didn’t endure 5 years of crap from Compile Heart to finally get a digital uncensored version of a series I have held close to my heart for so long.

    You know who you are? An GG Revolter, the kind of people that justifies Anita and LW’s crusade, the useful idiot that shows the worst side of Gamergate. If KiA is the reasonable voice then you are the raving loon. But look on the bright side, at least you don’t have an anime girl avatar so I actually can listen to your opinion.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Well, everyone knew that was a lie to begin with.

  • Derek

    I like my porn, but I don’t whip out my dick and talk about how hard it gets me or pretend it’s high brow like the worst sexual deviant roleplayers like anyone with the sanity to play FATAL.

  • Derek

    I am not ignorant, I know about how Order 1886, Thi4f, and some other wester games has their sex scenes and frontal nudity removed. A pity really from a country who loves to put cute anime girls in sexually compromising positions.

  • Evropi

    I was saying that, in diplomacy, they will couch things in nice terms, regardless of the reality of the situation. The Japanese govt. may be less keen on gender balance, but I guarantee you the diplomats who pen the response (if they respond at all) will give a generic canned message about how Japan cares about women’s rights. But that goes for any country, you can replace ‘Japan’ with just about any country that is criticised. Unless they have an axe to grind of course, like Israel and being told to stop the settlements. :)

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    I know they’ll sugarcoat everything. I hope it just remains as an exchange of sugarcoated bullshit instead of an actual ban.

  • Alistair

    Another factor about the crazy femmists is a vid in it a women panel & the chair-woman says women Have to speak 1st, women need to be at a debate if no women present the debate can’t go ahead by cancelled.

    But the highlight was this new phase they come up with, it a well know fact the phrase you innocent until you prove guilty well flip that on its head & you get guilty until you prove innocent.

    WTF they smoking god they into justice as well social justice of justice lol ?

  • Evropi

    “What can we NOT gain from this?”

    I’ll give you two:

    1. Any semblance of respect. Ethical hacking is MAYBE fine as long as you’re a whisteblower, harassment never is. You may have noticed that
    Gamergate does condemn harassment, despite what Polygon and other morons
    say. Personally I’m indifferent (for the most part to GG) and against the SJWs. I won’t ruin their fucking lives over it, Christ. I certainly wouldn’t want anyone that rails against them to (rightfully) end up in prison. Violence is not the answer.

    Moreover, no, it didn’t work. Race and gender diversity is now an unshakeable part of the conversation. If you didn’t give Kotaku, Polygon and eventually the mainstream media fodder, it would be part of the conversation and developers would be less apt to censor themselves.

    It’s not about ‘playing nice’, it’s about dignity. You praise them for working through fear but that’s exactly what these supranational forces, like the UN want to do. Whatever happened to Christian values? I’d rather

    2. Having a life. They’re just games man. At this point, given all the reading you have done, I’m just about convinced you care far less about games than about games culture. You also care far too much about them in general. It’s sad that you work up so much anger over entertainment products, and then advocate for crime to defend them. Your whole post was a pastiche of what I honestly thought were a bunch of strawmen. I hope for you that you were merely playing it up.

  • scemar

    The UN is not all mighty, but it isn’t trivially irrelevant either.
    It should not be underestimated.
    They can go the slow erosion route, slowly chipping away freedoms with little things over time.

    Remember there’s also the olympics going on soon, and Japan has shown there might be bans on expression to make the country more PC friendly for the sensitive gaijins coming.
    And they’ve teased bans before.
    They might not seem it but Japan is constantly on the verge of implementing tighter anti expression regulations.

  • Kraken

    that is goddamned scary

  • Immahnoob

    Yeah, I remember how their Cyberviolence paper made the Internet a complete safe space.

    More like, no, that didn’t happen. Instead, we have people constantly pushing against them.

  • neokiva
  • Momiji

    I love reading about these things (especially the comment section afterwards)… lol.

  • Exparagus

    The UN is going against an opponent they have no hope of defeating

  • Aken Bosch

    If you do. First thing you need to rememmber, is DO NOT MAKE UNSC. It’s exactly why UN has no power over serious matter, Because every time shit involves political intrests of a major power (read almost always), they would just veto the hell of anything other then a declaretion.

  • Aken Bosch

    Some people actually believed it.
    Those who wanted to have nothing to do with it. And those who live in a magical land.

  • Aken Bosch

    Because it’s halal

  • Aken Bosch

    Yes. Like the right to vote and be voted!
    Waifus for presidents!

    Election cmpagn promises includes, but not limited to:

    1) Bouncing tits for everyone
    2) Making vritual reality and means for having it in our lives a human right.
    3) We return to moon! Now with 100% more waifus!
    So vote now, for your waifu. Because right to be elected is one of the most important human right, and we cannot and shouldn’t ban digital womans from it.

  • Aken Bosch

    Exept gay pornography :D Because, for some reason it doesn’t involves woman…
    Oh my. D: I just realised. Gay pornography usually doesn’t involve woman. Do you see all this misoginy? I blame patriarchy.

  • Derek

    Don’t get your hopes up, he is that vehement in defending his ecchi titles since it is the only form of escapism he is able to enjoy

  • Sean Sharpe

    I wonder if people read the link in the article, where games depicting rape are only one think they are talking about… Or realize that the UN is ultimately an impotent organization…

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    Oh please. We live in an era where disagreements with women are considered abuse and criticism of women is considered harassment. Rape as a word, has lost all value since something so trival as a fucking bad thought against women is considered rape now. So who’s to say that the UN/Feminists won’t simply abuse the definition to include ALL forms of sexuality?

    Let’s say they are just targeting games/anime that have sexual violence against women. Believe it or not, I think games like Rapelay deserve to exist. It explores the darker aspects of the human psyche and human sexuality in a safe way. This type of material is targeted at adults because most sane adults can tell the difference between reality and fantasy. (Until there is some objective non feminist peer reviwed scientific study that establishes a clear correlation of the media one consumes and the increase of sexual violence against women then it’s harmless). But hell why doesn’t the UN go after Romance Novels also since some of them depict women marrying their rapists? Or how about Feminist porn that contains BDSM?

    I hate how the UN/Feminists are pissing at my feet and telling me it’s raining. This is an authoritarian move to police Japan’s sexuality.

  • Weaver2

    So the subjugation of actual women in the middle east isn’t something the UN cares about but cartoon characters in Japan have rights worth protecting?

  • Guin

    How is Canada weird besides Quebec? They’re called America’s Hat and nothing else.

  • randomdude

    “secretarial” duties is enough for a joke for the industry (how many office scenes have there been now?)

  • Feniks

    North Korea
    Climate change
    Zika virus outbreak

    Future generations will make fun of us.

  • randomdude

    If anyone can figure out how to get that giant gundam statue Japan has moving….

  • randomdude

    Appears to be nothing more than talk

  • randomdude

    Are number puzzles the worst they could come up with?

  • Lenapar

    I will destroy everything if they touch my senran’s

  • Elilla Shadowheart

    I’m going to use SJW logic to help you out. Women are making the content, ergo they have a problem with women.

  • mrwizeass

    Not only that, but what better way to divert attention away from your own country’s atrocious treatment of women than to point at another country’s arbitrarily?

  • Clairity

    I know, right? How was I supposed to know I don’t even exist!

