Zom 100 localization inserts “Coddled Snowflakes” dialogue

Zom 100

Yet another anime has been subjected to an incorrect “localization” as Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead was found to contain dialogue with the words “coddled snowflakes”.

A Twitter user provided a screenshot of an English subs version of the show’s 11th episode:

They also shared the dialogue that was said in Japanese, which naturally made no mention of “snowflakes”, a purely western term:

The Viz Media localization for the manga apparently used the same wording:

Here’s the scene in question with the original Japanese audio:

As noted by the highlighted user, “spoiled” or “spoiled brats” would indeed be a more accurate translation.

In the same thread, a different user mentioned another equally absurd translation for Mashle: Magic and Muscles:

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