Genshin Impact dev teases new game Zenless Zone Zero with teaser site

Zenless Zone Zero

Even with setbacks with Genshin Impact, HoYoVerse is teasing new game Zenless Zone Zero in a new teaser.

The Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd studio have begun teasing Zenless Zone Zero with a countdown website. As a teaser not much is shown about the game, however it appears to be taking a different tone and settings compared to that of Genshin Impact.

The project is currently known as Zenless Zone Zero. The small teasers on the website are an audio that describes a calamity and uses the term “doomsday”.

There is also a video that acts as a news broadcast showing an odd event called a “sub-hollow “, which appear like a giant black sphere. Not much is said about what is happening, but clearly it’s no good.

Right now the game is speculated as being a ACGN shooter. ACGN stands for “Anime Comic Game Novel”. It is also expected to be a gacha shooter, which isn’t a stretch to make considering the company most popular games follow that business model. A model that has proven to be quite successful as well.

While it might be odd to hype up a new game affter delaying their newest update for Genshin Impact, it should be noted Zenless Zone Zero has been in development for a while as they’ve also trademarked the title back in December 2021.

Zenless Zone Zero is also reportedly set to be developed by the recently opened office in Montreal, which means this team is not affected by the ongoing lockdowns in China due to the coronavirus.

Interestingly, the countdown is set to end on Friday the 13th. Considering the subject matter given in the short teasers, it’s likely that this is no mere coincidence.

Though this at best gives an idea of the setting for the game. Still, given the success of their most recent game, there are certainly going to be many eyes awaiting to see what their next release will be.

Are you interested in Zenless Zone Zero? If you’re someone who enjoys Genshin Impact, is this a game that you might be interested in, or are you content with what you currently have? That is of course, assuming you care at all about HoYoVerse’s games.


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