Xbox One Elite Controller Drift Class-Action Lawsuit Reportedly Amended to Include Xbox Elite Series 1 and 2

Xbox Elite Series Controller Drift

The Xbox One Elite controller drift class-action lawsuit has reportedly been amended to also include the Xbox Elite Series 1 and 2.

We previously reported how Donald McFadden issued a class-action lawsuit to Microsoft over their Xbox Elite controller drifting thee to four months after purchase. For those unfamiliar, joystick drifting is when the joystick gives false input even when the joystick is untouched. Rather than remaining still when untouched, the input “drifts” around.

Now, Video Games Chronicle (VGC) reports the complaint has been amended on October 2nd, and filed to the US Court for the Western District of Washington. This reportedly added seven additional plaintiffs that are demanding a jury trial.

The amendment reportedly also adds the Xbox Elite Series 1 and 2 controllers, allegedly also suffering the drifting issue. This allegedly is due to the potentiometer inside the joystick’s inner workings (this translates input by the player on the joystick into actions made in-game).

However, this allegedly is flawed due to a lubricant that causes the resistive materials to be scraped off from a curved track. This is allegedly what causes the false inputs. You can see examples of the alleged damage in the images (via VGC) below.

The lawsuit reportedly claims that Microsoft is aware of the defect after many online complaints. It also reportedly claims “a large volume of consumers have been complaining about stick drift on Xbox One controllers since at least 2014.” Further, it reportedly further claims Microsoft “failed to disclose the defect and routinely refuses to repair the controllers without charge when the defect manifests.”

The plaintiffs are reportedly seeking monetary relief and a public injunction against Microsoft; forcing them to notify all Xbox controller owners about the issue.

“Microsoft lures consumers into purchasing the Xbox controllers by touting the Xbox controllers as superior controllers that enhance gameplay, describing the Elite controllers as the ‘world’s most advanced controller’ and emphasizing the Xbox one joysticks and buttons as possessing ‘Ultimate Precision.’

Microsoft does not disclose to consumers that the Xbox controllers are defective, causing the joystick component to fail. Members of the general public have the right to know the latent defects with the Xbox controller components.

The injunctive relief sought by Plaintiffs will protect the public from Microsoft’s deceitful marketing practices which misrepresent and omit material facts.”

The first thing that comes to mind with drifting joysticks for consumers in the last few months is usually Nintendo and the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. Recently a mother and son sued Nintendo over the Joy-Con drift for over $5,000,000 USD.

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