Is a Price Cut For the Vita Imminent?

ps vita
It seems like Amazon, Target and Best Buy might have outed a big secret Sony has been holding close to their chest for most of the Vita’s life-cycle, or at least after the 3DS got its price cut.

Now, Amazon has the Vita listed for 199$, or a 50$ price cut. One of the biggest complaints potential Vita buyers have made is the systems now steep price. Despite this, Sony has stayed firm in their stance of not making a price cut – even though they cut the price of the system in Japan.

Ironically, the Vita’s price announcement came to cheering and applause just prior to its release – that soon changed after Nintendo smartly cut the price on the 3DS, now those systems are flying off the shelves. If Sony were to make an announcement of the price being cut – you’d better believe it’ll happen at Gamescom this week.

What do you guys think, is 199$ a great price or is it still way too much compared to the 3DS?

Brandon Orselli


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