You Can Finally Stick it to the Man Today

stick it to the man ss 1

Stick it to the Man is a very interesting game, fusing a mix of hand drawn/painted visuals, side-scrolling platforming, puzzling and crazy humor.

In the game you play as Ray Doewood, a nervous and clumsy but highly likable klutz. He gets hit on the head by a strange government container, only to wake up later with a giant pink spaghetti like arm sticking out of his skull.

You can check out a crazy and yet wicked trailer for the game below:

Instead of going on a psychotic rampage and killing everyone, he figures out that his appendage gives him mind reading powers, and enhanced mobility. While playing through the story, you have to escape from The Man, who is a mysterious chain smoker who wants you dead or alive – probably to dissect and analyze your body.

Stick it to the Man is out today for Playstation 3, and the Vita version (cross buy enabled) is still coming next month, meaning you get two games for the price of one.



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