You Can Now Kiss and Hug in Playstation Home, and it’s Totally Creepy

I bet you probably didn’t know that Playstation Home is still a thing – did you? For those Playstation 3 users out there who have never launched the app from their XMB, it’s a virtual chatroom that somewhat reminds me of the brilliant chaos that I saw in 90’s chatrooms.

Normally the craziest things you’d see would be people trying to simulate grinding or physical (or digital at least) intimacy, but now Playstation Home developer nDreams has released a downloadable content pack that will let you actually interact with other players – including chest bumping, hugging, and even kissing.

I still find it hilarious that this is something that you can literally buy in Playstation Home, i.e. you have to pay to be able to hug or kiss people in the service. Surely there’s a restriction on how it works – like both players have to toggle into the awkward “kissing stance,” otherwise those chodes that run around harassing female avatars are going to have a lot more fuel to harass people with.

Brandon Orselli


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