Yoshinori Ono is Appointed President and COO of Delightworks

Yoshinori Ono is appointed president and COO of Delightworks

Former Capcom boss Yoshinori Ono is appointed president and COO of Delightworks, beginning May 1st, the company has announced.

Now that Yoshinori Ono is appointed president and COO of Delightworks, founder and current president Akihito Shouji will take the role of CEO and chairman on the same day.

Prior to being at Delightworks, Ono worked at Capcom for nearly 30 years, before he resigned in late summer 2020 – you can read more about that here in our previous report.

Here’s a full message from Ono:

Dear FGC, World Warriors.
On May 1st, I will be moving from Capcom to another company.
I’m going to be working at a studio that is a little different from the one I’m used to.
I’m also going to be looking at development from a different perspective than in the past.
My past experiences have been very exciting, but I’m looking forward to more growth in my new position.
The image color of new company is green, so this part is connected with JIMMY.
There may be some distance between me and everyone at FGC for a while. I may be away from the FGC for a while, but I’m looking forward to spending time with you again when I get the chance.
We will be looking for people to work with us on new things after May 1st. If you are interested in working with me to create new things, both in Japan and overseas, please contact us ( DelightWorks Inc. )
I appreciate your continuing support.

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