  • Brandon Shorter

    Er yeah the UN is not that powerful lol… Sauda Arabia is on the human right councils how htat working out for woman right ? sound like an empty statement . US feminist and conservative joined forces in attempts to ban porn , and it was thrown out since the ability to even define what was porn or what was “Offensive images ” or even what was consider violence . Since there defintions overlap with murder mysteries and slasher films nad horror . since it heavily relied on there own subjective interpretation . Where talking about “Pictures here ” so not even an argument about physical people anymore , and a cross national sovereignty . UN is useless it has no real power to influence anything .

  • Derek

    Mdo7? Motherfucker is an notorious koreaboob shill.

  • grgspunk

    “Nerdraging”? Is that the best you’ve got?

    Guess what? If I say that you’re pushing for the removal of objectionable content, then you’re pushing for the removal of objectionable content. The crap that you’ve been spewing falls neatly in line with what most pro-censorship “fans” in the otaku community:

    “It’s not censorship, it’s criticism!”

    “It’s not censorship, it’s localization!”

    “It’s not censorship if it’s content that makes anime/manga/J-games/VNs look bad!”

    “It’s not censorship if it’s content that make Japan look bad!”

    “It’s not censorship if it’s just generic fanservice!”

    “It’s not censorship if it’s content I don’t like!”

    I’ve got plenty more, but I’m pretty sure that’s more than enough to label you as pro-censorship. You think you’re allowed to say the “unpleasant facts” and that it’s up to the creators to listen? Not on my watch. If it weren’t for “fans” like you, we would’ve had MonMon for the Vita here uncensored in the first place. If it weren’t for “fans” like you, Idea Factory wouldn’t have had to pass on certain CH titles due to their risque content.

    SJW or not, “fans” like you have contributed to an ongoing narrative that treats developers and localization companies who have the courage to create and/or bring over fanservice titles with the utmost disrespect. That disrespect has translated to censorship of games brought over from Japan. That disrespect has translated to games from Japan being passed on for an overseas release. That disrespect has translated to games being censored WITHIN Japan itself.

    With that in mind, you don’t deserve to have a voice in MY weeb market. We would’ve had a lot more titles with content that pushes the boundaries if it weren’t for “fans” like you providing them negative feedback.

    I’m a GGrevolter? You’re joking, right? That board was founded by retards like Zan, Thidran, Drybones, and seattle4truth. I don’t associate myself with a board founded by morons who circlejerk each other on Youtube streams and hidden IRC chatrooms, trying to persuade GG’ers into obsessing over non-vidya-related politcs rather than vidya-related issues. They’d rather blackhat the owner of another GG board rather than the SJWs themselves, all because said owner of said board wasn’t a member of their little hidden circle of fucktards who tried to control GG from the behind the scenes. Really, dude? You’re lumping me with THEM?

    If what I’m saying justifies the LW’s crusade, then I just let them justify it. When the LWs talk about “harassment”, they refer to people putting up mean posts on their Twitter feed. When I talk about “harassment”, I refer to people sacking their websites and stealing their identities. Which do you think has the potential to cause more damage? It isn’t the Twitter shit, I can tell you that for sure.

    Whatever that the SJWs have been bitching about is NOTHING compared to what the old/true anonymous did back in the mid-to-late 2000s.

    What are the SJW’s cries of “harassment” compared to the attacks that Keith, owner of Subeta.org, suffered when his site got defaced, his identity stolen, emails leaked, social media accounts hacked, and his customers’ data compromised, all over an in-game cash shop item fashioned after the famous longcat meme?

    What are the SJW’s cries of “harassment” compared to the agony that Mitchell Henderson’s parents experienced in 2006, when they had to put up with prank phone calls for A YEAR AND A HALF due to a poorly-written Myspace obituary dedicated to their deceased son who “An Hero’d” himself?

    What are the SJW’s cries of “harassment” compared to the PHYSICAL harm that anon caused when they decided to hack the Epilepsy Foundation’s forums in 2008 by replacing all the links on the front page with links that redirect users to a webpage filled with flashing lights?

    Personally, I think the SJWs should be thanking the stars that whatever “harassment” they claim to be victims of is limited to what they consider to be unpleasant posts on Twitter. Not that they don’t deserve it, of course.

    If anything of such magnitude actually happend to the LW’s, I’d say it’s safe to assume they’d kill themselves within a couple days. The only thing up for debate is whether they’d kill themselves by slitting their wrists, OD’ing on sleeping pills, or by deliberately fattening themselves to a target weight of 1000 lbs by feasting on the hundred of pizzas that would’ve been sent to their doorsteps on THEIR dime.

    Oh, how a man can only dream.

  • grgspunk

    Newsflash #1: We never had any respect from the assholes that keep coming after us, asswipe. When it comes following the “rules”, our opposition holds all the cards–They’ve MADE the rules. When the games that you enjoy and the people that enjoy them have been subject to near-constant ridicule and relentless censoring as a result of their “rules”, there is no respect to be gained from following them. So what is there to LOSE if we don’t follow them?

    Newsflash #2: I don’t speak for Gamergate. I speak for MYSELF. I may side with GG, but ultimately I stand by my own rules. If ruining the lives of the opposition is needed to ensure that my games and my media stay safe, then I’ll condone it, regardless of what anyone or everyone else in GG says. GG is a leaderless movement: You don’t set any rules for me. If violence is never the answer, why does war continue to exist? Because it often IS the answer, despite how much as you’d like to think otherwise.

    Newsflash #3: Violence “didn’t work” in forcing SJWs and corrupt journos out because there was no violence to speak of. The only thing that the SJWs complained about were disagreeable posts on Twitter that they took out of context to make themselves look like victims. Do you honestly believe this amounts to anywhere near the kind of “violence” that I’ve been suggesting? If not, how the hell do you know it won’t work if it’s never been tried on them before?

    Newsflash #4: Dignity? What dignity is this that you speak of? Your dignity in your ability to not stand up to anyone while allowing everyone that wishes your speech done away with to accomplish just that? Your pride in being a figurative (or literal) masochist in the face of the the enemy? Your pride in having the hi-score in the number of times you and your “fandom” have been defeated by pro-censorship dipshits? No thanks. I’ll trade my “dignity” for victory any day of the week.

    Newsflash #5: Race and diversity are only as relevant as the game developers wish to include them in their video games. If sites like Kotaku or Polygon weren’t hell-bent on shoving the issue down our throats and respected the right for “non-diverse”, “racially-insensitive”, “misogynistic”, “transphobic” and “cis-gender” fanservice titles featuring copious amounts of “high-impact sexual violence” to exist, then THAT is what would make the devs less apt to censor themselves. But since that’s obviously not the case, that’s why we’re here right now.

    Newsflash #6: “Christian Values”? Are you kidding me? Ever heard of the term “atheist”? Ever heard of the term “nihilist”? I’m pretty sure those terms describe me pretty well. Your values mean shit to me.

    Newsflash #7: I care less about games than I do about games culture? This whole thing IS about games culture, asswipe. What do you think influences what kind of things that get put in our video games? Games culture. What do you think the devs and localizers pay attention to when it comes to creating/releasing content for their games? Games culture, that’s what. You don’t talk censorship of video games, ESPECIALLY LOCALIZED ONES, without talking about video game culture. Don’t think throwing in a bullshit red herring argument like that is going to work with me.

