The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky SC is Finally Coming Out Next Week

the legend of heroes trails in the sky sc 10-23-15-1

The long wait is soon coming to an end for fans eagerly awaiting the release of Trails in The Sky SC.

XSEED Games have just announced that the game will be releasing next week, on October 29th.

It has been over four years since the Trails in The Sky came out, so fans will soon be able to continue the story after such a long wait.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky SC will be available to purchase on PS Vita and PC.

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  • JackDandy

    October is amazingly nice

  • Domingo

    Fuck Fallout 4. This is the game I’ve really been waiting for.

  • TRUndercover

    But but I’m still going through Tales of Zestiria… :-). What a month for JRPGs on PC!

  • Loli-Nox-Tan

    I’ll pass right now what with Zestiria, Mugen Souls, Blood Drive, GW2 & Triforce Heroes all fighting for my attention

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes~.

  • orbo

    [pressing BUY intensifies]

  • NuclearCherries


  • SunsetHaste

    and I just spent the money I had prepared for SC to buy Mugen Souls :v

    oh well, luckily it’s 6 more days, so I’ll get my paycheck :>

  • MusouTensei

    Too bad it’s not retail like the 1st one.

  • Master Bating

    Vanillaware and now this.

    Its like an early Christmas.

  • Reon

    It sure took its sweet time but people will be happy to finally have it yay

  • eltonBorges

    Well lad… Hahahahaha

  • Kiryu

    Pretty much my reaction when i saw the announcement vid on XSEED’s youtube page.This title right here is my most wanted of 2015.

  • Kiryu
  • Etherblaze

    fan-bleeding-tastic. Finally. Trails SC, Yakuza 5, Trails of Cold Steel. I can hibernate through the winter.

  • Kiryu

    Yup those are my main titles too.

  • uncle_alfred

    After being turned off by Zestiria, here comes the good stuff.

    I am more than happy to throw my money at this.

  • landlock

    Awesome. I want to get the PSV version but if Xseed don’t quickly release it in Europe then I’ll grab it from Steam.

  • It’s like an early christmas!

  • Asuka

    This is awesome! I’m actually playing the first on now on Steam. I guess I would be hoping for too much by asking about a physical release on PS Vita or PSP.

  • sanic

    Hope the first goes on sale so I can play them both on my vita.

  • Go D. Usopp

    Aaaaaaaaaand there goes a nice chunk of my first ever paycheck. Now just to complete FC in time (which shouldn’t be hard since it’s so good)

  • Satori Mask

    TItS here I come!

  • Go D. Usopp

    TiTS or GTFO

  • deadeye

    Looks like I need to finish up the first one now. Will probably get this during the holidays.

  • Richard Miller

    Be careful when mentioning what platform you play games on around here as people are mighty sensitive about it. Lol

  • sanic

    Ah no point in getting caught up in all that stuff, everyone had to wait the same amount of time for this one.

  • Is it really that bad? Gameplay-wise?


    *looks at announcement*

    Oh… digital only… welp. *open steam*

  • [Wallet suffering intensifies]

  • The time when Japanese devs realized there’s money to be made in PC. What a time indeed.

  • Miguel Angel Opazo Arancibia

    I can’t believe it came 4 years ago… the story is still fresh in my mind.

  • Thanatos2k


  • MasonFraser

    I’m in the middle of a New Game+ that I won’t finish in time. I wonder if the carryover data from my first completion still counts.

  • uncle_alfred

    It’s not really worst thing ever, but camera is complete bollocks and ruins some fight with bosses completely.

    Also the skill system is stupid for me, it’s tied to your equipment, and to actually get good stuff that also has a skill set you want, you need a lot of luck or grind, or tedious fusing. There are also complaint about combat, basically unless you turn into super saiyan, you are gonna do measly damage.

    “Open world” is bland and filled with NOTHING.
    I won’t say anything about the story since i haven’t went deep into it.
    And you could complain about shoddy marketing scheme with Alishia, which was marketed as heroine in the game, but ended up as DLC bait.

  • just because there are steam now tbh

  • TRUndercover

    This is so unprecedented that it’s ridiculous :-)

  • Lester Paredes

    Aww, damn… I’m gonna have to scrounge up some moolah, and quick!

  • Fenrir007

    Will buy for sure!

    Cold Steel happens after which game? Where is it situated in the chronology?

  • PenguinPlayer

    I dunno about it chronologically, but in release order it is the sixth game.

    Trails in the Sky FC
    Trails in the Sky SC
    Trails in the Sky The 3rd
    Zero no Kiseki
    Ao no Kiseki
    Trails of Cold Steel
    Trails of Cold Steel 2

    Xseed said Trails and Zero/Ao takes place during roughly the same timeframe, so I suppose it takes place after The 3rd/Ao. I think.

  • Fenrir007

    Thanks! I wonder if its okay to play the Vita game after the 2 first ones.

  • FalseTragedian

    It’s a separate story in the same universe so it shouldn’t matter whether you play ToCS before or after. Just make sure you don’t play SC before TitS.

  • Maniate

    I’ve been trying the longest time to figure out what SC meant by using my brain or having someone include the detail rather than just use the google crutch. Never would have guessed Second Chapter. If it’s not intuitive, add it in.