Xicatrice reveals first official trailer


Nippon Ichi Software shared a new trailer for Xicatrice, their recently-announced “superpower x school RPG” for consoles.

The first official trailer for the game shows off its “Doppel” monsters, new gameplay, and more. Future trailers will focus more in depth on the various mechanics.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Xicatrice, a new “superpower x school RPG”!

A new school RPG with approximately 300 different skills and free training.

Xicatrice is a “superpower x school RPG” in which students lead a special unit of students to face dangerous missions in case of emergency, while living their school life as teachers.

In this title, players can enjoy a different strategy for each player by combining the depth of thinking about better construction from a vast set of skills and the high degree of freedom in character development.

In a world where a special power called “xenohypnotism” exists, the protagonist is assigned as a teacher to take care of students who use xenohypnotism. The game is a game about seven students who have awakened to their abilities and have suffered emotional scars, and the players must overcome the hardships that await them.

Cicatrice is a French word meaning scar. In this work, the seven students will have to deal with the emotional scars they have suffered in the past.

The Story

It has been about a century since mankind began to awaken to the supernatural power known as “heterotopia.

Some people used their powers to play an active role in society, while others abused them or ran amok without control, and there was no end to the number of incidents involving users of other abilities.

In order to deal with such incidents, the government established the “AUT (Anti-Aberrant Abnormal Unit),” a police organization composed of users of supernatural powers.
However, the number of xenomorph incidents increased to the point where even this could not keep up.

Under such circumstances, a special school called “RAUT (Reserve Against Unusual Abnormalities Unit)” is established to protect and train children who have developed unusual abilities.
Although these students were students, they could be mobilized to solve xenomorphic cases in case of emergency.

The story begins in 2023, when a former AUT member, who lost his xenomorphic powers after an incident, is assigned to the RAUT 302 squad as a teacher.


Systematically train students through daily lessons

As a teacher, the player schedules weekly classes and trains seven students. Depending on the subjects selected, students will increase their “basic skills” such as physical strength and judgment.
Students do not acquire skills by leveling up through combat, but through this increase in basic skills. Basic skills are not limited to combat, but can also affect events in school life, such as periodic exams.

Each student has his or her own strengths and weaknesses in certain subjects, and the ease of growth in basic skills differs among students.

You can improve your basic skills not only in the classroom but also by going out with your students on weekends.

Time moves forward every time you go to class or go out. Plan your training for the upcoming combat event.

A huge variety of skills provide a high degree of freedom in skill building.

Once you learn a skill in class, equip it to your character before battle. There is a limit to the number of skills you can equip, so the key to success is to choose the right ones for the people you are fighting.
There are approximately 300 types of skills, including active and passive skills. Even seemingly unwieldy skills may show their true value depending on the combination.

The maximum number of skills equipped will increase as the student grows.

Depending on the students’ basic skills, you can detect the enemy’s weaknesses and characteristics to watch out for before the battle. Take countermeasures against troublesome opponents through skill composition and member composition.

Command battles with “suggestions and choices” to fight together.

Seven students work as the “RAUT (Reserve Against Unusual Abnormalities Unit)” to solve cases involving xenomorphs. Here, they will fight against “deformities” created by negative human emotions and criminals who use their abilities.
Combat is in the form of command battles in which the player chooses only one action per turn from among the actions proposed by the students. Although the player cannot directly participate in the battle because he or she has lost the ability, he or she can use his or her experience as a former AUT member to lead the students to victory through precise command.

Students will suggest actions each turn based on the skills they have equipped.

Combat with the xenomorphs will occur continuously until you reach the object of the mission. Manage each character’s HP and SP consumption well as you go about your work.

If you can’t protect your students…

If the alien power user cannot face and overcome his own emotional scars, he will be consumed by the alien power. If you fail to understand your students’ problems and successfully lead them on dangerous missions, you may end up with tragic consequences.

However, every time you meet a bad ending or achieve certain conditions, you will earn a bonus that will allow you to play the game on favorable terms from the second round of play. Use your failures as a way to enjoy more freedom in your upbringing.

Xicatrice is launching on June 29th across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in Japan.

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