    Newsflash #8: I want to speak in a manner that confirm the SJW’s narrative, then that’s my decision. You know why I can do this? I’ve like violent and sex in my games, that’s why. The sheer tenacity in which SJWs have been crusading against our titles over insignificant issues that are easy to ignore often begs the question: Who the fuck invited these assholes to our party?

    If I have no life, I would’ve been buried long ago.

  • Folly Fool

    I consider the most ridiculous aspect of this to be the fact that the UN is looking to specifically ban Japanese erotic games. If they determine that erotic games are unacceptable for public consumption(a preposterous notion) then ban them everywhere. There is absolutely no justification for singling out Japan in a proposal like this.

  • grgspunk

    Then get rid of the fuckers in our own fandom that keep weighing us down.

  • Softclocks

    Still waiting for all that research Mike.

  • grgspunk

    Then consider yourself to be part of the threat that seeks to prevent sexual/violent content from existing in our games.

  • Softclocks

    There are some pretty heavy dark figures on rape in Japan.

    The police/government/whatever won’t actually prosecute rapists and such. The process has to be driven entirely by the victim.

    Even so, I believe there are some pretty definitive research linking the accessibility of porn and low rape rates.

  • Softclocks

    Excellent post.

    These videogames are tangentially linked to sexual harrassment at best. Instead of working to improve things like the lopsided judicial system they’re focusing on minor token issues. Politics, nuthin but politics.

  • Brandon Wolfley

    Good grief. This just looks like a very poorly hidden power grab on the UNs part. Of course the Social Justice Cringers are going to be perfectly willing to play the willing meat shield while the UN once again sticks it nose somewhere it doesn’t belong.

  • Alistair

    Yes and rather pathetic too it called cherry picking 1 thing over the other in this case it’s sexual content Fanservice Ecchi & HENTAI we disapprove of that.

    While extreme violence that havnt got full nudity like COD get the all clear.

    Rather sad & pathetic & stupid as they know dam well The UN & SJWs knows that Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo doesn’t allow HENTAI on they platform consoles.

  • Brandon Wolfley

    Alright, point granted, the UN does do some good here and there. One question though. What business do they have in a private industry like Video Games? No actual women have been hurt. No scientific evidence has been provided that the men AND women who play these games are a credible threat to anyone (in fact most evidence suggests the opposite), so what business does the UN even have here?

  • Softclocks

    Good job Niche-Gamer on covering this!

    Nobody else cares it seems.

  • Brandon Wolfley


  • Brandon Wolfley

    It can’t just be that they’re from the west ’cause Western games get the same treatment. It’s just Video Games and anime are easier targets for lazy politicians and activists.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    and then, meanwhile western games that had literal sex scenes and rape were never involved, good, double standard UN as always.

  • Ero-Sennin

    Jiraiya, is very displeased…

  • neokiva

    like what the fuck how did that get on tv sure it’s not as bad as japan but :/

  • Derek


  • RobertParker14

    What are you talking about? That isn’t SJW logic at all … you’re setting up a total strawman to justify your own illogical opinion – claiming that you are using the logic of a group which you disagree with (and fundamentally think is illogical). Sorry but that’s so intellectually dishonest it’s just ridiculous. Go and find me a link which backs up your point that this is “sjw logic”.

  • RobertParker14

    My understanding is that it is about breaking down old fashioned gender stereotypes (i.e men have to be macho and heroic, women have to be helpless damsels – just to give a really obvious example) rather than to actually stop people being hurt.
    Men (particularly “manosphere” type men who complain that men have it hard these days) should be grateful for this – it means we don’t have to sacrifice our lives for “women and children first” any more (although we are still free to make the choice to do so, if we want, of course). It means men don’t have to pay for every meal out on a date any more, or hold doors open for women, or get out of the car first and open their door for them. It means men aren’t the only ones who get to die fighting for their country on the front line any more (in the US at least, I’m sure other countries will follow). It means they can be the stay-at-home partner while their girlfriend/wife goes out and earns a living (you will NEVER hear “SJWs”/ feminists criticizing this sort of domestic arrangement – if there is any “shaming” still going on in these situations, it is coming from conservatives who believe a man should work and a woman should stay at home).
    This is something critical, I feel, which anti-feminists don’t get. Breaking down gender barriers is beneficial for men, too, in lots of ways.

  • RobertParker14

    I have answered – but happy to do so again…

    This specifically states “sexual violence against women” because this particular project is about ending sexual violence against women.
    They have other projects, as I have previously provided links to prove, which are about ending sexual violence against men.
    They are two separate issues. There are separate underlying factors. They need different approaches to tackling.
    I hope you understand now, I don’t really see how I can explain it any more simply.

  • RobertParker14

    Resorting to offensive language and terminology because you can’t understand the argument being made against you. Again, isn’t this a tactic that you tend to claim is adopted by “SJWs”? Why are you constantly showing yourself to be hypocritical (coincidentally, another trait that you guys generally consider to be “SJW”)
    I have clearly and politely explained several times now why this particular project is only concerned with sexual violence against women, while the UN has numerous others targeting sexual violence against men.

  • Ajt

    Stop funding these fools. Tell them to come back when they wish to talk about Saudi Arabia or Qatars treatment of women. You know real actual daily brutality and ownership. Actual cultures of violence and rape.

  • grgspunk

    Yeah, you summarized it pretty well. Now get the hell out.

  • Guin

    Yeah, that’s pretty weak. That just affirms my opinion that the US has the most boring commercials in the world.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    If the UN is concerned about men as much as women, then why the fuck do women need their own committee?

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    They are not a seperate issue. Sexual violence against everyone needs to be ended and the UN seperating men and women into different categories really isn’t helping their cause.

  • Guin

    Rapelay > Fallout 4, Witcher 3 Bloodborne etc.

  • Guin

    GTA is usually the go to target for Western games. Everything else is just lumped into it in contrast to Japanese games. Even Rapelay lost the posterboy status after a few months.

  • Guin

    Not like they’d gain any real benefit fighting back. They’d just be painted as Satan’s workshop till they’re forced to close down. It would be business suicide.

  • Guin

    I know him when he was active in ANN (a site with its fair share of prudes and anime snobs). Never thought his infamy is known outside of that place.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Yes that is true.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >The same UN that hosted feminist frequency

    And? Fuck off /pol/.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    Yuroshit spotted.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    They do plenty for those women. Doesn’t mean they can’t address other issues as well.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >Yeah, the UN doesn’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things.

    This is what /pol/ neckbeards actually think.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Feminist Frequency is a humungous joke. A huge portion of the internet hates it and not just imageboards.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Like going after issues which have zero evidence of harming women. Great fucking use of money, UN.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Not when they waste money on attacking entertainment instead fighting actual rape in the middle east and Europe.

  • Evja

    You can’t change the middle east, nigga. It’s racist and you wouldn’t want to upset our Muslim overlords, would you?

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    Poorly made nazi comic. Germany was full of supremacists during it’s most ethnically homogeneous times.

    And secondly just because a society is multi-cultural doesn’t mean culture is erased. Most culture is regional. This is why Ben Carson is such a good Republican.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    This is a fallacy. The UN has dozens of organizations fighting actual rape in the middle east right now. That doesn’t mean they can’t raise other issues as well. It’s not a zero sum game.

    Secondly this article is misleading clickbait. It’s not “erotic Japanese games”, but particularly games “involving violence against women”. Basically rapelay and snuff simulators.

