YouTube Details New Policies, Minors Will Need Parental Guardian to Livestream

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YouTube has announced new policies they’re implementing this year to make their platform safer for children.

The biggest takeaway from the new policies are that minors will be no longer allowed to livestream unless they are “clearly accompanied by an adult.”

Due to the fact that YouTube can’t have human beings monitoring every livestream around the world, they rely on machine learning tech to sift through videos and flag content that might violate their policies.

YouTube will also disable comments on videos with minors to “limit the risk of exploitation,” despite the potential backlash from creators that rely on comments for feedback.

They acknowledged this potential blowback from creators, adding they “strongly believes this is an important step to keeping young people safe…”

YouTube has been cracking down on the infamous comments on their videos, their new classifier has removed twice the number of comments that violate their community policies.

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