You Better Keep That Silent Hills Demo Installed – You Can’t Re-Download it [UPDATE]

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We’ve learned the P.T. Silent Hills demo has an end date. This appears to be only tied to our German fans, who required a Playstation Plus users to download the demo. As with the entire ordeal, we’re not expecting to hear back from Konami – so make sure to play the demo (if you haven’t already) before it probably self-destructs.

For all other users – as long as the demo is on your Playstation 4’s harddrive, you’re good to go so long as you don’t replace the HDD or uninstall the demo.


Following the announcement they would remove the P.T. (Silent Hills) demo from the Playstation Store on April 29th, Konami shocked the world in announcing they cancelled the game entirely.

Fans scrambled to get the demo on their harddrives, so that they might have a piece of gaming history – a reminder of what could have been.

Sadly, if you switched to a new Playstation 4, deleted the P.T. demo, or just wasn’t quick enough to download the demo – you’re out of luck, as the demo is no longer downloadable.

We have confirmation the demo is no longer downloadable, even if you had it redeemed or downloaded before. Let this be a reminder that in our increasingly digital age, sometimes you don’t fully own something, even if it was just a demo.

Do you still have Silent Hills on your harddrive? If so, are you going to keep it installed? Considering selling your PS4 on Ebay?

[Editor’s Note: It appears that our European and Japanese fans might still have access to the P.T. demo, but we’re not sure for how long.]



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