Yu Suzuki to Give Postmortem on Shenmue at GDC Next Year


Shenmue is a game that Sega dumped tons of money into, a game that was way ahead of its time but unfortunately never really gained mainstream appeal. Yu Suzuki is the mastermind behind the game (and many other classic Sega titles), and he’ll be revisiting the series very soon.

Next year, during the annual Game Developers Conference, Yu Suzuki will be delivering a postmortem regarding the franchise, marking it the first time he publicly talks about the game in such detail. His talk will begin with the origins of Shenmue as a Virtua Fighter-based RPG on the Sega Saturn, all the way to its Dreamcast release.

Remember way back when PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny was meeting up with Yu Suzuki for some ultra secretive talks? Many fans speculated that the series would make a glorious comeback with its final conclusion, as the story is literally incomplete. It turns out that Mark Cerny will be translating for Suzuki during this talk, which is certainly exciting.

In case you can’t make it to GDC next year, don’t worry. The entire session will be livestreamed on GameSpot. Maybe Suzuki will pull a Keiji Inafune and announce a new game during his talk?

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