Yen Press Licenses Series ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken

ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken

Yen Press has announced the acquisition of the license to publish the 2019 ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken manga, after the 2020 anime was released in the west.

In an official press release (via e-mail), Yen Press announced their acquisition of the title and also shared information about the upcoming series including an unfinished cover.

ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken follows an amnesiac detective named Sakaido, who finds himself without most of his memories and with a dead body. The series is written by Otaro Maijo and with art by Yuuki Kodama, who is known for his original series Blood Lad.

You can find the rundown (via emailed press release) below.

“About ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken:

When Sakaido wakes up in a strange room next to a dead girl, there are only two things he knows for sure—1) he’s a brilliant detective, and 2) he has to solve the mystery of Kaeru’s death. What surprises await the brilliant detective in this strange, new world?”

The story told in the manga is intended to differ from the one told in the 2020 anime series ID: Invaded. As previously reported, it follows the same detective in his work at a prison. There, Sakaido is a detective who’s tasked with diving into the “id wells” of serial killers. Detectives are given the tools necessary to peek into the psyche of criminals, and find useful fragments and clues.

ID: Invaded #Brake-Broken will release in February of next year in print and digital from Yen Press. The 2020 anime is available to watch now on Funimation.

Image: Yen Press (via emailed press release)

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