Xbox Remix Special Edition controller announced, made with recycled materials

Xbox Remix

Microsoft has announced a new Xbox controller to celebrate Earth Day 2023 – and it’s fittingly made of recycled post-consumer materials.

The new “Remix Special Edition” controller is green to celebrate Earth Day, as well as Xbox’s signature green branding, and features multiple tones of green, grey, and black.

There’s also unique etching on the grips:

Microsoft noted this controller is made through their “Regrind” process, where they mechanically recycle leftover Xbox One generation controller parts into raw materials which are then in turn made into new controllers.

Furthermore, post-consumer recycled resins are also incorporated into the new controllers from various sources like automobile headlight covers, plastic water jugs, and even compact discs. Remember CDs? People still have them, apparently.

The controller even comes with its own rechargeable battery pack – a rarity for Xbox controllers which have famously only shipped with a pair of AA batteries since the Xbox 360 days.

The tradeoff for this is if the batteries or battery pack hit short battery lifespans, you can just swap them out – which competitors Nintendo and Sony won’t allow you to do.

The included rechargeable battery pack makes this Xbox Remix Special Edition controller a tad bit pricier, too, so it retails at $84.99 compared to the regular $64.99 price. Preorders are now live over on the Microsoft Store.

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