Yen Press Confirms That Amazon Removed No Game No Life From Platform

Yen Press has confirmed that Amazon has removed listings for the series No Game No Life from their platform after fans initially noticed the disappearance of the series from the retailer.

In a recent tweet, Yen Press has informed fans that Amazon has “opted to remove” their series No Game No Life from being sold on the platform.

This isn’t the first time that Amazon has made the decision to remove Japanese merchandise from their platform. Earlier this year as reported here on Nicchiban, sellers including Chuck Gaffney of Chuck’s Anime Shrine reported that Amazon had made the executive decision to delist products from him and other sellers.

The products were removed with Amazon falsely claiming that they promoted “child exploitation.” It is possible that the No Game No Life products from Yen Press were removed for a similar reason. However, no such statement has been made.

Yen Press did not elaborate on the reason for Amazon removing their product listings. However they encouraged fans to seek out No Game No Life at other retail platforms such as BOOK WALKER for ebooks and RightStuf for physical editions of the series.

No Game No Life focuses on two half-siblings who play an MMORPG called Blank. After being challenged to a game of chess by a god named Tet, they are invited to be transported to a mysterious world called Disboard, that emphasizes games in all facets of its society.

A curse prevents the denizens of Disboard from using methods outside of games to solve disputes. Players are allowed to cheat, but will be punished if found out.

The pair of siblings participate in a tournament to become the ruler of the humans of Disboard. Their goal is to use the status that comes with being the ruler to unite the sixteen other races of Disboard, and inevitably challenge Tet once again.

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