  • Immahnoob

    “Secondly this article is misleading clickbait. It’s not “erotic Japanese games”, but particularly games “involving violence against women”. Basically rapelay and snuff simulators.”

    What’s wrong with RapeLay and snuff simulators? Oh, and, if you’d know anything about eroge, you’d know rape is often portrayed.

    Really often.

    “The UN has dozens of organizations fighting actual rape in the middle east right now. ”

    How are they doing? Any stats? Anything to go by? Are you going to tell me that they’re doing a great job?

    What about the rest of the UN, AKA the Human Rights Council with Saudi Arabia, the invitation for Sarkesian and Quinn to talk the UN and every other fuck up like the cyberviolence report?

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    “That doesn’t mean they can’t raise other issues as well.”
    Non issues, like fighting pixels.

    “It’s not ‘erotic Japanese games’, but particularly games ‘involving violence against women’ ”
    Which is extremely vague.

    “Basically rapelay and snuff simulators.”
    Which have a right to exist. Because adults can seperate reality from fiction.

    Until they can provide evidence these games harm women they can take their ban and shove it up their pedophile harboring ass.

  • registeredanon

    How about we ban the UN already…

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >What’s wrong with RapeLay and snuff simulators?

    You’re an adult, and not an autistic one I assume. I don’t believe they should all be banned (perhaps rated above the typical “R” or “X” to make sure no impressible 16 year old gets them), but it’s clear what’s wrong with them.

    And if it were the reverse (say the status quo involved games with amputated blind men in factories being milked by machines) you’d be crying about the feminist conspiracy to destroy men. But because the status quo involves sexual violence against females (and not men) you don’t particularly care.

    >Oh, and, if you’d know anything about eroge, you’d know rape is often portrayed.

    This tells me that you know virtually nothing about eroge. I taught myself Japanese playing eroge, and have read ~23 of them. Rape is not portrayed that often (in typical charages and plotges there’s never rape), and even when it is it’s usually the love potion kind. No one wants to see a heroine or love interest raped. You have to seek that kind of game out and it almost always been in some kind of shitty nukige marketed directly at that.

    They definitely exist, but not in mainstream eroge. There’s a nukige market for it.

    >How are they doing? Any stats? Anything to go by?

    Millions of dollars of aid for children, women, regional development. Shelters for women. Healthcare programs, STD programs, crime and drug relief, food programs, hundreds of refugee shelters, and so on.

    Should I go on or are you going to keep riding the uninteresting /pol/ neckbeard circlejerk?

    > the invitation for Sarkesian and Quinn to talk the UN

    And? If anyone knows anything about being stalked online it’s them.

    Good job giving a relatively tame video maker and a random female dev lots of attention though, /pol/. You’re fighting the good fight! /s

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >Which is extremely vague.

    It’s vague, but “violence against women” is MILES different from “erotic Japanese games”.

    The article and title is pure clickbait, and people are eating it up to agenda push.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >when compared to solving women’s issues in 3rd world countries, which they probably want to gloss over

    This meme needs to die. They’re not “glossing over” the 3rd world. UN is dedicating millions of dollars of aids and dozens organizations to 3rd world countries right now. That doesn’t mean they can’t raise other issues as well. It’s not a zero sum game.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    Actually that logically means everyone will be incredible. Not no one.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >Though even if the Olympics occurred in Saudi Arabia, the UN would probably turn a blind eye to its obvious abuses.

    This meme needs to die. UN is dedicating millions of dollars of aids and dozens organizations to 3rd world countries right now.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    The UN’s announcement is also a complete joke and is agenda pushing.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >gets evidence

    >denies evidence

    Nope. Every organization on that list exists, and the offices can be visited. The UN is doing a ton of shit for the middle east despite the /pol/ circlejerk around here.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >Considering they took the time to even listen to Sarkeesian


  • Chief Presiding Judge

    Tumblr has 400 million users and is 50% porn. I’d rather /pol/ die because it’s the actual agenda pushing place.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    Twitter is growing actually.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >these SJWs

    This buzzword is annoying. SJW, n. “A person whose political beliefs fall to the left of mine on at least one social issue.”

    I think the popularity of attacking these bogeymen stems from the InAction subs creating an echo chamber wherein obviously trollish posts are taken as genuine truth, and extreme minority views are presented as mainstream feminist thought, etc. The people attacking “SJWs” have and want no reality check. It’s kind of like how Barack Obama is clearly a secret Kenyan Muslim spy hell-bent on destroying America.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    Actual female rights activists are 3rd wave feminists.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    Neckbeard from /pol/ tells us his views on feminism. More at 11.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    “You’re an adult, and not an autistic one I assume. I don’t believe they
    should all be banned(perhaps rated above the typical “R” or “X” to make sure no impressible 16 year old gets them),”
    Yes, that’s fair.

    “but it’s clear what’s wrong with them.”
    Aboslutely nothing. It’s just another for of expression. You have no evidence there is somthing wrong with them.
    Do you want this shit banned or not? Because you’re contradicting yourself now.

    “And if it were the reverse (say the status quo involved games with
    amputated blind men in factories being milked by machines) you’d be
    crying about the feminist conspiracy to destroy men.”
    Aboslute bullshit. I defend free speech. Women threaten men all the time and I give no fucks. Let them make all the man killing sims and eroge they want.

    “But because the status quo involves sexual violence against females (and not men) you don’t particularly care.”
    My issue lies in that the UN has a special committee to help women and not one to help men. It’s biased.

    ” No one wants to see a heroine or love interest raped.”
    Apparently people do because that shit is still produced.

    “Millions of dollars of aid for children, women, regional development.
    Shelters for women. Healthcare programs, STD programs, crime and drug
    relief, food programs, hundreds of refugee shelters, and so on.”
    The same for men? Where?

    “Should I go on or are you going to keep riding the uninteresting /pol/ neckbeard circlejerk?”
    Please keep embarassing yourself by assuming everyone that you disagree with is an imageboard user.

    “Good job giving a relatively tame video maker”
    Anita is far from tame. She spews tons of bullshit without facts to back it up and fails to deliver on her goals. She’s a hack and a fraud. It’s not hard to see that even if you fucking hate video games.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    So why waste the money to go after fiction (with zero evidence to back them up) when they can devote even more resources to helping ACTUAL victims?

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Noone will be incredible because everyone is at the same standard. The point flew right over your head.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    She’s a liar and a fraud. There is evidence for this.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    “Everyone I disagree with is from imageboards I hate”

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    “This buzzword is annoying.”
    You can’t complain about buzzwords and then call everyone a “/pol/ neckbeard”

    At least you’ve finally outed yourself as a hypocrite and can be ignored.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    No it’s pretty much just /pol/ and neo-reactionaries. All Sarkeesian does is make rather tame commentary on media. She doesn’t dye her hair or say outrageous things.

    There are plenty of crazy people on the internet but she’s not one of them which is why she makes some people mad. There’s nothing to “get her” on.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    She’s not crazy. She’s just a fraud and a liar. Failed to deliver on her promises after receiving a stupid amount of money. She’s not to be trusted. I’m glad nothing came of her UN talks about harassment.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    If feminists started making games with males in factories with their eyes and limbs removed being used as disposable sperm machines you’d all be crying misandry and it would be on every blog like this as evidence that feminists really do hate men.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >She’s just a fraud and a liar.

    No she’s not. This was just /pol/’s attempt to character assassinate her (http://i.imgur.com/pQ7Y1Lw.png) because they disagree with her. They resent that she’s successful.

