Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Roller Coasters, So Why Not Ride a Virtual One While on a Real One?

So these guys decided to take virtual reality to the next level – instead of just strapping an Oculus Rift headset to their faces, they wanted to see a roller coaster and feel it at the same time.

Youtubers Edmond O’Driscoll and Jonathan Forder planned this escapade for two weeks, and the results are definitely interesting. Featured above, you’ll get to see both gentleman as they ride the Rift Coaster alongside the real life roller coaster that the simulation was based off of.

The recreation that was made within Rift Coaster was actually based off a real model of the roller coaster itself that the two had found online, after which they promptly imported it into Unity and went to town.

Apparently, the experience was smooth enough that O’Driscoll (the man wearing the headset) had no motion sickness, even in the parts where the simulation got out of sync with the real life coaster.



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