Zenless Zone Zero now also covering up cleavage and thighs

Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero has been discovered to be altering even more of its naughty content, as cleavage and thighs are now seemingly deemed unacceptable.

Aside from altering the breast physics and animation for a certain well-endowed character, a Twitter user drew attention to the fact that the currently ongoing beta for the game has also covered up the cleavage and thighs of other characters.

Here’s an image depicting how the girls used to look, versus how they now look in the current beta:

The developer of the game is miHoYo, who have made games such as Genshin Impact, and have also already censored Genshin Impact on numerous different occasions.

Considering the developer is located in China, many assume these changes were carried out at the demand of the country’s oft censorious government.

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