    Ironically it’s only made her more successful in the form of free advertising.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    There you go spouting /pol/ again and again. For someone that hates buzzwords you sure love to use them in every sentence. She’s failed to deliver on her kickstarter goals and changed her video schedule. She’s a liar.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >Aboslutely nothing. It’s just another for of expression. You have no evidence there is somthing wrong with them.

    There’s nothing wrong with violence against women? Defending a position by citing “free speech” is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express.

    >Aboslute bullshit.

    Not at all. if it were reversed you’d be crying about the feminist conspiracy to destroy men and every thread on /pol/ would be full of screencaps.

    >My issue lies in that the UN has a special committee to help women and not one to help men. It’s biased.

    Women need more help than men. It’s not biased.

    >The same for men? Where?

    The non-gendered based programs help men too. The food aid and crime and drug relief programs for example.

    >Please keep embarassing yourself by assuming everyone that you disagree with is an imageboard user.

    This was directly linked on /pol/. Not assuming anything.

    > She’s a hack and a fraud. It’s not hard to see that even if you fucking hate video games.

    I love video games and that’s not true at all. She’s doing nothing remotely wrong.

    Her only crime is expressing an opinion that /pol/ doesn’t like. What happened to free speech?

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >There you go spouting /pol/ again and again.

    Stop censoring me!!! Waaah!!!

    >For someone that hates buzzwords you sure love to use them in every sentence.

    This post was linked by /pol/, so it’s natural to comment on all of the /pol/ posters here. There’s literally an off-topic nazi comic down here.

    >She’s failed to deliver on her kickstarter goals and changed her video schedule.

    She never failed to deliver on anything. You can say “I don’t like her opinion”, but you can’t make random things up.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    “violence against women” is MILES different from “erotic Japanese games”.

    The article and title is pure clickbait, and people are eating it up to agenda push.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    “There’s nothing wrong with violence against women? Defending a position
    by citing “free speech” is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re
    saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is
    that it’s not literally illegal to express.”
    It’s not violence. It’s fucking pixels. Grow up.

    “Not at all. if it were reversed you’d be crying about the feminist
    conspiracy to destroy men and every thread on /pol/ would be full of
    I don’t even use /pol/. And women can make every damn game about killing men all they want. I don’t give a damn because it’s their right to do so. Let’s use your own logic against you: Not everyone is a /pol/ boogyeman

    “Women need more help than men. It’s not biased.”
    Haha. Oh wow.

    “This was directly linked on /pol/. Not assuming anything.”
    I browse Nichegamer every day. Nice passive agressiveness.

    “She’s doing nothing remotely wrong.”
    She’s failed to deliver on her kickstarter. She is years late on her videos.

    She can say whatever she wants. Lying to your customers and failing to deliver on a product is not protected under freedom of speech however.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >cultural Marxism

    Stormfront is leaking.

  • Immahnoob

    Yeah, growing its financial failure.

  • Chief Presiding Judge

    >It’s not violence. It’s fucking pixels.

    I wasn’t talking about the medium.

    >And women can make every damn game about killing men all they want. I don’t give a damn because it’s their right to do so.

    But if they did it would be highlighted on every site including this one. The double standard is funny to me. The same people crying “free speech!” concerning violence against women would be the first to cry “misandry!” if feminists started making groups to publish games about harming men.

    >Haha. Oh wow.

    Yes. Reality is funny.

    >Nice passive agressiveness.

    The projection.

    >She’s failed to deliver on her kickstarter. She is years late on her videos.

    No she didn’t.

    >She can say whatever she wants.

    Unless it contradicts with your opinion. Then she’s literally the devil!

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    “I wasn’t talking about the medium.”

    That’s what this entire discussion is about.

    “The same people crying “free speech!” concerning violence against women.”

    Video games where you can hurt women are protected under free speech because real women aren’t being hurt. The same goes for men being subjected to violence in games. How fucking detached from reality are you to where you think shooing a person in a game is the same as shooting them in real life?

    “Yes. Reality is funny.”
    Yeah. The joke writes itself.

    “No she didn’t.”
    Yes she did.

    “Unless it contradicts with your opinion. Then she’s literally the devil!”
    She’s a fraud. Deal with it.

  • Immahnoob

    “You’re an adult, and not an autistic one I assume. I don’t believe they should all be banned (perhaps rated above the typical “R” or “X” to make sure no impressible 16 year old gets them), but it’s clear what’s wrong with them.”

    Yeah, I know it’s clear. There’s nothing wrong with them.

    “And if it were the reverse (say the status quo involved games with amputated blind men in factories being milked by machines) you’d be crying about the feminist conspiracy to destroy men. But because the status quo involves sexual violence against females (and not men) you don’t particularly care.”

    No, I actually wouldn’t, I still enjoy dismembering men in games, since they’re mostly the models the game gives me, but I’m content with what I have.

    “and have read ~23 of them. ”

    Woah, dude, look out, 23 eroge is A LOT.

    ‘No one wants to see a heroine or love interest raped. You have to seek that kind of game out and it almost always been in some kind of shitty nukige marketed directly at that.”

    Yet out of the 18k visual novels (that means, total database entries) on VNDB, we have 3k tagged as rape.

    That, taking into consideration that not all games there are tagged at all and that there are 2.1k tags in total, that if I’m not reading it incorrectly, looking through the database, I can see that there are at least a few hundred tags.

    4k of these entries are Nukige too.

    “They definitely exist, but not in mainstream eroge. There’s a nukige market for it.”

    Which is popular.

    “Millions of dollars of aid for children, women, regional development. Shelters for women. Healthcare programs, STD programs, crime and drug relief, food programs, hundreds of refugee shelters, and so on.”

    UN only? Any papers?

    “Should I go on or are you going to keep riding the uninteresting /pol/ neckbeard circlejerk?”

    Sure, with some data to support what you’re saying, otherwise your statements for me are irrelevant.

    “And? If anyone knows anything about being stalked online it’s them.

    Good job giving a relatively tame video maker and a random female dev lots of attention though, /pol/. You’re fighting the good fight! /s”

    Yeah, if you believe every conman in existence, then sure, Anita Sarkesian and Zoe Quinn know a lot about being stalked.

  • Tristan (Chili1)

    Its like the video games cause people to be violence in real life argument all over again. They seem to think that letting people enact fantasies in video games will lead to real world consequences. I thought this stuff was debunked many many times already. When will it end? :/

  • Tristan (Chili1)

    Everywhere I go.
    Every. Single. Website.

  • Immahnoob

    You’re stuck with us, nigga.

  • Into the Trash

    Games about harming men huh? Like just about any FPS out there from COD to old school Wolfenstein you mean? Metal Gear Solid where a man is tortured on screen for several minutes? GTA where you torture a man and then execute him? Last I looked games with violence against men sell incredibly well.

    Feminists need to come off this double standard of “no violence against female characters!” Do they think women are so frail and weak of body and mind that they can’t be shown taking violence like men in a fictional context?

    Well I suppose thats how they came up with “cyberviolence” as a thing then. Inability to distinguish between the real and immaterial.

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    Thank you. I was hoping to convince him without having to cite thousands of examples of violence against men. I’m still waiting for the “I was trolling all along” or “I was pretending to be retarded.”

  • Mr. Greis

    Actually she has dyed her hair.

