Moms Against Gaming is Easily the Best Twitter Parody Yet

angry mother 07-01-14-1

Moms Against Gaming is a new parody account on Twitter, and judging from their name, you can generally get an idea of what they’re parodying – angry, anti-video game mothers.

Their posts are so well done, sometimes they’re hard to distinguish from tweets from real anti-video game activists.

Here’s one of my favorites:

Whoever runs this account is right up there next to the parody account for Kaz Hirai, and the parody account for Peter Molyneux.

Brandon Orselli


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    We need a parody account to break the balls of all those insufferable agenda pushers as well.

  • Michael Long

    I enjoy the people who join in support of the cause, not understanding the satire. Or those moms are on another level of trolling

  • Topgeartony

    Thanks Moms against gaming for opening my eyes to the haters games spread:)