XCOM: Ultimate Collection Announced; Launch Deal Reduces Price from Over $200 to Less Than $40

XCOM Ultimate Collection

2K Games have announced the XCOM: Ultimate Collection bundle, with a introductory deal of 83% off the over $200 USD collection.

The tactical strategy RPG series XCOM was rebooted in 2012 by 2K Games and developer Firaxis Games with XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Players take command of Earth’s last line of defense against the alien invaders by building their base, gathering intel, and capturing aliens and their weapons for study.

XCOM 2 is an alternate future 20 years after the player fails their mission; joked by the developers it is the result of playing on the hardest difficulty modes. As Earth’s leaders surrender nigh-instantly, the player builds a resistance movement to push back the oppressors, and the humans who have sided with them.

Finally, XCOM: Chimera Squad takes place after that; where the aliens and humans have found a tenuous peace. Work with both humans and aliens as a special unit; tasked with keeping the peace in an experimental city where the two live alongside one another.

The Ultimate Collection features all the games’ DLC and expansions, and would typically sell for $229.88 USD. However, as a “special introductory pricing,” the collection is 83% off- taking the collection down to $39.14 USD. 2K Games did not specify when this deal would end.

You can find the rundown on XCOM: Ultimate Collection (via Steam) below.

Winner of dozens of Game of the Year awards, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the modern remake of the classic and beloved original XCOM.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown will place you in control of a secret paramilitary organization called XCOM. As the XCOM commander, you will defend against a terrifying global alien invasion by managing resources, advancing technologies, and overseeing combat strategies and individual unit tactics.

Bulk up your defenses with the XCOM: Enemy Within expansion pack, Slingshot Pack (DLC), and the Elite Soldier Pack (DLC)

XCOM 2 is the sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the 2012 award-winning strategy game of the year.
Aliens now rule Earth, promising a brilliant future for mankind while secretly hiding a sinister agenda. As the leader of a guerrilla force facing impossible odds, you must ignite a global resistance to eliminate the alien threat and save the human race from extinction.

Expand your resistance with XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expansion pack and all 5 DLCs.

As the 2020 Best Sim/Strategy game nominee at The Game Awards, XCOM: Chimera Squad delivers an all-new story and turn-based tactical combat experience in the XCOM universe.
Five years after the events of XCOM 2, humans and aliens are working together to forge a civilization of cooperation and coexistence. However, not all of Earth’s inhabitants support interspecies alliance. Chimera Squad, an elite force of human and alien agents, must work together to destroy the underground threats driving the city toward chaos.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is available on Windows PC, Linux, Mac (all via GOG, and Steam), PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS.

XCOM 2 is now available for Windows PC, Linux, Mac (via GOG, and Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

XCOM: Chimera Squad is available for Windows PC, via Steam.

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