Xbox One Sells 1 Million Units in 13 Territories Within 24 Hours

xbox one launch day buyers

Microsoft has finally launched their Xbox One console, and it has come alongside the excitement of many fans. Microsoft has already confirmed their initial sales numbers, and they’re impressive.

The Xbox One has sold a million units within 24 hours around the world in 13 territories, making the launch the biggest in Xbox history. That number is impressive, that is unless you compare it to the Playstation 4 numbers, which sold over a million in the same time frame in America alone. I find it very interesting that a lot of the major media outlets have not commented on this major difference between both launches. The PS4 has yet to launch in continental Europe or Japan, both of which will be coming later this month and early next year, respectively.

Both consoles have been getting reports of user issues, hardware failure and so on, which is to be expected – that is so long as the failure rate numbers are within a reasonable fraction of the userbase. Although Sony has already confirmed their failure rates are well below one percent, the numbers for the Xbox One haven’t been completely finalized yet.

One thing both consoles have in common though – shortages and outright zero stock for either are already being reported. This could spell bad news if you didn’t pre-order one, meaning you could be camping outside your local Target for the next shipment of consoles to arrive.


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