  • アントナント

    muh pol

  • Alistair

    She is a fraud & a SJWs the same person who wants to censored the Internet for being called you sucked.

    If it was more serious then yes she got a point.

    I could say porn is disgusting & the Internet should be shut down or censored but it not for me to say that.

    & your photo about her tweet sums it up nicely anime AKA not real person but fictional characters it hardly offensive & disgusting that her opinion yes but not to force feed her & they agenda onto others.

    If the Internet shows beheading of women or stoning of persons & there been a few from IS then yes crack down on Internet use of said content.

    But anime and video games are just Art next films depicted of women, books depicted of women oh wait anime as in films right so they into movies too as well as video games,

    Manga books etc etc,

  • Alistair

    Wooh what is wrong with being adult & autistic as you said.

    You saying people that are autistic thinks anything cartoony is alright but sane SJWs sees it in a different light.

    I think it the other way round it not people who are austistic or non-austistic here are insane we are sane it the SJW are insane putting virtual women/girls/men are real person. “you hurt a cartoon character therefore you hurt real life ones as well” that pretty crazy isn’t it.

    & why do the UN want to discuss the issue in the 1st place because lobbyists like antia & other femmists keeps drumming about it.

    I’m glad the so intent to banned Internet & close down YouTube from antia & Zoe UN report got retracted. ?

  • JshBee

    No, it’s not just /pol/. Almost everyone I know from the internet, and very few of them are channers, think it’s a joke. Also, how is “dying hair” extremist?

  • JshBee

    Yeah, I can see that. Comparatively, the west IS more sensitive.

  • JshBee

    Yeah. One of the more popular eroge RPGs is Monster Girl Chronicles, and that one is pretty much the main character (a male) being raped.

  • JshBee

    Yeah, christ. I was reading through his counter-(for lack of a better word)”argument”, and all of it was presumptions about your character, a logical fallacy, and the assumption that your entire argument was full of double standards. It was pretty ridiculous.

  • Paddle_Stack

    >you can’t make random things up.
    Find the “Man with boobs” video.
    Find the “Top 10 Most Common Defenses of Sexism in Games” video.
    Find the “The Sexy Sidekick” video.
    Find the “Unattractive Equals Evil” video.
    Oh wait, they don’t exist, among others.
    Go ahead and move the goal posts and say “oh but she still made 11 videos!” when three of them are the Damsel in Distress video cut up into 3.

  • chaoguy

    Then do something to stop it.

  • chaoguy

    Unless you help others to stop it.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    No, people who get referred to SJWs are self proclaimed. It’s a derogatory word for far left progressive feminist authoritarians. Example: Anita Sarkessian and a lot of the games media. There’s no bogeyman here when the extreme “minority views” are the ones being parroted by the media. The reality is SJWs exist and they are causing a lot of corruption in this industry right now. They are the ones who create echo chambers by silencing people who have “wrongthink” by censoring comments or outright banning people while pushing their politics into every orifice they can. You are delusional if you think they don’t exist because they do and very much a real threat despite their small numbers.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    It’s stocks have plummeted to their lowest price ever, and they have lost over 200 million users. You are delusional if you think that site is growing. That’s what you get when you try to turn your website into a “safe space” that only caters to one political view point.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    You are strawmanning hard.

  • RobertParker14

    That’s an idiotic response. You are not an expert on the underlying causes of sexual violence. You have no expertise behind your statement “they are not a seperate (sic) issue”. The two reports that we are discussing here clearly shows that, in the opinions of the researchers and experts who work on these reports and policies, they clearly ARE separate issues, because they have, as I said before, completely different underlying issues.
    You complain that this behavior “really isn’t helping their cause”, when there is no evidence to show this is the case at all. What evidence do you have that these initiatives are not working? A very short while ago you didn’t even know that the UN had any programs at all to help male victims of sexual violence. Now you expect me to believe you have gone away and carried out an accurate assessment of these programs?
    Sorry, but you are just coming across as a typical whining, uneducated, GG-supporting perma-victim, who believes whatever happens to suit his own narrative.

  • Derek

    He is rather transparent, even in facebook you could find the guy using his real name to shill kpop

  • grgspunk

    “Give me tits or I’ll give you death”

    Fixed that for you. They’d happily give you death instead of tits if they had the choice.

  • Ninjagai

    So the UN gets to just do whatever the fuck it wants? Fuck them, I don’t follow any rule I didn’t get a vote in.

  • Immahnoob
  • Immahnoob
  • Derek

    Not really, the problem is the context of fanservice vs sex scenes. Usually the sex scenes have a reason behind it, either to illustrate the down to earth nature of the setting where the cast relax through extreme hedonism.

    This article’s pic of Murasaki getting mysterious white fluid while imitating a titjob? Not so much but who’s counting either way?

  • Daniel Haryanto

    i don’t know whether rocketnews is a trusted news site or not, i’ll just put it here


  • Derek

    Well they didn’t shit on Yakuza 5 so that’s proof that maybe Japan needs to build up some goodwill after 5 years of consecutively pissing it. I am all for fanservice gaming but I wouldn’t lie if we got spoiled rotten for the last 5 years invovling countless of fanservice games while the poor schmuck who hates panty quests gets shafted.

  • Elilla Shadowheart


  • Immahnoob
  • Fear Me I Am Free

    There are plenty of games that people can play without fanservice if they don’t like it.

  • KirikoxHisako

    Anime defiles women… Anyone watching anime knows they aren’t real. Teenagers aren’t that stupid.

    How about those music videos on YouTube that depict the exact same things? Anyone watching it can see real people doing those things… What’s corrupting children is reality, not fantasy. Rape culture exist because society glorifies sex and abuse.

    Anita Sarkeesian is a hypocrite. The fact she uses the words perverts and losers shows how much of a good person she is.

  • Derek

    The problem is during that time there was just a complete drought of JRPGs that wasn’t a panty quest. Letter campaigns were written to encourage Japan to bring non shovelware over.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    having reason? nah they’re mostly about striptease, hooker, etc. Some many of the games had useless sex scenes anw. Like The Order 1886

  • Uh, i dunno, 3 or 5. Unless you’re considering JAV into this, then.. uh.. about more than 100.

  • dsadsada

    If no actual woman is involved, I cannot view something as being violent towards any woman, no more than any game where a man is a victim is violence towards men.

    If the UN wants to ban fiction, they will first need to do a verifiable and repeatable study that shows how fiction depicting violence towards women (or any group for that matter) will result in actual violence towards women to justify the act. Until then, this looks like an excuse to not tackle actual problems involving actual people.

    I don’t remember the UN doing anything after the 2012 Delhi gang rape for example besides lip service. And then they did jack all nothing during the Rwandan Genocide. Still waiting to see if they’ll do anything concrete about the refugee crisis and the general fighting in the Middle East and the rising tensions in the South China Sea (spoiler: they won’t).

  • dsadsada

    Not at all. I already fapped to a Kancolle doujin with that exact premise.

  • Belmont1

    I am offended by your statement, please, make public apologies.

  • Brandon Wolfley

    Yeah I guess you got a point. Other then GTA and Manhunt the only other Western games I can think of that stirred up much controversy are Postal and Hatred. There’re a few others I know, but it really is a drop in the bucket compared to the ruthless beatings Japanese games get.

  • Brandon Wolfley

    Alright, you nailed all the feminist talking points well enough, but is a Government enforced ban really the answer you want here? Do you even know what you’re asking for?

