XFX Drops a THICC RX 5700 with it’s Custom Cooled Cards

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All those gamers looking for something T H I C C to pop into their PC’s to get a bit more GPU horse power should take a look at XFX’s memetastic custom 5700, and 5700 XT THICC2 model. Earlier this week Videocardz reported the leak of the design.

It packs a design very reminiscent of the XFX R9 290/290X custom cards which proved to be very successful aesthetically with most users with a very clean black and chrome color scheme.

This card also adds a grill that reminds me of my grandpa’s Cadillac on the front of the card that I would bet is just there for style purposes.

Unlike the reference model it will have two impeller fans that should keep noise and temperatures to a minimum.

The custom XFX 290 cards were previously owned by yours truly and was a fan favorite among many enthusiasts. Moving on to the card it appears to be a 2.5 slot GPU earning it’s THICC branding for all those gamers who like em BIG, and seems to have a heavier fin stack for better cooling performance.

Niche Gamer’s Take: All jokes aside XFX has had some bumpy releases recently and them going back to probably one of their most iconic and successful designs is a great idea. For those in the market for a new GPU you might want to give this a look especially if you want to avoid all the RGB colors that many companies have gone with.

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