Xbox is ending support for unauthorized controllers

Xbox Remix

In a surprising move, Xbox is removing support for third party hardware and users will begin experiencing errors should they persist in doing so.

Users utilizing forbidden hardware will receive an error “0x82d60002”. According to Windows Central, Xbox is planning on expanding their lineup of authorized third party controllers, making the distinction between authorized and unauthorized necessary.

According to the full error message, user systems will no longer accept unauthorized devices beginning on November 12, 2023. You can read the full error message below:

“A connected accessory is not authorized. Using unauthorized accessories compromises your gaming experience. For this reason, the unauthorized accessory will be blocked from use on 11/12/2023.

For help returning it, check with the store it came from or contact the manufacturer. To see authorized accessories, go to (0x82d60002).”

At the time of writing, its unclear which manufacturers and models will make the cut as “authorized“. However fans are already frustrated with Xbox’s sudden change in policy, potentially rendering some very expensive hardware obsolete (at least on consoles).



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