  • Allan Yagamy

    Talking about “fraud and lies” Nice fake tweet you got there, not a very smart one, though…

  • Alistair

    Hmm a game about hurting men been there done that there is a game hurting men a few no loads of them COD men kills men. Player kills other players men characters in MP

    Man kills other male by stander in GTA. So hurting male though extreme violence is nothing new as for diversity there is one in COD in MP You can be a male or female.

    Strong lead women are Laura from tomb raider, Max from life is strange, the woman what her name in remember me. The girls of hyperdimesion, that witch from bayonetta all strong & lead role.

  • Is it an election year for the entire fucking world?

  • Ubrokemygrill?

    “That’s an idiotic response. You are not an expert on the underlying causes of sexual violence.”
    Neither is the UN. You still refuse to argue my point and resort to name calling. I think GG can go fuck itself as much as the people it’s trying to fight.
    “Sorry, but you are just coming across as a typical whining, uneducated,
    GG-supporting perma-victim, who believes whatever happens to suit his
    own narrative.”
    You’re coming across as a typical idiot that can’t seperate reality from fiction and thinks women are more important than men. Just like the UN, with their special committee for women. Designed to fight non issues like pixels and art.

  • Alistair

    Yup I agree you can fap off porn on the Internet, fap off on VHS video in the days no body gives a dam then even today age shows risqué content but when it comes to virtual women we have to draw that line.

    Any sane person would be concerned about real woman the virtual ones. & virtual men.

  • João Carlos Honório Pedro

    Let me put it in simple terms. This is a non-issue. Claiming it is an issue will only make you look stupid. By even remotely considering this instead of actual problems they are, at the very least, cheapening them. And this is not “the UN”, this is a very specific sub-section.

    Pixels and text are not human beings and do not make *mentally stable* human beings commit crimes and that’s what the best research done so far points to and it would be pretty damn awesome if these people would stop saying this stupid shit without proof to back their claims that “games turn good people into bad people” (and it’s N variations). “THINK OF THE CHILDREN” has turned into a “THINK OF THE WOMEN” and it’s not any less retarded, stupid or idiotic.

    After books, music and TV, we’re doing this shit all over again and it’s people like this that blow non-issues out of proportion that help censorship take root which WE, the sane ones, need to remove after. STOP HELPING THEM BY GIVING CREDENCE TO THEIR STUPIDITY.

  • DJ HOE

    Are you kidding me? She believes in some crazy socialist dogma inspired by Bell Hooks that asserts that videogames make you sexist and want to shoot up a public space or something. She is the Jack Thompson of our era, and the only reason people buy into her bullshit is because she looks “official” and she is a woman. That communications degree(Which doesn’t get you a job) really has allowed her to fool you.

  • DJ HOE

    Are you really going to believe someone that generalizes on an entire countries’ animations?

    Like seriously, that’s like saying all white people in France are assholes because they are French. It in it itself is ironically racist, justified by ~”social justice”~. Rape culture does not exist. There are several animes that were even praised by feminists for their strong female characters,one of them being my personal favorite, Ghost in the shell.

  • NeoTechni

    She’s said plenty of outrageous and hypocritical things

  • NeoTechni

    You don’t get to whine about buzzwords when half your posts whine about /pol

  • NeoTechni

    No it’s not. It’s user base has remained constant and has lost money and activity has dropped since 2014

  • NeoTechni

    France isn’t discriminating against Muslim women.

  • NeoTechni

    No one using the word reactionary unironically has a point.

  • NeoTechni

    But this isnt an issue at all. No women are involved. They’re picking fights with drawings. Are they that desperate for a victory that they need to fight wars against peoples imagination?

  • NeoTechni

    And there’s no game remotely similar to that involving women.

  • NeoTechni

    I’ve spoken to Sjws about that. They excuse it by saying stopping you from ever getting games isn’t taking games away from you cause never had them to begin with. They’re excuse everything.

  • NeoTechni


  • NeoTechni

    No, she has more power than that

  • NeoTechni

    No because that would be racist according to them.
    Even though Islam isn’t a race, but Japanese is

  • RobertParker14

    What do you think I’m asking for? Do you think I’m asking for a government enforced ban? Because I’m not … please show me where in these comments I have suggested a government enforced ban.

    I merely joined in this conversation to point out how idiotic people were being by making lots and lots of comments along the lines of “WHY DOESN’T THE UN TACKLE REAL ISSUES INSTEAD???!!”

    Which were being made many times in this thread, being heavily upvoted and going unchallenged.
    Now despite how clearly correct my point was (I backed it up several times with links which clearly shows that the UN attempts to tackle lots of other issues, and that is has programs specifically targeting violence against men) people still decided to take issue and argue with me – even though all I came to do was make one simple point, and back it up with evidence.
    They did this because they didn’t like the fact that what I had posted went against their narrative.

  • Zanard Bell

    Guess we didn’t see any reply after that. Facts really do kill the cockroaches.

  • 萌えゲー

    Then why haven’t they spoke on 50 shades of grey? It’s just as much of a “thought crime ” waiting to happen. What about all these sex, drugs, and money glorifying songs on the radio? Women are bitches and hoes in that medium. Where are the bans on this “violence against women”?

  • 萌えゲー

    Have you heard of yaoi, it’s real popular with the ladies~ Plenty of rape in that medium too. Where oh where is that social justice? No where to be found. Why? Because feminists don’t care about equality and sure as hell don’t care about men.

    …cuz you don’t fap to eroge, right?

  • 萌えゲー

    Exactly. What is even funnier is the fact that this “cyberviolence” is mostly directed towards girls from other girls on social media. But no, it’s just the patriarchy trying to dominate the womenz!!!

  • Brandon Wolfley

    Fair enough. That answers my question well enough. Thank you for your time.

  • Hey whoa, don’t accuse me of Koreaboo, I was a long time anime fan before I became a Kpop fan. Don’t get the K-pop fandom in this. Look, I made a mistake signing that form but I’m not happy with the lolicon thing in anime (it’s why I don’t watch a lot of anime these day). So I’m not getting involved with this.

  • Dude, I criticize Japan for not marketing beyond anime and manga. I mean even Taiwan is already studying how to get more international audiences and they’re learning from South Korea:


    I’m not going to speak anymore about this anymore but….Did you Gackt criticized Cool Japan for not being able to rival South Korea:


    Many people online agreed with Gackt about that. So I’m done talking here.

  • rBeowulf

    They’ll have to take my life before they take my waifus.

  • grgspunk

    That sounds good on paper, but it never works out in reality, dude. Guys like Derek will bitch and moan about the “prevalence” of fanservice titles regardless of the number of non-fanservice titles out there.

    It’s not the “quantity” of fanservice titles he’s rallying against, it’s the “existence” of them. If he weren’t, he’d look at the games as a whole instead of constantly pointing out the fanservice aspects.

    You should’ve realized this already.

  • grgspunk

    Gotta nuke something.

  • Derek

    Great. Mr. Koreaboo is here. Mention he name and he pops up like Voldemort.

  • Hey calm down, somebody told me that I was mentioned here and I decided to clear it up. Look, I never visited this site until somebody told me I was mentioned.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    You say that like haunting isn’t an option.

  • Jim

    I ask for, nay, DEMAND, a women quota for killer games like Hatred in future.

