UPDATE: All-Digital Xbox Series S Officially Announced; $299 ERP

Xbox Series S

After being leaked, Microsoft have officially announced the Xbox Series S and its price; $299 USD ERP.

We previously reported how leaked images of what may be the new Xbox Series X controller and its packaging mentioned the Xbox Series S. The controller’s packaging notes it is compatible with “Xbox Series X | S.” This later appeared on an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial code card.

Prior to that we reported how during an interview with iJustine, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer discussed “respecting a gamer’s relationship with our product,” and teasing an announcement related to that coming in August. This lead to speculation of the rumored “Xbox Series S” console.

Back in May 2019, Video Games Chronicle (VGC) reported on leaked Microsoft documents from 2012 discussing Project Scarlet (what would later be revealed as the Xbox Series X).

Combined with their own sources, VGC reported that Microsoft’s plans included (in VGC’s words) “premium hardware offering and a lower-priced streaming-oriented device.” As Microsoft have discussed cloud gaming on multiple occasions, this could be true.

Venture Beat also reported on allegedly leaked GameCore Development Kit information [12]. Though heavily cropped and the Filebin link now leading to a 404 error (redirecting to the website’s home page), the alleged document discusses “LockhartProfiling.”

Eurogamer claims from their sources that Microsoft was planning to unveil the “Xbox Series S” in June- dubbed Project Lockhart. This would be a cheaper compared to the Xbox Series X, with Venture Beat claiming it would have less graphical power. VGC reported both the Xbox Series X and this Series X would be capable of cloud gaming.

Thurrott reported leaks of the design and supposed price of the Xbox Series S. While reportedly $299 USD, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad stated the price was unknown. He did state “This is real” however.

The leaks have now been proven genuine, with Microsoft officially announcing the Xbox Series S. The specifications have not been announced (such as if it is a purely digital or a cloud gaming system), but the $299 USD ERP was confirmed.

“Let’s make it official!

Xbox Series S | Next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever. $299 (ERP).

Looking forward to sharing more! Soon. Promise.”

The claim of “next-gen performance” would suggest the system has as much power as the Xbox Series X- despite its small size.

We will keep you informed as we learn more.

UPDATE: What appears to be a leaked announcement trailer has revealed more about the Xbox Series S.

The trailer boasts the system being almost 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X; with a 512 GB SSD instead of the 1 TB of the X. The Xbox Series S also supports Velocity architecture, fast load times, up to 120 fps, 1440p, DirectX Raytracing, 4K upscaling, streaming 4K media playback, and more.

The advert also confirms the system is all-digital, continuing the trend of the Xbox One S also being a digital download only console. The Xbox One S was also revealed to be launching November 2020, most likely along side the Xbox Series X.

Windows Central also reported from their sources that the system will also have a $25 USD a month Xbox All Access financing option. They further claim the Xbox Series X will cost $499 USD, with a $35 per month Xbox All Access financing option.

Finally, Windows Central reports both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will launch November 10th, 2020.



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