Yoru no Nai Kuni’s Battle System, Servan, and Transformation Details Revealed


We’ve gotten a new preview for Yoru no Nai Kuni via Dengeki.

New information about the battle system has been revealed, as well as various characters in the game being showcased alongside with a ton of new screenshots. In Yoru no Nai Kuni, Arnas will be able to command monsters known as Servan to fight alongside of her in addition to being able to transform herself and her weapon.

Yoru no Nai Kuni is set in a world where people have their night taken from them by monsters and thus are unable to sleep. The story follows a girl named Arnas as she fights to save her friend, Lyuritis, who chose to sacrifice herself to seal away the Ruler of the Night.

Introducing Servan

Bonded by a blood contract, Servan come in many different types with their own style of fighting.

It will be important to know how they differ and then raise them up and use them to fight alongside of you. Servan are used in battle by using the “Servan Burst” command which uses SP and can have various effects from dealing damage to healing party members depending on the Servan.

Levelling up your Servan won’t just make them stronger but will also unlock new abilities well as change color, looks, or even multiply in number. Adding Servan on top of your Weapon Change and Transform abilities will unlock more ways of defeating monsters as you progress in the game.

Using your Transformation ability while fighting a particularly tough enemy can have a noticeable effect on battle but it can also give your Servan extra abilities allow you to get the upper hand.

Managing your weapon change ability depending on the enemy’s status will also be important. Changing your weapon which can effect your Servan’s abilities will have an even further effect on the battle allowing for even more possibilities.

In essence, the core gameplay consists not only fighting the demons by using your weapon change and transformation abilities but also taking into account how those abilities effect your Servan and then setting up your team to maximize those possibilities.

Servan: Nightwalker

The Nightwalker is an Attack Type Servan that dives at its prey and attacks with its sharp claws.

Toy Troop

A Copy Type Servan, its numbers increase as it gets stronger and is especially skilled at attacking enemies in the air.

Changing Form by the Wielder’s Sheer Will: Weapon Change

In Yoru no Nai Kuni being able to use your weapons properly is key. Not just changing Arnas’ fighting style but also being aware of each weapon form’s special features and how they effect your Servan as well.


The most basic of all weapons, the sword has a balanced speed making it easy to wield.


The gun has an incredibly fast rate of fire allowing you to stop an enemy in its tracks so you can get close and continue your attack. Being a ranged weapon, you’ll also be able to safely attack from a distance and your Servan will automatically stand in front to protect you.


While slow when compared to other weapons, the warhammer is incredibly strong and especially effective when surrounded by many enemies. The warhammer also has a special ability where each hit from you or your Servan has the chance to temporarily knock an enemy unconscious.

Short Sword

The short sword has a special “Blood Hit” effect allowing you and your Servan to gradually steal HP away from your enemies. In addition you can also slide under your enemy’s attacks.

Long Sword

The long’s sword main appeal is its reach. Even weak attacks have quite a wide swing that can hit not only the enemies in front of you but the ones to the side as well. While wielding the long sword your Servan will go into “Offensive Mode,” a kind of berserk mode where they repeatedly attack the enemy with strong attacks, while not stopping until it’s dead.

Blood Awakening: Transform

Arnas will be able to awaken her ghost form using the half-ghost blood that flows through her. When combined with her Servan she can assume various forms, each with their own abilities, and unleash incredibly strong attacks against her enemy.


In the Servan selection screen each Servan has an icon in the bottom left with what form you can transfer into and some colored marks next to it. Once the necessary number of marks have been gathered, you will then unlock that form as available for use.

You won’t be able to transform at just any time though. During battle there’s a transform gauge that can be filled by making chain attacks. The higher the chain the faster the gauge will fill thus unlocking the ability to transform.

The forms you can take depend on the Servan you use and once transformed you can give your Servan special abilities.

Demon Form

Attack with the power of fire, also boosts your Servan’s attack.


Rabbit Form

Don’t let looks deceive you. While she may look cute in this form, Arnas is incredibly tough and fast as well as speeding up her Servan.


Phantom Form

Great for healing HP and SP, phantom form also speeds up your Servan’s SP healing speed in addition to letting you use Servan Burst without limit.


Armor Form

A form specializing in defense, not only makes you tougher but also raises the defense of your Servan as well.


Nightmare Form

A special form amongst forms that can be used once certain conditions have been met, the nightmare form is intimidating with big black wings and armor in addition to boosting attack power, range and speed while allowing you and your Servan to ignore enemy attacks.

Pure-Blood Battles

Tasked with standing up against various monsters, Arnas will eventually come up against pure-bloods. As ghosts, they are unable to let go of their desires and will test the limits of Arnas’ power.


Possesses the ability to attack with sound waves from the instrument she wields. Christophoros has helped Arnas in the past so for what purpose are they fighting?



Mistral attacks using her folding fan while constantly toying with you during the fight. During her fight there’s also a device that spits out monsters to attack you, and they won’t stop until you destroy it.


Supporting Characters

During the game Arnas will meet many other characters effected by the Ruler of the Night each of which possess their own dreams and wishes that will test her determination and will to protect her friend Lyuritis. The people she comes across won’t just be human though but ghosts and those effected by the Blue Blood.



A kind-hearted girl who’s destined to seal away the Ruler of the Night and who Arnas so desperately wants to save. Her unwavering faith is a constant sore point for Arnas.


A former-knight who speaks to Arnas in frank about his past so that she doesn’t make the same mistakes.



A merchant who leverages his connections and gives Arnas helpful information but also hides a secret.


Professor Arukado

He possesses a “Black Book” that supposedly contains information on how to seal away the night. Could this book contain the information Arnas is looking for?



Unable to let go of her long lost teacher, Christophoros is antagonistic towards Arnas, what happened between them in their past?


Hidden away in a palace, Mistral has taken a special interest in the half-blooded Arnas and tempts her with becoming a full-blooded ghost.



A holy knight who’s wrapped up in similar circumstances as Arnas, Corrine gives her helpful advice about the Blue Blood.


Yoru no Nai Kuni is set to release on September 17th in Japan across Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and PS Vita.

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