Yu Suzuki: Shenmue III Will Cover 40% of Ryo’s Story

Yu Suzuki, the director for Shenmue III, has announced the game will not even takes us to half-way through main character Ryo’s story. In addition the universe seems to have a sense of humor, as several minigames were revealed- including racing turtles.

USG‘s Eric Van Allen asked Suzuki if Shenmue III would be the conclusion to Ryo’s story. In response, Suzuki pulled out a water bottle and pointed at the half-way point. “Whole story of this bottle, about here [sic].” A translator then clarified this was about 40%.

This could either mean many things. The game could be 40% of Ryo’s adventure (possibly even the final 40%) or even that all Shenmue games only make up 40% of the total story.

IGN Japan also released a video containing gameplay footage of the game. These seem to focus on the gambling and chance based games found within a particular section of the town of Bailu.

They include Lucky Drop, dice games, and even betting on turtle racing. The very end of the video also shows Ryo using gatchapon machines, just like in Shenmue and Shenmue II.

You can find the video below:

Shenmue III is launching for Windows PC and PlayStation 4 on November 19th.

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