Ys Net Addresses Shenmue III Epic Store Exclusivity on PC, Will Allow Backer Refunds

Ys Net has posted a new Kickstarter update for Shenmue III addressing the recent Epic Games Store exclusivity controversy.

Fans who backed the game on Kickstarter were originally promised a Steam key for the Windows PC version, so when the game dropped Steam for Epic Games, they were understandably frustrated. Now, Ys Net and publisher Deep Silver have confirmed they will only offer Epic Game Store keys at launch, but they are offering full refunds.

The short version is backers can later get Steam keys if they wish, swap to a PS4 code, or get a full refund. Ys Net has plans to offer a Steam key one year later (when the game’s Epic Store exclusivity contract runs out), but details for that will come later to Kickstarter backers.

It’s also worth mentioning the Character Perspective System stretch goal (which would have allowed you to play as other characters like Ren or Shenhua) that was reached could not be implemented in the game.

Shenmue III is launching for Windows PC and PlayStation 4 on November 19th.

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