Call of Duty will remain multiplatform but Xbox will still have exclusives, says Phil Spencer


CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer explained in a recent interview that there will still be exclusives on Xbox, even if they don’t plan on playing the “exclusive game” with Call of Duty.

In an interview with the YouTube channel Xbox On, Spencer was given an opportunity to elaborate on Microsoft’s plans for the Call of Duty franchise.

When we say available everywhere or not exclusive, we want to make absolutely the best version of Call of Duty for any player on any of those platforms

I sit here today with a great game that’s come out in the last couple of weeks, Hogwarts Legacy. And yes, there is a quest that’s available on PlayStation, it’s not available on Xbox as part of that, and I know this is part of the industry,

That’s not the game we’re trying to play here either. It’s not about a skin on a gun. It’s not about a certain kind of mode of the game. The same version of the game will be available on all platforms, which is really what we do today…

We want to make sure those players feel like they have a great experience on the platform they choose to play on.

Microsoft is still ongoing with their proceedings to acquire developer and publisher Activision-Blizzard.

Sony has maintained that Xbox would be given an unfair advantage due to their control of the Call of Duty franchise; this is despite Microsoft’s constant reassurances that they will make Call of Duty available on all platforms.

While Call of Duty won’t be an exclusive, Microsoft does plan on keeping games such as Starfield to themselves. However unlike Sony, most Microsoft exclusives appear to be getting same day PC releases as well.

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