  • randomdude

    so most action movies should be banned for killing of a character (even saw one guy get pushed into chopper blades in one movie)?

  • randomdude

    using the debate topic as a source isn’t really doing anything, as anyone can claim they are doing good. For this reason, outside of proving they said something, an external report is much more likely to be considered evidence

  • randomdude

    or stuff whale corpses with nukes

  • randomdude

    I get plenty out of running over beach-goers in GTA 5, equal opportunity slaughter

  • randomdude

    this kind of destroys itself, all countries have unreported crimes

  • grgspunk

    Clearly you have never heard this quote before:

    “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.” -George S. Patton

  • grgspunk

    I need a quote on that, please. I’m not going to swim through 40 pages of pure horseshit just to find a tiny piece of gold.

  • Immahnoob

    They don’t actually answer the questions properly, they beat around the bush and go like:

    “We have ratings”

  • grgspunk

    Still, how does that constitute an outright refusal? A refusal to answer and a refusal to “comply” are two completely different things.

  • Immahnoob

    Yeah, if you’re a nitpicking faggot, then sure.

    Check Question 7, you were lazy enough to not read the fucking thing and now you’re completely missing the context.

  • Alistair

    I read the report: question 7 answer 35.

    GOJ response: self impose regulated was it already self imposed the bottom line tells me it wasn’t they not going to release games like anti social behaviour etc etc.

    Still abit varge the taste is in the pupping until Japanese Devs release more games we can’t see of what impact it would have.

    But reading that the Femmists SJWs fuckwits have won.

    & yes I know Japanese have already got strict censorship laws that why you don’t see nipples in they games on consoles HENTAI on the other hand has & more.

    So the response saying self imposed to the UN is a puzzlement.

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    I find funny that they claim feminists have no power. Yet an entire country is justifying itself to you.

  • Alistair


    It doesn’t get stupidly then this there more to this then video games this vid is before the meeting takes place on 16 of FEB the 1st thing is it’s not suggesting the Video games may be banned.

    They will be banned or wanting to be banned, so what other fucking stupid laws in this.

    The banning of sexual image women in adverts

    Then it went on about woman in bukkas I shit you not.

    Then it went on about the workplace & quotes, men in 1 train apartment & women in the 2nd train apartment but wants more women to be along side men in workplace make sense Not.

    And public officials says something outrageous to women gets punish.

    The word eliminate is being mention too that is not suggested to me the claim is clear.

    Next verbal abuse against women is a No-No the word punish in writing.

    All that before video games being mentioned.

    So let’s recap banning of sexual image of women in adverts.

    Women in bukkas

    The work place, quotes, dismissed public officials

    Verbal abuse against women is offensive.

    *men live on same planet as women offensive

    Okay the last part was a Joke but offensive.

    Christ so much to take it all in everything about this is UNbeliveable days to come other countries get drilled by this so-called clown the UN.

  • grgspunk

    Summary of Question 7:

    CEDAW asks:

    “What measures did your country take to ban the sale of games or cartoons that are offensive and demeaning to women?”

    GOJ answers:

    “Our country has ‘self-regulating’ organizations that review games/films don’t get distributed.”

    “46 of our prefectures have designated a list of books determined to be harmful of our youth and sales of them are regulated.”

    “We have given a list of websites containing child pornography to ISPs to ensure it does not get distributed.”

    “We’ve made arrests for 1828 child porn cases.”

    “We’ve made arrests for 1035 arrests for obscenity-related cases.”

    “We have obscenity laws covering drawn materials. We also amended the law in 2014 to illegalize the possession of child porn.”

    “We are reducing the spread of harmful materials to our youths by educating our people on how to filter them.”

    They might be somewhat dodging the question, but they’re not really outright refusing to ban anything. Otherwise, they would’ve just said they’re not doing anything and that CEDAW should just fuck off.

  • Immahnoob

    Again, if you’re a nitpicking faggot that can’t understand how these papers work, you’d be completely right.

    But since they avoid the question, that means they did not approve of their measures.

    It’s a refusal. It’s that simple.

  • grgspunk

    Then do us faggots who prefer to think about the law like lawyers instead of political activists a favor and explain to me how these papers work.

    Explain to me how the avoidance of a question equates to a refusal to ban content. Explain to me how they couldn’t just be too embarrassed to outright state that they could’ve been too lazy or incompetent to get any bans passed that satisfy CEDAW’s expectations. Explain to me what’s preventing them from simply stating that they refuse to ban cartoons or games instead of beating around the bush.

  • Pirate_Man

    Well if you married into money and have a boy friend who has millions you can work with why the hell not? I doubt /pol/ attempted assassination would of made her unsuccessful at all. She already had a large follower base way before she attacked anime and video games.

  • Pirate_Man

    That requires the UN to do something which requires resources and money… Now you expect these bureaucrats to put it into good use? Probably but remember that these countries they are gonna attack has the ability to kick them out.

  • Pirate_Man

    If it to risk losing lives, the UN will not go in.

  • Lhomity

    They’re talking about works of art from somebody’s imagination – instead of talking about real people mistreating real people.

    They want to dictate and control what you can draw and write about. What you can and can’t fantasize about. What you think and feel, or imagine. They think they can ban you from expressing yourself. Ban you from sharing a fantasy in a work of fiction.

    Japan needs to stand up to these authoritarian fascist pigs, because so far, no other country seems to be. Certainly not the United States.

    It is not discrimination to draw a picture of something from your imagination. I’d rather live in a world with disgusting perverse anime that I don’t have to look at, than live in a world in which a corrupt power has established itself in a position to literally dictate what men can and can’t do with their imaginations.

    Your imagination is your own. Don’t let anybody take that from you.

  • Gin

    To UN: Please respect another’s culture instead of enforcing your views onto others. If you are pushing your views, you are the same as those extremist religious groups who set laws and views onto others.
    I understand that your American cartoon are for children but please do not equalise our Japanese animes to your American cartoon. Japanese animes are entirely different. Yes, there are few animes which are catered to kids and most of them are catered to teenager and adults.
    Most animes have that worldly theme which reflects reality and things which humans can relate. For example, a story plot involving a woman being a victim of sexual violence and suffered injustice for not being able to send the penetrator to jail. That story gives a sort of “angry emotions” for the viewers and feel sad for injustice faced by the female character in the anime. Those emotions are something which you cannot achieve by watching American cartoon. This is the big difference between our Japanese animes and your American cartoon. Our Japanese animes are closer to reality and gives the right emotion and atmosphere to feel sad for the poor victimised characters in the dark world setting. It’s like watching an adult Korean drama in animated setting. Speaking of Korean drama, there’re lots of drama which portrayed sexual violence and discrimination against women. Just watch all those detective shows. So you are unnecessary picking on Japanese animes and video games. Stop being holier-than-thou. You got other real issues to focus on. There are real problems out there and you pick on Japanese animes and video games?

  • yeap true.. those rules varies on cultures. and it can escalate to the point where other culture can’t take.

  • planets09

    Fuck the UN, not just for this but for leading western Civilization into the entirely wrong direction. Making Saudi Arabia the head of the Human Rights Council and supporting the disastrous economic migration policies in Europe that have led to countless suffering for the European population.

    Fuck the UN.

  • Gavin Grant

    lol talk about imperialist. But anyway, the UN should first it’s own track record about men’s rights, which have been less than abysmal.

  • Jerry

    They can’t do a damn thing